Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WILD weekend :)

WILD WILD!!! the wilders were in town. man oh man i love them!!!
amanda is my high school sweetheart. well the sweetest person i was close with in high school. she's a keeper. yah for kentuckiana. awk!!
i just haven't written in over a week and there is so much to tell. oh wait not really hahaha. i've been having a great time!
dates here and there.
a great group date with jay!! russia misses him. now i don't :) we had a wicked time at liberty land. avec kell, lance, laur, dall, christine, ken, bec, aj. greatness. getting stuck on the rollercoaster for 20 minutes at the very end after a crazy night. well that was the icing.
and then roosevelt. man it was weird being back there after so much has happened and yet it was home in a way. seeing amanda. WOW!!! i didn't realize how much i missed her until we were reunited. she will always be one of those people that never gets old. like literally she will always have a rockin bod and young face but you know what i mean. like things just click!!
we went to the most beautiful scenary. moon lake. horseback riding. shooting. just oodles of fun! more pics to come but for now :)

i love the wilders. i miss michael but glad he is doing awesome in arizona. I LOVE THE WILDERS!!!!

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Lindy said...

You are hilarious. As always. I miss you and our totally deep conversations with the Kirbster haha.
PS I predict that you'll get your call this Friday. (I turned mine in on a saturday and got it two fridays later.. yes, that is less than two weeks)