Monday, September 27, 2010


So for the past hour, I've just been writing down funny things that have come to mind or that I've seen my family do. Now maybe they're only funny to me. Well, this is my blog.
And my mom saw me meticulously scribbling down notes so I'd remember to write about it on my blog and she said "Are we just fodder for your blog?"
And so I went around calling them my FODDERS. well apparantely I don't really know how that word is used and that you can't pluralize it like that. But i still like it :)
So i first was laughing too much over the fact that I was FORCED to do Grant's chore (loading the dishwasher. I know I know. the american life is so hard) and I loaded it. Then my mom came into the kitchen in hysterics flailing in a frantic. Looking for her favorite cup. Apparantely my mom doesn't like to waste space in the dishwasher when she always uses that cup day after day anyways! My bad, I had accidently loaded it! Um... we seriously have over 200 cups in the cupboard but my mom has favorites!
ALSO while i was forced to do Grant's chore, I look over and he is "reading" the Friend. And i say, "Grant, don't pretend like you are actually reading the Friend."
"I'm not. I'm looking for the CTR ring." -Grant.
[p.s. it's been over 20 minutes since that happened and he still can't find it. apparantely the October Friend is a tough one!]
and this brings me to my last rant for this posting. I have been saying for the past couple weeks that I've been home..... that my parents have gotten soft. Let me give you some examples:
WHEN I WAS THEIR AGE.............
*i could only have sugared cereal every other day and nasty healthy cereal on the others. Grant and Caleb have Reese's Cups, Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch every day multiple times a day
*on Sundays, i had to sit on my bed (along with the other four older siblings on their beds) for a whole hour and be quiet and not move off my bed. It was called quiet time. I understand my parents had four kids under the age of 6 but what get's me is that now that tradition doesn't matter any more. why couldn't that be the case when i was just squirming, kicking, and feeling clastrophobic at age 5?
*i was only allowed to have icecream once a week (IF IT WAS ON SALE AND WE HAD A COUPON). My brothers have it daily! and more than once a day! Today, Grant had an icecream sandwhich AND a bowl of icecream an hour later.
*we only went out to eat on birthdays, now we only get home cooked meals on birthdays
*when i was young, i had to practice the piano for 30 minutes A DAY and it had to be good practicing. If my mom didn't hear me or could tell I wasn't practicing my assigned songs, I'd have to practice longer. And i had to do this from second grade to sophomore year. Um.... Caleb practices 15 minutes MAYBE twice a week. Grant doesn't even play.
*i had to have ramen at least twice a week (mainly cuz we were poor)! caleb doesn't even know what it is. i'll tell you what it is, caleb, it's my nightmare. the taste is vile to me NOW because it reminds me of when i would go to bed hungry.
*i wasn't allowed to watch TV (and if i did, it was only on the weekends) and we certainly didn't have cable. um let's just say times have changed.
*when i was young, I was expected to get 100's on everything I did. Be the first, best, smartest, etc! And A's were the only acceptable grade and the only grade I did get while living at home. Um... who almost failed second grade? Caleb.
Not because he's stupid, but just because he always had to turn his test in FIRST before his classmates (even if they weren't completed.) well he got half of what my parents used to teach me. Coming home with a F on a test? My hide woulda been red!
let's just say..... my younger brothers will prolly be obese, untalented, and A.D.D. hahahaha jk :) my younger brothers are more awesome than me. smarter. faster. funnier. etc!!!
but still..... Life isn't fair. I know I know- that's the truth. BUT STILL!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

