Friday, August 27, 2010

and they do return

what's returning your asking? well the better question would be WHO?!
MISSIONARIES!!! finally! and after their full two years. it's trippy. some of them have dropped off the face of the earth for two years and others i was actually in contact with and just grew to love! missionaries are so amazing. talking on the phone with them is good but i hope to see them when i'm in provo next week. it's going to be EPIC!!!
i'll say hi and if none of them propose i'll carry on with my mission plans. hahah my mom would say that's not even something to joke about it. but there are a lot of things i joke about that my mom wouldn't (i.e. prayer, racism, modesty, etc!)
i love every missionary i know!! they all have had a part or two in shaping me into this lovely pre-mi that i am. but man oh man do i have A LONG way to still go till i'm a tip top shaped missionary!
p.s. i finished pride and prejudice. i got through it and i loved it. first time ever. i'm a full-fledged female now! holla!
taylor had a great bday. well i thought it was great! happy ONE NINE!!!19 :) brotha from the same motha. and boy oh boy is she the best mother ever. super sexy, hilarious, spiritual, just a ROCK! and rockin' what her mamma gave her morning, day, and evening :)
if you can't tell- i'm happy :) very very very happy!!! i'm having the happiest summer and i'm loving texas and my FAMILY. i'm still deciding what i'm going to be doing till nov 10 but being here- feels right :) i'm so happy here.
oh happiness. that reminds me: chase. his reaction to my mission call. PRICELESS!
his email was absolutely hilarious. and shout outs to me were appreciated. the two words i'd use to describe his reaction: hilarious and very supportive.
and before i get off here and do some arts and crafts let me just say: HAVE A GREAT WEEK OF SCHOOL to you school-goers!! i'm not jealous of you but i am proud of you! knowledge is eternal. so get your learning on!! ready set go!

p.s. taylor lost risk today!! me and mom are still in the middle of our game but the odds are in my favor!
'i got the odds! i got the odds!' - OH MAN I LOVE THAT MOVIE. my most recent purchase. WHEN IN ROME!!!! get it. watch it. laugh it. love it! (laugh it? proper english? maybe old english? or colonial english? i'll give it to me! haha)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


so all this mission prepping stuff has really got me thinking. about my journey :) i wish you were all apart of it from the beginning. well now you can be :)
this is my life from my 1st month old till the end of middle school :) oh man oh man.
"OH BOY!!!" - SNL
hahahaha. i first started looking at these pics today when taryn was over (CONGRATS ON THE BAPTISM GIRL!!!) and we were laughing at tay. and then came "my turn." hahah. i loved every second of the laughter. now you all can laugh too!
and last night julie was saying how she wanted some baby pics of me. her phone calls and talks are always the best. the BEST second family i could ask for. i love you andersons and schroedters :) LOVE!
ok enjoy! i'm not even embarassed. i bask in my awkward hideousness and adorability!!

and this is how i turned out the crazy way i am. if you looked like this from the get-go. how would you cope? hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh

i got a little better at a year old but i still hadn't learned to close my mouth yet. it's hard when all that blubber is in the way :) LOL
a tan princess. i know :) my clothes. oh man gotta love the 90's
and i have a creepy side with some bad hair days. this is proof. my mom knew how to help me look my best.
i'm pretty awesome. period. even in kindergarten i knew how to be a lady.
and hard core sports were my life so apparently i had to look like a wanna be olympic gold medalists! once again, mom- my hair looks GUH-REAT!
rockin the overalls and missing teeth. when i lived in kentuckiana the first time. a true hill billy at heart.
oh man oh man. this picture is sexy!
i finally made it to middle school- even tho i still look like an infant child :) story of my life!
oh what happened to my hair color? did i fall into a bucket of bleach. and oh man those braces look snazzy!

ok well i know y'all enjoyed it. how could you not? and if you didn't- well bugger off then! this is my blog. "i'll do what i want!!!" ok great. happy sabbath :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


