Sunday, July 18, 2010

the big two one!!!

my birthday is in 2 days. did you forget? i sure as heck didn't :) i plan to celebrate my birthday for a week or two so don't worry. everyone can help.
family celebration prior. caleb and jacksie's baptism day of. andy date to celebrate. lauryn dall friends party. bask in chase's package for a whole 24 hrs. kelly and lance fiesta. an anderson bash. mission shopping as my gift. ETC. ETC. take a number and i'll be sure to celebrate my birthday just WITH YOU. you have 364 days to celebrate till the big 22 :) well i hope to be on my mission within 100 days so hmmm... anyways. i won't be opposed to belated birthdays- is what i'm saying.

so i've been working on a talk for cay and jacksie's baptism all day. i'm stressed. for a talk that should last 2 minutes for a couple 8 yr olds.
man, i've got problems. if i can't deal with this..... how am i gonna lead a discussion? oh boy :) hahah jk. i'm so ready and STOKED to be swimming in baptisms.
haha swimming. get it. the font. the water? good one!!!

so my baby neice is in town :) i've been having a great time. she is getting used to us and laughing laughing laughing! my beautiful sister is in town. even tho at that moment i'm a little concerned. she decided to announce to a buttload of relatives that i'm dating. watch out, andy. freak nasty. this is an unnecessary announcement. bahahaha. i heart you andersons and chase. there is enough of me to go around... well for now at least.
just JOSHin, shelby. i love you and your voice. you can talk to me or about me anytime. in front or behind my back :) i do about you so it's only fair. did you like how i said "jus JOSHin" since your husband's name. hahaha i'm so funny today.

i decided i like ute fans a little better. i'm standing in my bridesmaid outfit in andy's front yard and a ute neighbor saw that my bumper was dragging. she had to be late 40's and SHE crawls under my hood with her clamp and personal tools and FIXES it. i couldn't even do anything cuz i was wearing white and on my way to take pics for a wedding. i could not sacrifice myself to be on the asphalt like that. i like the U a little more now. keyword: LITTLE!!!
speaking of wearing white. MARY NICOLE FISCHBUCH MOODY looked absolutely stunning and totally happy with her groom, Taylor. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER AND IT WAS A SPLENDID DAY! take a gander at the fbook pics if you so desire :) comments are appreciated. and rewarded.

great movie. aka INCEPTION! enough said.

can't wait to sing a duet at the pulpit with laur. ok jokes- that's not going to happen. but i wish.

and of course i have to give a shout out to kelly. dear kelly. SHOUT!!!!!! la fin!

p.s. my family leaves wednesday :( SADDDDDDDDDDDDD good thing i'm going to visit them in texas in three weeks :) can i get a whoop whoop?!! until then. LET'S PARTAY!!!


Kelly said...

CRAP. i ALWAYS forget your birthday. i must be the worst friend you have ever had.

PLEASE come hang out with me. dont shun me anymore!

what is your new song?? i love it but applicable? its weird because all your decisions usually make sense. :)

i love you. i made you an adorable present.

PLEASE>>> ill do anything.

i need you.

Taylor S said...

byu - THE university of utah.


Taylor S said...

pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.