Thursday, August 19, 2010


i'm a jokester but i am NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man. classic.
this is absolutely hilarious and i have so much to learn and it's gonna be a spiritual feast!!!!
some pros i've already thought of
*general authorities
*meeting new people and talking to strangers all the time
*general conference
*getting first name basis with the bums
*baptizing those anti mormon protesters
*i don't have to get rejection and broken feet all the time
*i can ACTUALLY learn to love utah for real
*packages and mail
*i will be safe safe safe
*i get to go to the temple once a week
*MTC for only 2 weeks
*there will be absolutely NO homesickness
*i will get some awesome culturally enlightened companions
*i MAY have some opportunities to use french
*when chase gets home i will hear about it asap ;)
*SLC temple is my fav and i will get even MORE memories there. i already have many treasured memories. who woulda thought!!!!! this is freekin hilarious and crazy awesome. those are the two best ways to describe this.
my farewell talk is going to be EPIC. and the weekly emials will be so zippity zoo da hilarious! there is so much unkownn about this mission. well stay tuned and i will inform you all about it. i think my mamma is going to keep this blog up for me :) ok well wonderful!
this is absolutely hilarious and crazy awesome!!
november 10th HERE I COME!!!!!!! my plans till then. i'll decide that once my adrenaline has settled down :)

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Michael and Christi Clayton said...

So happy for you!!! You will be awesome!