Friday, August 13, 2010

pheonix airport

so i'm sitting in the pheonix airport!!
ten things i'm looking forward to in TEXAS :)
*in 3 hours and 20 minutes my mother will be holding me and she will hopefully be happy about it
*i can go swimming in our backyard and terrorize my lil brothers!
*check the mail everyday for the next two weeks for brazil mail and church headquarters mail
*get a breaky break from utah
*have family prayer every day with my family
*get to eat food in the pantry and my mom's cooking 24/7 and not feel like a moocher for once
*i will watch movie after movie after movie with my brothers and then torture the rest of the fam by quoting the movie during every meal and gathering
*i get to spend some tlc time with shelby and aubrey baby :) she won't be the only grandbaby (well niece/nephew relationship to me) for long so i need to spoil the crap outta her
*taylor is getting his endowments and having his birthday while i'm there
*i get to kiss my dad on the cheek! lovingly slap tii on the cheek! press my cheek to my mom's cheek! pinch grant's cheeks! admiringly gaze at shelby's toosh cheeks. squeeze aubrey's cheeks. and spank cay on the butt cheeks!!! fantastic!!!

oh i can't wait.
well i'm a little paranoid because i heard when you use public wi-fi....the gov't or the mafia or the aliens can hack into your computer and steal your identity. i better peace out before they catch me. lata lovers!!!!

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