Sunday, August 1, 2010


that's right faithful blog followers- my mishy mish papers are IN!!!!!!!!!! well unless the computer at headquarters crashes. or the stake pres's secretary can't be trusted. OH MY WORD- the stress is all coming back. no STOP STOP!!! have faith! it's outta my hands. ok great.
so i met with the stake pres today and CHA-CHING!!!!!! they are in. i made the "cash register sound" because the worth of souls is great. GREATER THAN MONEY. bahah ok we'll pretend that makes sense.
so before i met with the pres i was a wreck- this whole week i've been a wreck. and i thought as soon as i exited his office i'd feel this huge weight lift off my shoulders- someone told me they felt like that.... ahh who was it? nick? chase? steve? dad? ben? taylor? ahhhhh i can't remember. well i didn't feel like that. i got all the way home. and was just sitting reflecting over all that was said by mr. pres. he is an AWESOME MAN. well THEN it hit me. i was like WOAH!!!!!!!!! and i got soooo giddy (in chase's last letter he said that that word is super gay. well i feel soooooo happy right now that it's appropriate to use.) all the hardships of the past couple months have been totally worth it.
i have cried EVERY single day this week ( i'm a freak) and i was really struggling. well was it all for nothing? NO!! it was all for SOMETHING. something soooooo great!!
thank you thank you thank you for all those who have made my life easier and stronger. i appreciate it so much!!
lauryn (dall, steve, jeanna household.) andersons. my family. you all have been LIFE savers this week.
literally saved my life and the lives of all those i'm gonna be teaching.

it was movie cinema weekend this weekend. saw charlie st. cloud friday with dall and laur. oh man. sorry dallin. truly sorry. hahaha. and last night i was supposed to see dinner for schmucks but dave refused because he hates steve carrell. HOW THE H DO YOU HATE MICHAEL SCOTT? oh man he is a hero of mine. so anyways. that got vetoed :( what the.
so we saw despicable me instead. which is funny because the main character (cartoon voice) is steve carrell's voice. bahahahah ironic. anyways. dinner for schmucks needs to be seen by my eyes immediately if not sooner. although i did quite enjoy despicable me. cute cute.
WELL how did this tangent come up?? what this blog is supposed to be about is MY MISSION PAPERS!!!!!
i went to church with kelly and lance at the buttcrack of dawn today. guess who's family was there? um taber's. wow.
can't believe he gets home in 19 days. hi-bye taber! then i met with the bish. then the stake pres. and now ALL SMILES HERE. waiting for my dang family to call me. i can't ever remember when they have church. hmmm. it's either 8 am, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, or 2 pm...... hmmm. it's 2:23 pm in houston right now. so regardless they should call me by..... 4 my time. ok great. glad everyone is clear because i'm sure it matters to you!
ok well i'm still processing so i'm gonna get the heck off here and PROCESS!!!


p.s. chase sent me the most bomb diggidy letterS yesterday. worth the wait. sooo many awesome missionary stories. his blog has a few reader digest versions (check that out.) and freekin 4 pages of scripture reference and thoughts and topics. wow he is a stud. how lucky am i to have that guy as an inspiration? i hope to be as awesome of a missionary as chase d. anderson!!

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Lauryn said...

I. Love. You. Mission papers in. Check. YAY! And Dallin and I will go see the Dinner Schmucks movie with you. Done.