i'm a jokester but i am NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man. classic.
this is absolutely hilarious and i have so much to learn and it's gonna be a spiritual feast!!!!
some pros i've already thought of
*general authorities
*meeting new people and talking to strangers all the time
*general conference
*getting first name basis with the bums
*baptizing those anti mormon protesters
*i don't have to get rejection and broken feet all the time
*i can ACTUALLY learn to love utah for real
*packages and mail
*i will be safe safe safe
*i get to go to the temple once a week
*MTC for only 2 weeks
*there will be absolutely NO homesickness
*i will get some awesome culturally enlightened companions
*i MAY have some opportunities to use french
*when chase gets home i will hear about it asap ;)
*SLC temple is my fav and i will get even MORE memories there. i already have many treasured memories. who woulda thought!!!!! this is freekin hilarious and crazy awesome. those are the two best ways to describe this.
my farewell talk is going to be EPIC. and the weekly emials will be so zippity zoo da hilarious! there is so much unkownn about this mission. well stay tuned and i will inform you all about it. i think my mamma is going to keep this blog up for me :) ok well wonderful!
this is absolutely hilarious and crazy awesome!!
november 10th HERE I COME!!!!!!! my plans till then. i'll decide that once my adrenaline has settled down :)

i'm gonna die!!!!!

so to pass the time i decided to blog about it. talking about anxiety usually makes it go away, right?
i've already taken pics with just the envelope AND freaking out pic and just wonderfulness. i've already gotten through 2 hours of waiting. i can do 6 more. hahahah.
so let's go through the chronological steps of the day.
1. i spent 3 hours creating and collecting and beautifying chase's birthday present
2. then i checked the mail!!!!!
3. i got out there and there are a butt load of coupons and trash magazines. and THERE IT IS! a big white envelope with a lot of postage. i heard that the more postage cost =the more chances are that it is overseas. more information=heavier=more postage needed. and my envelope has the same amount of postage as taylor's romanian envelope did. ahhhhhh we shall see..... in 6 freekin hours!!!!!! i didn't care before where i'm going but now everyone put it in my head that it's going to be international. ah i don't care. wherever i go i will LOVE!! and i know that's where the Lord has called me!!! i love modern prophets and missionary work!
4. so i see my big white envelope and i tell myself "STOP! before you get excited make sure this is it. read it carefully!" so i breathe in and the return address was the church headquarters and it was addressed to SISTER Marissa Jean Schroedter. SO THERE IT IS, FOLKS!!!!!! once it finally hit and i allowed myself to get excited i RAN INTO THE HOUSE. dropping the key and half the mail on the way. i run in and leave the door open and
5. I am yelling "IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!"
shelby says: are you serious? for real?!!!
6. then grant, shelby, mom, aubrey, and caleb AND ME are all jumping in a group huddle just up and down freaking out and screaming!!
then i remember that we have like 5 air conditioning maintenance men upstairs working and they prolly think i'm crazy. hahahahha.
7. then i get on my phone asap and make a butt load of calls. i had to call kelly first. she is very needy! and we screamed and talked about chase's newest pics too and just freaked out. the andersons. lauryn. dallin. (called everyone that coulda possibly known where she was cuz she was MIA from her phone). grandparents. and i just called called called people!!!!!!!!! it was such a great feeling.
8. then of course i had to change my fbook status so people would know i'm in AGONY waiting for 7 more hours. taylor gets off work at 8! so 830 is when i will open my call. (houston time)
9. so i have to distract myself till then. we played quirkle. i dominated. it's fate since today is my day!! and then during quirkle i was like 'I AM OVERCOME BY A DARK SPIRIT' and be all crazy and dramatic cuz this feeling of anxiety is seriously causing stomach knots, ulcers, and internal bleeding. and my mom was like "take it easy" and i'm like "IT FEELS LIKE SATAN" and i'm totally being ironic and just kidding but then i remembered that the aircon people were still upstairs eavesdropping and prolly thinkin i'm all crazy so i just went OVER THE TOP (are you surprised?) and said "i need an exorcist" and blah blah blah.
can you believe i'm gonna be a missinoary? i bet that's what you're thinking.

luckily i'm getting better at learning how to be mature and reverent at the right times. and a mission is the right time to be reverent and mature- i can do it! i will do it! i'm gonna love it! aahhhhhhh i forget HOW SOON i'm gonna know where and when my call is. less than 5 hours and 45 minutes!!!! man i'm sooooooo excited!
skype dates with the andersons. brunsons on the phone. lauryn's fam and honey bun on the phone!!! andersens and fairwells and taryn here! my dad will be home and taylor! and video and tape recorder. it's gonna be awesome!!!
I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! BUT I WILL!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC!!!
i will put up all the pics and video asap!!!!

