Saturday, July 24, 2010

less than a week :)

ladies and gents!
i'm about to be sister schroedter. now i'm trying not to get ahead of myself because i'm technically not putting my papers in till thursday and a PLETHORA of things could go wrong before then and postpone things. oh man i'm gonna have to bust a cap if any more delays wanna hurdle there way right in front of my final sprint. oh bugger. hahah wow just got heated for a sec with the idea of this fake scenario.
ok so i just wanted to give that quick update so you wouldn't be ALARMED on why "mother of pearl the blog is completely different in template and title"
well pepes!!! hello! i'm preparing for a mission. that means every aspect of my life should reflect this. so hence :)
i'm meeting with the bish sunday. the stake pres wednesday. and then CLICK! submit. i already got doctor, dentist, all signs GREEN! GO GO GO!!! man i cannot wait :)
if you have a guess, let me know :) where i'll go!!!

p.s. gotta say that i've had the best past couple days :) seven peaks. camping. provo river (almost died but no big deal) and all of this equals=glorious memories in the SUN!!!!!!!!!! man i love summer time :)
now off to the REAL stadium. yay for soccer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF. and of course happy birthday uncle steve!!! what 40 this year? you make 40 look like 20. you look good ;)
over and out!! or should i say amen? what would a missionary say? hmmm.

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Taylor S said...

I didn't say it would be easy, I just said it would be worth it.

Almost died on the Provo. yeah push.

It's like a pyramid, stay together until the very end. Oh wait, good thing there isn't an end. :)