like a sunrise

an amazing apostle last month, Elder Bednar, at stake conference said most people's testimonies are like a sunrise. light shows little by little, sometimes you're not even sure if it's actually the sun, but then the horizon starts becoming more distinct, and wah-lah the whole sky is bright and luminous. and my own journey and testimony definitely falls into that category. many little moments that make up one great big light!
sad to say there has been more overcasting days then i'm willing to admit but what a bright and sunny year i've had :) with rainbows and a beautiful tan! just the sun rays of peace, warmth, and knowledge!
one main component to my happy year has been the temple.
now this year hasn't been exceptionally easy compared to other years. in fact maybe the opposite! but the difference has been ME :) it's a choice to be happy. it's a choice to be receptive and close to the Lord.
and through many prayers and miracles, i am an open receptive learning machine!
so the temple! WOW!
i have always sang "I love to see the temple!" in Primary.
I made a list of qualities of the perfect man i wanted to take me to the temple in Young Womens.
And i moved to Provo where there are oodles of temples around during college at BYU.
Temples have always been there and that is a great blessing!
I remember the first time it really CLICKED that i needed a temple marriage. I was a little late in grasping that idea. I've said it since I could speak, but I truly felt the unshakable desire quite some years later. I remember I went out to the mailbox and got one of my very first letters from a missionary EVER. He had such a strong message and testimony of the temple and his own personal love for the temple. This story doesn't even have to do with that young man, but it has to do with the witness I felt.
Also, I remember when Chase went through the temple for his own endowment. I was tending baby Charlotte and carpooling Grandma Hanks and Ciara. We were reserving a billion seats at Ihop and the clan and Chase walked in. My Chase was literally glowing. There was such a distinct, beautiful difference. He squeezed me tight and whispered "You're gonna love it." and YES SIREE. he was right :)
I got to go to the temple with my mom last week and on another day with my dad. I love that my journal entries are just full of insights and moments of pure bliss. It's going to be a beautiful year AGAIN. I will forever make it a goal to attend the temple. Going these next 6 weeks is going to be vital and so amazing. And i'm blessed to be called to a mission where the temple is a theme! It's in the NAME of my mission for goodness sake! and the opportunity to attend, serve, and preach about the temple is going to be amazing!
I would honestly encourage everyone out there to PREPARE for a mission. obviously some circumstances, marital statuses, and personal goals will not result into the actual 24/7 set apart missionary name tag BUT even just preparing for a mission has changed my life. Intense scripture study. Serious soul searching. and life improving changes!!
the preparation alone has made the mission path totally worth it ALREADY :) i can't even imagine how much more i'm going to grow and be blessed and feel so grateful! i know i'll be getting spiritual stretch marks!! it's going to be amazing!! i feel so blessed and totally wanna scatter my sunshine on part of your day. so i hope you're smiling and your skies are bright!
the beautiful Houston, Texas temple :)

p.s. this reminds me how STOKED i am to hear from all the apostles and prophet and leaders next weekend for General Conference!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Okay so today is the beautiful Lauryn Ross's Birthday :) she has seriously been my cousin since birth- imagine that :) and we have always been close because we had no other cousin's our age. so if it wasn't for fate causing our mother's and aunt's to not carry a girl child in their womb around our days of birth- well we might not be friends. hahaha jk :)
Lauryn is TOOOOOO awesome to pass up. I would be her friend if I had a billion girl cousins that shared a ROOM with me. THAT'S HOW AWESOME Lauryn is. She deserves the best and is the best :) I love her and let me just say a few specific reasons why!!

#1 She has always had GREAT style. She is way more fashionable than me. i remember when we were young i'd be looking like a street worker (hoochie mamma)- if you know what i mean but NOT lauryn. She had such class and knew how to make modesty look drop dead sexy beautiful!

#2 She has a great family and is a great, daughter, sister, cousin, etc!! Her dad helped me get my spunk! sixth or seventh grade! we're out by the pool and a song get's cranked up "Bootylicious!" Her dad comes out and shows us how to shake it and fluff our feathers like peacocks to attract the males! And Lauryn's mom is an AMAZING cook! Perhaps Lauryn and I will get it together and take advantage of this blessing right in our very own family and learn a few things!!
Lauryn is naturally great and her greatness is only enhanced by her awesome family!

#3 I love it when Lauryn has something to tell me but she KNOWS how much i value my sleep so she will just lie beside and me. And burn through me with her beautiful gaze until i wake up and i am STARTLED by her deep set eyes!!!! hahaha.