ok now i need to distract myself more! shelbs has never seen "dear john." so that is now on my list of what to do today. i feel like it's appropriate since dear johning is associated with missionaries. what a missionary themed day :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

pheonix airport

so i'm sitting in the pheonix airport!!
ten things i'm looking forward to in TEXAS :)
*in 3 hours and 20 minutes my mother will be holding me and she will hopefully be happy about it
*i can go swimming in our backyard and terrorize my lil brothers!
*check the mail everyday for the next two weeks for brazil mail and church headquarters mail
*get a breaky break from utah
*have family prayer every day with my family
*get to eat food in the pantry and my mom's cooking 24/7 and not feel like a moocher for once
*i will watch movie after movie after movie with my brothers and then torture the rest of the fam by quoting the movie during every meal and gathering
*i get to spend some tlc time with shelby and aubrey baby :) she won't be the only grandbaby (well niece/nephew relationship to me) for long so i need to spoil the crap outta her
*taylor is getting his endowments and having his birthday while i'm there
*i get to kiss my dad on the cheek! lovingly slap tii on the cheek! press my cheek to my mom's cheek! pinch grant's cheeks! admiringly gaze at shelby's toosh cheeks. squeeze aubrey's cheeks. and spank cay on the butt cheeks!!! fantastic!!!

oh i can't wait.
well i'm a little paranoid because i heard when you use public wi-fi....the gov't or the mafia or the aliens can hack into your computer and steal your identity. i better peace out before they catch me. lata lovers!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


so there is this retarded guy i used to know who would be a JERK and after every WORD, THOUGHT, or SENTENCE in a text he would just put "lol" to soften his handicapped rudeness.
i.e. "i don't know what your problem is LOL. you have issues LOL. idiot LOL." the capitilazing was added for emphasis but seriously. what a re-re!! it's actually one of my friend's ex and i just thought of it and i've been laughing A LOT lately and when i made my subject "lol" it reminded me of this clown and his ridiculous texting.
so i have been laughing SOOOOO much lately. why? because i have the best people in my life ever!!! amanda, adam, kara!!!!! ok peeing my pants just thinking about you guys. all you wilders!!
let me tell you some examples. maybe it won't be funny cuz you weren't there but i'm laughing about it.
short story: i'm kinda a bad dancer (ok that's not true. i'm actually a great dancer) but i'm kinda a spaz. and that IS true. so we were playing "word on the street" and we got an AWESOME word that put us in the lead and i started being a spaz and flailing around for a victory hooplah and amanda was waiting for a hi-5 but i didn't see her and just looked like an idiot. then i realized and i put my hand up for a hi-5 but i put my hand SOOOO close to my face. and she ended up smacking me in the face as she hi-5'd me. i don't blame her because I AM HANDICAPPED. like what the? why did i put my hand sitting in front of my face? bahaha.

i was driving home yesterday and i just felt so much HAPPINESS. like MAN!! there is so much love in my life and such joy to look forward to. such greatness in the present. and the past is rainbows and butterflies too!!! i was just all smiling. then i realized my gas light had been on for hours and panicked. but then i ran into a gas station and i was saved! but the gas station was deserted so that was a bit creepy and i was in the middle of af canyon. anyone (ted bundy prolly) coulda come and pilfered me. ahhhhh! but i'm safe! and got back in my car and joyful thoughts continued to peg me :)
and then i came home (and when i say home i mean lauryn's) and laughed with dall and laur forever in my king of the world chair in the upstairs nook. i wish i had a picture to show. maybe i'll google somethings and see if anyone has pictures online that describe this nook. and laur and dall snuggling in the recliner. i love them :) and laughing with them. or me laughing at my joke and them just kinda smirking and rolling their eyes!!!!
this is the only pic i could find that emulates my majestic presence and the different level throne. k great!

i cannot wait to hang out with kelly today!!! she finally made time for me. hope finals have been going well summer slaves of school!!
and i get to see manders again later and tomorrow is TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
julie is the best for being such a gem! taking me to the airport tomorrow. she is the best. amanda met some of the andersons yesterday. man THAT was hilarious. i forget HOW funny the andersons are until ppl are meeting them for the first time. i don't ever wanna get used to the hilariousness of my second family :)
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY OTHER FIRST BLOOD FAMILY TOMORROW!!!! taylor, i will TRY to forgive you that you have work and cannot come to the airport. grant, i'm waiting for my sign and balloons at the airport. caleb, i won't give you your legos unless you tackle me the second you see me. mom, same for you- except i won't give you your monthly allowance. i don't think legos will be much motivation for you. and dad, you can just stand there looking HANDSOME and that will be enough for my longing heart. please don't tackle me because you will pummel me!! k great! i love you family!!!
p.s. GREAT shopping with my pepes yesterday at churchy places. gave me GREAT opportunity to buy chase's birthday extravaganzas. i was nervous bout how i was gonna make his present awesome because missionaries have NO space and don't really have normal wants. well folks, i took care of it and his bday package is already epic. i have it like 70% done. even tho his birthday is 2.5 months away. brazilian postal service. gotta send it in the next couple weeks. yah buddy rollin like a big shot!!!
p.p.s. oh mommy. i also need a massage because my muscles are ACHING from moving my whole self yesterday from provo to bluffdale. like mother of pearl- i'm a spoiled lil girl with a buttload (a JLo size buttload) of stuff!!!! aches! good thing i'll be with you in less than 38 hours and you can get on that. great! thank you and please!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

