Thursday, July 22, 2010

the best birthday in the history of birthdays

i had the best birthday!!!!
it was one of the happiest days i've ever had. i know that's a crazy absolute statement but it's true.
i got so much love from EVERYONE- thank you.
but what really made my birthday awesome was the eternal family aspect of it!
my babiest brother, caleb matthew schroedter, got baptized and it was soooo special to see my other baby brother baptize him and i gave the baptism talk and all the family had so much love and he got confirmed and garrett and kristi and shelby and all were there. it was so wonderful.

the spirit was STRONG. the smiles were BIG. and the love was EVERYWHERE!!!!!

do you wanna see a picture that just completes me?? this is what my birthday was all about:

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Taylor S said...

In times of test, Family is best. And EVERY OTHER TIME!

Hey. Cowgirls nor citygirls don't cry. Okay? Okay. Good. :)