#4 It's also great when Lauryn and me are asleep in her bed. She is dreaming about her fiancé and in the middle of the night SOMEHOW Lauryn is cuddle up next to me rubbing my belly!

#5 Have you EVER known someone to tan as beautifully and quickly and darkly as Lauryn?!! What a superstar!

#6 I have a beautiful memory of us in THIRD grade standing in front of her full length sliding mirrors with her stereo and microphone just bellowing SPICE GIRLS!!
She Used to be my enemy.... Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad.... Mamma I LOVE YOU! Mamma I care!

#7 Lauryn always smells sooooo good. My FAVORITE perfumes or scents I have are because we were shopping together or because i smelt her and creepily bought the same perfume! DELICIOUS!!!

#8 Lauryn makes SUCH an effort to be your friend. She will take the initiative and that's important. She will call, drop by, send a sweet message, etc! And i take pride in knowing I am the same way. A friendship is a two-way street and My Lauryn Friendship is the busiest, most traffic jam, amazing street ever!! Furthermore, when Chase left or whenever I was feeling lonely- she got me through :) I am so grateful for her companionship (especially over these last 8 months!) I am also glad i can be a common third wheel and Lauryn has someone to take care of her for FOREVER and especially while I am MIA on my mission a couple blocks away. which brings me to point 9 :)

#9 Lauryn has an awesome fiancé! Why? BECAUSE SHE HAS GREAT TASTE! and she lives her life so whole-heartedly righteously amazingly beautiful that OF course she deserves this blessing and amazing eternity!! the ultimate happiness and the greatest arm-candy!

#10 IF (A BIG IF!!!) i stay in Utah for the rest of my life (which hey. with this mission call- it's maybe a little witness proving to me that i should! hahaha), it will help knowing Lauryn (esp Dallin) will never move away from Utah. This is a BIG (and one of the only) PERKS!!!!!!
But i won't be TOO overbearing or crazy demanding. We will have our own lives but it will be great!!! Just an occasional holiday love fest and game night :) once the kids start popping out!! Well i hope that "popping" isn't literal- we wouldn't wanna break any hip bones or vertebraes.

#11 Lauryn has the BEST taste in music and we share a bond with movies and television! We enjoy many things together and many of my most favorite songs and movies and tv shows are due to Lauryn!

#12 Lauryn is sealed to me by a binding heavenly love that cannot be broken!!!! Yay for the gift of eternal families and the temple!! And that is the GREATEST BLESSING OF ALL!!!

and i'm going to stop at #12 because if you switch the two numbers around that make TWENTY-ONE!! 21!!! and that's the beautiful Lauryn's young ripe age :) keep the Word of Wisdom :)

I love you, LERK!!!! hahhahahahhahaha i'm calling you LERK from now on!! Lauryn Elisabeth Ross Koski!!!!!!! LERK!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

new friends

a new member to my blog :) she has already been mentioned before. drum roll..... taryn :)
she is beautiful. she is a recent convert and a hilarious good time in a wholesome way!!! my family has taken her in and we just love her. i look up to her even though i'm the one with the age and wisdom. ok maybe not the latter :) she helps me be a better person and will be vital during these prepping months!!
i thank grantly and t-man for the introduction. i'll take it from here, boys!!!
all i wanna pretty much say is when we're together, we have a good time! sing our hearts out. and laugh way too loud in movie theaters (my specialty!!)
since i can't have lovely ladies like kelly, lauryn, etc. in texas- i'm even more glad for taryn. soul sista!!!
today we went shopping at the mall, order some shirts with romanina/brazil flags on them (for my PDAY!), went to a movie, went in a machine that was re-inacting a hurricane and the "wind" got up to 76 mph. hilarious. took photobooth pics. and just laughed our boisterous mouths off :) if you're looking for a fun, awesome friend. give taryn a call. well idk if i can post her number. hmmm.. just befriend her on fbook.

we have kinda loud personalities, oodles of inside jokes already, and struggles on showing our true beauty :) love you, taryn!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'miracles happen once in a while if you believe'

so something awesome happened yesterday which i just have to publicize.

