Thursday, August 12, 2010


so there is this retarded guy i used to know who would be a JERK and after every WORD, THOUGHT, or SENTENCE in a text he would just put "lol" to soften his handicapped rudeness.
i.e. "i don't know what your problem is LOL. you have issues LOL. idiot LOL." the capitilazing was added for emphasis but seriously. what a re-re!! it's actually one of my friend's ex and i just thought of it and i've been laughing A LOT lately and when i made my subject "lol" it reminded me of this clown and his ridiculous texting.
so i have been laughing SOOOOO much lately. why? because i have the best people in my life ever!!! amanda, adam, kara!!!!! ok peeing my pants just thinking about you guys. all you wilders!!
let me tell you some examples. maybe it won't be funny cuz you weren't there but i'm laughing about it.
short story: i'm kinda a bad dancer (ok that's not true. i'm actually a great dancer) but i'm kinda a spaz. and that IS true. so we were playing "word on the street" and we got an AWESOME word that put us in the lead and i started being a spaz and flailing around for a victory hooplah and amanda was waiting for a hi-5 but i didn't see her and just looked like an idiot. then i realized and i put my hand up for a hi-5 but i put my hand SOOOO close to my face. and she ended up smacking me in the face as she hi-5'd me. i don't blame her because I AM HANDICAPPED. like what the? why did i put my hand sitting in front of my face? bahaha.

i was driving home yesterday and i just felt so much HAPPINESS. like MAN!! there is so much love in my life and such joy to look forward to. such greatness in the present. and the past is rainbows and butterflies too!!! i was just all smiling. then i realized my gas light had been on for hours and panicked. but then i ran into a gas station and i was saved! but the gas station was deserted so that was a bit creepy and i was in the middle of af canyon. anyone (ted bundy prolly) coulda come and pilfered me. ahhhhh! but i'm safe! and got back in my car and joyful thoughts continued to peg me :)
and then i came home (and when i say home i mean lauryn's) and laughed with dall and laur forever in my king of the world chair in the upstairs nook. i wish i had a picture to show. maybe i'll google somethings and see if anyone has pictures online that describe this nook. and laur and dall snuggling in the recliner. i love them :) and laughing with them. or me laughing at my joke and them just kinda smirking and rolling their eyes!!!!
this is the only pic i could find that emulates my majestic presence and the different level throne. k great!

i cannot wait to hang out with kelly today!!! she finally made time for me. hope finals have been going well summer slaves of school!!
and i get to see manders again later and tomorrow is TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
julie is the best for being such a gem! taking me to the airport tomorrow. she is the best. amanda met some of the andersons yesterday. man THAT was hilarious. i forget HOW funny the andersons are until ppl are meeting them for the first time. i don't ever wanna get used to the hilariousness of my second family :)
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY OTHER FIRST BLOOD FAMILY TOMORROW!!!! taylor, i will TRY to forgive you that you have work and cannot come to the airport. grant, i'm waiting for my sign and balloons at the airport. caleb, i won't give you your legos unless you tackle me the second you see me. mom, same for you- except i won't give you your monthly allowance. i don't think legos will be much motivation for you. and dad, you can just stand there looking HANDSOME and that will be enough for my longing heart. please don't tackle me because you will pummel me!! k great! i love you family!!!
p.s. GREAT shopping with my pepes yesterday at churchy places. gave me GREAT opportunity to buy chase's birthday extravaganzas. i was nervous bout how i was gonna make his present awesome because missionaries have NO space and don't really have normal wants. well folks, i took care of it and his bday package is already epic. i have it like 70% done. even tho his birthday is 2.5 months away. brazilian postal service. gotta send it in the next couple weeks. yah buddy rollin like a big shot!!!
p.p.s. oh mommy. i also need a massage because my muscles are ACHING from moving my whole self yesterday from provo to bluffdale. like mother of pearl- i'm a spoiled lil girl with a buttload (a JLo size buttload) of stuff!!!! aches! good thing i'll be with you in less than 38 hours and you can get on that. great! thank you and please!


Kelly said...

this post may have broken the record for number of times i have been embarrassed for you in one blog.

MarisStar said...

how is that possible? did you read the last post where i shared WAY to much intimacy of me and chase?