Thursday, August 19, 2010

i'm gonna die!!!!!

so to pass the time i decided to blog about it. talking about anxiety usually makes it go away, right?
i've already taken pics with just the envelope AND freaking out pic and just wonderfulness. i've already gotten through 2 hours of waiting. i can do 6 more. hahahah.
so let's go through the chronological steps of the day.
1. i spent 3 hours creating and collecting and beautifying chase's birthday present
2. then i checked the mail!!!!!
3. i got out there and there are a butt load of coupons and trash magazines. and THERE IT IS! a big white envelope with a lot of postage. i heard that the more postage cost =the more chances are that it is overseas. more information=heavier=more postage needed. and my envelope has the same amount of postage as taylor's romanian envelope did. ahhhhhh we shall see..... in 6 freekin hours!!!!!! i didn't care before where i'm going but now everyone put it in my head that it's going to be international. ah i don't care. wherever i go i will LOVE!! and i know that's where the Lord has called me!!! i love modern prophets and missionary work!
4. so i see my big white envelope and i tell myself "STOP! before you get excited make sure this is it. read it carefully!" so i breathe in and the return address was the church headquarters and it was addressed to SISTER Marissa Jean Schroedter. SO THERE IT IS, FOLKS!!!!!! once it finally hit and i allowed myself to get excited i RAN INTO THE HOUSE. dropping the key and half the mail on the way. i run in and leave the door open and
5. I am yelling "IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!"
shelby says: are you serious? for real?!!!
6. then grant, shelby, mom, aubrey, and caleb AND ME are all jumping in a group huddle just up and down freaking out and screaming!!
then i remember that we have like 5 air conditioning maintenance men upstairs working and they prolly think i'm crazy. hahahahha.
7. then i get on my phone asap and make a butt load of calls. i had to call kelly first. she is very needy! and we screamed and talked about chase's newest pics too and just freaked out. the andersons. lauryn. dallin. (called everyone that coulda possibly known where she was cuz she was MIA from her phone). grandparents. and i just called called called people!!!!!!!!! it was such a great feeling.
8. then of course i had to change my fbook status so people would know i'm in AGONY waiting for 7 more hours. taylor gets off work at 8! so 830 is when i will open my call. (houston time)
9. so i have to distract myself till then. we played quirkle. i dominated. it's fate since today is my day!! and then during quirkle i was like 'I AM OVERCOME BY A DARK SPIRIT' and be all crazy and dramatic cuz this feeling of anxiety is seriously causing stomach knots, ulcers, and internal bleeding. and my mom was like "take it easy" and i'm like "IT FEELS LIKE SATAN" and i'm totally being ironic and just kidding but then i remembered that the aircon people were still upstairs eavesdropping and prolly thinkin i'm all crazy so i just went OVER THE TOP (are you surprised?) and said "i need an exorcist" and blah blah blah.
can you believe i'm gonna be a missinoary? i bet that's what you're thinking.

luckily i'm getting better at learning how to be mature and reverent at the right times. and a mission is the right time to be reverent and mature- i can do it! i will do it! i'm gonna love it! aahhhhhhh i forget HOW SOON i'm gonna know where and when my call is. less than 5 hours and 45 minutes!!!! man i'm sooooooo excited!
skype dates with the andersons. brunsons on the phone. lauryn's fam and honey bun on the phone!!! andersens and fairwells and taryn here! my dad will be home and taylor! and video and tape recorder. it's gonna be awesome!!!
I HOPE THEY CALL ME ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! BUT I WILL!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC!!!
i will put up all the pics and video asap!!!!

ok now i need to distract myself more! shelbs has never seen "dear john." so that is now on my list of what to do today. i feel like it's appropriate since dear johning is associated with missionaries. what a missionary themed day :)

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