ok first of all my brain is fried so this prolly won't be funny or too entertaining but can you blame me? i've been babysitting from 4:40 am (friday) and still am until midnight tonight. but i don't mind because i got to help some fellow BYU fans make it to the FSU game in Florida (even though we lost. but not as badly as last year so i call it a win-lose day!) anyways. babysitting the four kids with soccer, dance, football, scouts, etc.... A typical little busy Mormon family. it's been HARD! but it makes me grow and develop some motherly skills like patience, nurturing, responsibilty, and love. this will all be helpful on a mission, too. but oh man i cannot wait to be a mother. wait wait! let's get back to the miracle.

so obviously everyone knows preparing for a mission is hard. it's even more hard when your two best friends are on missions. well actually that makes it easier and harder. because they are GREAT examples and supportive but then again they are not in person. well now i switch sides. it's better for them to be supporting from a mission. makes it more motivational for me to join them in the mission field. well hmmmm! ok wait. ANOTHER tangent. i need to take it easy. i miss you, taylor and chase. but i'm so blessed and have oodles of wonderful friends and family with me here! and you out there. i'm so grateful.

ok so back to my real purpose for this blog post.
well i've had some trying moments here and there and this week i've just been praying for some extra strength. oh baby and did i get it!
i know some lovely ladies ALREADY serving at temple square
the beautiful Sloane Phillips, Emma Wilson, Emily Bateman, and more international acquaintenances.

well now ADD
CARLA FELICI to that list
we have many mutual friends (so facebook tells me!!) who woulda thought?!!! well everyone prolly.. because the Mormon community (esp BYU) is a small literal cobweb of networks and mutual friends.
anyways. AGAIN with the tangent details...... so the most important mutual friend we have now is MY BROTHER: ELDER TAYLOR SCHROEDTER. (p.s. check out his blog. it's on my page on the right column. support him. write him. pray for him. love him. I DO!!)

so picture this. i bring the kiddos that i'm babysitting over to my parents' house to swim and the phone rings. this all happened yesterday.
my mom was confused with what the person on the other line was wanting and asking so i gesture for her to hand me the phone!
"hi. this is marissa. who is this?"
"this is sister felici. i was in the mtc with taylor"
"you're his teacher? are you calling from the mtc?"
"no no. i was in his district and now i'm on my mission calling from temple square."
"me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" OVERLY EXCITED
" i'm a temple square missionary!!!!"
"you served here?"
"no no. sorry i'm not being clear. i AM going to be serving there november 10"
"shut up. no way" bahaha i don't remember exact wording. i'm sure it was more reverent.
p.s. ummm.... why did taylor not tell her about me once he knew she'd be serving in temple square? i know that's a selfish thought- but um seriously, little brother!! get it together ;)

anyways LONG STORY SHORT is that my brother had given Sister Felici some names for her Calling Center time in SLC (it's a unique part of temple square!) She was trying to get a hold of them by phone so she could have Book of Mormons delivered to them or have missionaries stop by. But one of the phone numbers was false so she called Tay's home (AKA where i happen to be!!!! at the right time!) to see if we had another phone number for this referral. so i gave her the number and then we just chatted and chatted.
she told me of some of her hard times in preparing, in the mtc, since she's been out. and also told me of some of the greatest moments and blessings!!!!
and then we figured out we both ARE IN LOVE with jessica mccord (my paris roommate) and that with this bond- our conversation just took off. we kept the conversation as church related as possible. it was also nice to hear how much she LOVES taylor and thinks he is just an epic missionary already. i totally agree!
and at the end of the conversation we realized we will be BFFFFs on the mission. hahahaha. oh man. it was absolutely crazy. i really feel like my prayers were answered so amazingly!
i now know of ANOTHER sister that i already love at temple square!

