Wednesday, August 11, 2010

he loves me


my inspiration. best missionary ever :)


i love email day. this is some emaily emails of the day :)

for those of you who are reading this and don't know who chase anderson is. well (A) you must not be reading my blog very closely (B) that means your life sucks more than mine (C) now you can cyber know him. he is soooooooo awesome!!!

his mission blog that his mamma updates:

and for SOME of his words and love and pics to me this week. i love talking about him so TA DA!!! he is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me :)

hey you
so i miss you so much too! im glad you enjoyed my last letter! gosh it blows my mind thinking that you are going to be getting your call soon! seriously im so freakin excited for you! i remeber when i got mine and i was so excited! im so happy you were there when i opened it too! you cutie. sorry i cant be there but make sure you tell me every detail! MISSIONS ARE AWESOME! gosh im going to be so nervous and excited this whole week waiting to hear where you are going! and then you can start getting everything done that you need to get done! okay you want to know what i really want for my birthday........ you! can you pack yourself up in bubble wrap and mail yourself to me? thanks schnockums! so i hope you are doing amazing and staying up beat and getting way excited for your call! its going to be such a huge part of your life, time will fly and we will be back in each others arms in no time! i love you marissa schroedter! i will always love you! muah!! you have my heart! you are going to be an amazing missionary! i support you in everything!! these are the best changes in our lives! and i love you more than ever!!!
elder anderson
travel safe to texas and take a lot of pictures and tell me everything! every detail! i love you! muah xoxo! you are so gorgeous! i think of you always, i pray for you always! stay strong and be happy! muah

my giant with giant trees! brazil is awesome. so is elder anderson :)
one of his investigators. idk how i'm gonna break it to him that this prolly won't turn into a baptism.
look at how skinnnnnnnnny he looks. he told me he has lost over 35 lbs. wow. i'm not sure how i feel about this but at least he hasn't shrunk in height :) and he is still the most handsome thing EVER!!!

oh also
AND I'M MOVING OUT OF PROVO TODAY!!!! possibly forever i'm hoping but at least for 2 yearsish :) holla!!!!!!!!!
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY FAM :) MY CALL :) spence and other pepes on FRiDAY!!!! ok my call prolly won't be there but i give it the okay to arrive after friday and we all know i control the mail :) i love life :)


Kayla J said...
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Kayla J said...

oh my gosh that is THE cutest missionary letter ever. I would know...I wrote/waited for missionary and he never sent me stuff like that. he loves you marissa!!! :D also I will reiterate that I would like to be on conference call/skype when you open your mish call!!

Kelly said...

barf. now i remember how obnoxious you two were in person.

i love you.

i cant wait to see you tomorrow afternoon. im going to pretend that you arent leaving provo. EVER. at least until i do. then i dont care. in fact i want you to also be free then.