he loves me


my inspiration. best missionary ever :)


i love email day. this is some emaily emails of the day :)

for those of you who are reading this and don't know who chase anderson is. well (A) you must not be reading my blog very closely (B) that means your life sucks more than mine (C) now you can cyber know him. he is soooooooo awesome!!!

his mission blog that his mamma updates:

and for SOME of his words and love and pics to me this week. i love talking about him so TA DA!!! he is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me :)

hey you
so i miss you so much too! im glad you enjoyed my last letter! gosh it blows my mind thinking that you are going to be getting your call soon! seriously im so freakin excited for you! i remeber when i got mine and i was so excited! im so happy you were there when i opened it too! you cutie. sorry i cant be there but make sure you tell me every detail! MISSIONS ARE AWESOME! gosh im going to be so nervous and excited this whole week waiting to hear where you are going! and then you can start getting everything done that you need to get done! okay you want to know what i really want for my birthday........ you! can you pack yourself up in bubble wrap and mail yourself to me? thanks schnockums! so i hope you are doing amazing and staying up beat and getting way excited for your call! its going to be such a huge part of your life, time will fly and we will be back in each others arms in no time! i love you marissa schroedter! i will always love you! muah!! you have my heart! you are going to be an amazing missionary! i support you in everything!! these are the best changes in our lives! and i love you more than ever!!!
elder anderson
travel safe to texas and take a lot of pictures and tell me everything! every detail! i love you! muah xoxo! you are so gorgeous! i think of you always, i pray for you always! stay strong and be happy! muah

my giant with giant trees! brazil is awesome. so is elder anderson :)
one of his investigators. idk how i'm gonna break it to him that this prolly won't turn into a baptism.
look at how skinnnnnnnnny he looks. he told me he has lost over 35 lbs. wow. i'm not sure how i feel about this but at least he hasn't shrunk in height :) and he is still the most handsome thing EVER!!!

oh also
AND I'M MOVING OUT OF PROVO TODAY!!!! possibly forever i'm hoping but at least for 2 yearsish :) holla!!!!!!!!!
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY FAM :) MY CALL :) spence and other pepes on FRiDAY!!!! ok my call prolly won't be there but i give it the okay to arrive after friday and we all know i control the mail :) i love life :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WILD weekend :)

WILD WILD!!! the wilders were in town. man oh man i love them!!!
amanda is my high school sweetheart. well the sweetest person i was close with in high school. she's a keeper. yah for kentuckiana. awk!!
i just haven't written in over a week and there is so much to tell. oh wait not really hahaha. i've been having a great time!
dates here and there.
a great group date with jay!! russia misses him. now i don't :) we had a wicked time at liberty land. avec kell, lance, laur, dall, christine, ken, bec, aj. greatness. getting stuck on the rollercoaster for 20 minutes at the very end after a crazy night. well that was the icing.
and then roosevelt. man it was weird being back there after so much has happened and yet it was home in a way. seeing amanda. WOW!!! i didn't realize how much i missed her until we were reunited. she will always be one of those people that never gets old. like literally she will always have a rockin bod and young face but you know what i mean. like things just click!!
we went to the most beautiful scenary. moon lake. horseback riding. shooting. just oodles of fun! more pics to come but for now :)

i love the wilders. i miss michael but glad he is doing awesome in arizona. I LOVE THE WILDERS!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010




people, i have issues. plain and simple. little did i know that some of them were VERY illegal.

so picture this.

driving with ciara and bryton to petersons to get a redbox. at a red light at redwood and bangeter. i look to my left. OH HEY SWEET CHEEKS. ay yai yai yai!! i give ciara a heads up (she thinks any male is hott so i knew she'd FLIP) and we just oogle and awe at this piece of mastery. bryton is cracking up.

