Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my two front teeth!

so my two front teeth hurt. like a beast.
i got my retainers tightened today (at least i didn't need braces again) and getting a permanent retainer next week once they've shifted. mother of pearl.
thank you schroedter genes for these beautiful cough cough teeth.

good side note. my 14 yr old brother grant may be the biggest cougar fan i know- suck it utes! and his braces.... are blue and white. he admitted it was for byu. now that's dedication. good work, gii!!

you wanna know what i have been having an urge for? is to get into gaming? like halo, wow, counterstrike, jurassic park killing dinasour kinda games. how awesome and attractive would i be to NERDY men if i could kick their trash in the gaming world? yep somebody needs to teach me.

so last night was awesome. i went with my new found point of the mountain friends. lauryn, dallin, nick= thank you, dears. i freekin adore all of these hilarious pepes. we went up to andy's cabin in cottonwood canyon and had a blast. campfire, motorcycles rides, shenanigans, movies, talking.......

yah 45 minutes of sleep happened but i had today to recooperate. cuddled up on chase's bed in his empty house and slept after my ortho appointment. i have problems. hahahaha. today was email day- so that was nice. i feel like my heart is being pulled in every direction and i kinda like it. i honestly don't have to make BIG decisions until after my mission. my decision for now is to stay worthy and get prepared for an AWESOME mission. i'm gonna be the craziest missionary that is a cantene of the SPIRIT. that's how i'm filling my cantene, fools ;)

oh FREAK nasty. freekin stalker mexicano crazy midget followed me today in my car after approaching me 'HOLD MY GOLD. APPROACH ME' -haha good times in indiana...... of all days? hadn't showered. looked like shiz. was running on 45 minutes of sleep and pissed. and he decides to TRY to hit on me and follow me and tail me. oh i will freekin "BUST A CAP"

i saw john bytheway last week at a forum. that was awesome.
uh-oh.... chase's house phone is ringing. no one is here..... should i answer? the voice activating thing said "Call from Emersia Maryanne" um... i must have heard that wrong. that doesn't make sense. but my teeth and my stomach hurt. i'm way to lazy to go read who is calling and i don't think i'm allowed to answer the phone. ahhh when has that stopped me before? brb :)

i saw eclipse for the third time this week. grant and tay hadn't seen it. 10 people in the movie theater. good work, roosevelt.
it's been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good having my family in town. just what i needed. i felt pretty alone there for a while and now i have more LOVE than i can handle: family, chase, chase's family, kelly, lauryn, andy, dallin, nick, mary, etc. etc. etc. :)
if anyone is hiking mount timp this saturday say hi to my dad on the trail. i did it last summer and 2 times before that. and my freekin neck, stomach, and teeth. there is no way. but props for you that do do it :)

JUSTIN BIEBER. mr. biebs. JB!!!!!!! best concert ever. i seriously have a crush on his lyrics. i'm not all crushing on him because he is illegal and a child but i DO LOVE HIM!!! in a weird older sister. cougar kinda way? bahahaha i'm not really sure if i should say that. ah well i hate the delete button :) it was freekin awesome. best memory ever with ci ci :) my little brothers and cousin nicholas were in heaven as well :) and then midnight bowling after and being ambushed in my sleep. not a bad night. I LOVE JUSIN BIEBER. that should be me... holding your hand ;)

caleb is getting baptized on tuesday :) aka MY 21st birthday. i will accept presents and phone calls from all :) well unless ur a psycho from my past who i have blocked and told to never call me... in that case- leave me alone
'after all we've been through- how dare you not wish me a 'happy birthday''
NO!! after all YOU'VE put me through- how dare you RUIN one more thing like my birthday.
hahaha boys are so stupid.
i missed talking to you manders!!!

so i was told to report my chase brazil bday present:
a bomb diggidy letter, a tape (that i've been begging for for forever!! finally sent one!), incense, chicklets (and i mean a buttload), an awesome brazilian jersey, a ring, a necklace, 4 bracelets, wishing bracelets, a jewelry box, a stuffed animal that had portuguese stuff on, pics of jesus, a portuguese book mark, lots of love and air hugs, and a customs form :) thank you, chaser baby!

mitch and kayla got married this saturday. it was also awesome to catch up and say hi to pepes. KELLY I MISSED YOU LIKE A ZOOBIE MISSED FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!
yay for eternal marriage. beautiful. mary is getting married this friday :) yay. can't wait for her thursday dinner. thursday bridesmaid sleepover and friday wedding day wonderfulness :) i am so happy for life long friends and beautiful souls that have made me a better person.

having old friends and NEW friends are so important. it helps you see who you are and what you've become :) i love who i am, where i'm going, and what i've learned :) yay for this beautiful journey!

well i better shower because i'm kinda a nasty pirate hooker. freekin smelling like campfire and nasty pigpen :) institute tonight. can't wait. oquirrh mountain temple this week as well!!!


Lauryn said...

I live for these posts. Please learn how to sleep for more than 15 minutes. Thank you.

Chad, Kina and Charlotte said...

I'm exhausted just reading this... !!! =)

Kelly said...

there was an entire paragraph that i didnt understand. this has never happened before. i dont like this feeling :(

Taylor S said...


what's incense and chiclets?

I love the midget paragraph.

You can hold my hand if you want to.

You got me runnin' baby wild and hard - what does that even mean?!
(whatever song I am listening to while reading the post, i post a lyric, eh what the heck.)