well i immediately think that i need to show ciara how it's done. how to be bold. well if you've ever been five feet of ciara, you know that she KNOWS what bold is. hahaha. well anyways. i jot my number down on a draper temple sheet that said "sis schroedter" [it was the only piece of paper i had in my car] hahah well this is awkward.
at the next red light i maneuver my way in front of him. BRYTON (of all people) runs out of the car and runs to the hotties' jeep window and he rolls it down and bryton says "my friend wants me to give you.... uh...." and he says "her number?" hahahahaha and bryton is like "yah yah" hahahaha SUCCESS.

well then at the NEXT red light on 126 south... he pulls up NEXT to us and we roll down our windows. he asks how old i am. I AM 21. how old is he? YOU GUESSED IT!!! freekin 16. well now what is my DEAL!!!!! i know i look young but that doesn't mean my perception on anothers' age should also be skewed. shiz!!!! well at least now i have a hottie for ciara. she was drooling the whole time anyways. your welcome ciara.
the MOST messed up part of this whole situation................... chase's COUSIN assisted this set up and chase's SISTER was encouraging me to hunt down this babe. hahahahah man gotta love my messed up love life. VERY messed up :) ok well they're waiting for me to watch the redbox movie. lata loves.
i know you think i'm shameful. i'm well aware!

p.s. BEST bachelorette finale ever. i never really liked ali but i respected the way she handled it and im happy for her and NOW I'M STOKED because CHRIS better be the next bachelor!!!!!!
oh happy day!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


that's right faithful blog followers- my mishy mish papers are IN!!!!!!!!!! well unless the computer at headquarters crashes. or the stake pres's secretary can't be trusted. OH MY WORD- the stress is all coming back. no STOP STOP!!! have faith! it's outta my hands. ok great.
so i met with the stake pres today and CHA-CHING!!!!!! they are in. i made the "cash register sound" because the worth of souls is great. GREATER THAN MONEY. bahah ok we'll pretend that makes sense.
so before i met with the pres i was a wreck- this whole week i've been a wreck. and i thought as soon as i exited his office i'd feel this huge weight lift off my shoulders- someone told me they felt like that.... ahh who was it? nick? chase? steve? dad? ben? taylor? ahhhhh i can't remember. well i didn't feel like that. i got all the way home. and was just sitting reflecting over all that was said by mr. pres. he is an AWESOME MAN. well THEN it hit me. i was like WOAH!!!!!!!!! and i got soooo giddy (in chase's last letter he said that that word is super gay. well i feel soooooo happy right now that it's appropriate to use.) all the hardships of the past couple months have been totally worth it.
i have cried EVERY single day this week ( i'm a freak) and i was really struggling. well was it all for nothing? NO!! it was all for SOMETHING. something soooooo great!!
thank you thank you thank you for all those who have made my life easier and stronger. i appreciate it so much!!
lauryn (dall, steve, jeanna household.) andersons. my family. you all have been LIFE savers this week.
literally saved my life and the lives of all those i'm gonna be teaching.

it was movie cinema weekend this weekend. saw charlie st. cloud friday with dall and laur. oh man. sorry dallin. truly sorry. hahaha. and last night i was supposed to see dinner for schmucks but dave refused because he hates steve carrell. HOW THE H DO YOU HATE MICHAEL SCOTT? oh man he is a hero of mine. so anyways. that got vetoed :( what the.
so we saw despicable me instead. which is funny because the main character (cartoon voice) is steve carrell's voice. bahahahah ironic. anyways. dinner for schmucks needs to be seen by my eyes immediately if not sooner. although i did quite enjoy despicable me. cute cute.
WELL how did this tangent come up?? what this blog is supposed to be about is MY MISSION PAPERS!!!!!
i went to church with kelly and lance at the buttcrack of dawn today. guess who's family was there? um taber's. wow.
can't believe he gets home in 19 days. hi-bye taber! then i met with the bish. then the stake pres. and now ALL SMILES HERE. waiting for my dang family to call me. i can't ever remember when they have church. hmmm. it's either 8 am, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, or 2 pm...... hmmm. it's 2:23 pm in houston right now. so regardless they should call me by..... 4 my time. ok great. glad everyone is clear because i'm sure it matters to you!
ok well i'm still processing so i'm gonna get the heck off here and PROCESS!!!


p.s. chase sent me the most bomb diggidy letterS yesterday. worth the wait. sooo many awesome missionary stories. his blog has a few reader digest versions (check that out.) and freekin 4 pages of scripture reference and thoughts and topics. wow he is a stud. how lucky am i to have that guy as an inspiration? i hope to be as awesome of a missionary as chase d. anderson!!