it was also beautiful to hear some personal advice for me and my mission. i was glad she was honest about the struggles and i realize that i can be strong, too! and i also see direct results of how WORTH it a mission at temple square is :)
so she has only been at temple square for a week but her insight was much appreciated. she is an ASL missionary so she was in the MTC for 8 weeks and now this was her first official week at temple square.
she let me know that this next month and a half would be HARD but totally worth it. well i feel like my load has been lightened already. just by talking with her i feel more loved, comfortable, and supported.
this might not seem like a MASSIVE miracle to you but to me- it is. i got to know how great taylor is blossoming, how awesome and real my mission is going to be, how beautiful sister missionaries at temple square are, and how much the Lord loves me.
and so this is what my BREATH-TAKING mission will look like when i arrive a couple weeks after November 10 :) i have so much to be grateful for and so much love to give! I am so excited to be a disciple and beacon for the Lord, the living Savior. I love my Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

11 reasons my brothers are awesome.

let's start off with the basics. first of all, they are all soooooo handsome!!!!!!

this is grant! also known as grantly, gii, or sexy beast. i'm albino with dyed hair in this pic. no big deal. but grant. man you are a ladies' man. p.s. i can't believe how much older you look grant in just a year's time :) eat your vegetables and grow strong!!

these are three of the most important men in my life. garrett, taylor, dad!

this is caleb...... he is special. he is 8 so he is technically accountable for his actions. i taught him everything he knows so a lot of special qualities are on my conscious. i will have to own up to them if he every goes awry. i have faith that he will be a stud just like his sexy role-model of a sister.

ok. the reasons!!!
this is about caleb and grant because that's who i am around in TEXAS. i love being in texas.

1. when our neighbor Tim picks up Caleb and threatens to throw him into the pool, Caleb gets so scared that he pees all over Tim. Both are fully clothed. hahahahaha.

2. Grant is one of the fastest cross country runners in Texas

3. I look upstairs and Caleb is butt-naked (it's pronounced NAY-KID. not neck-id [mom]) in the loft. He is running around because the shower has two doors connected to each bedroom and i accidently locked the one connected to his room.

4. Grant thinks I'm his slave and asks me to do errands for him. Um, who's older? Actually i like that he thinks he's boss! it's a trait we share. i can admire that.

5. I ask Caleb
"how do people become homeless?"
"well you know when their houses catch fire and burn to the ground." -Caleb
"That's the only way?"
"Well yeah. why else?" -Caleb
what a little naive cutie. i'm not about to destroy his world by breaking the bad news.
but on the otherhand..... what if he just trusts and befriends every homeless person- those unstable unfortunate souls. hmmm.... i'll pray about it and then decide what to tell him.

6. they're both such snugglers. even as they get older, they still encroach on me as snug as a bug in a rug.

7. when i hear Grant's voice, it sounds really similiar to Taylor's

8. when Caleb took an hour to do his homework and wrote it sloppy, my mom took an eraser and erased all of it and told him to re-do it because she couldn't read it. he started balling.

9. grant is ALWAYS texting. so i snatched his phone and started to read them. there were a billion text from a girl (let's just say her name is "alexa") so i decide to read one of them out loud. "Grant, we can't go to bed fighting. Because tonight might be the last night we have."
and i just start busting up laughing..... well a girl named "alexis" was over. um.... the text was ACTUALLY from her. i guess i should have looked at the name more clearly. awkward for me. i tried to cover my tracks and say she had a good point. but i lost it and couldn't help but laugh at her. on the other hand, i'm just proud of grant's pimpin skills!!! juggling multiple girls. good work, little brother.

10. they know all the lines from my favorite movies and quote them with me daily

11. when Caleb had breakfast, my mom asked if he prayed over his food. he said, "No, i just closed my eyes and folded my arms and counted to 15 in my head." hahahahahahahaha

p.s. i reallllllllllllllllllllly missssssssss taylor. but am so proud of him and can already see how much he has flourished in the mtc. baptize the hell out of them in Romania, baby bro :) you are amazing!
p.p.s. i really wish i was gonna be with garrett (and kristi) this month :) it's gonna be a beautiful month!!!!


p.s. utah was sooooo awesome. and texas is grand, too.
the highlights of utah: getting endowed, sending taylor into the mtc, seeing all my beloveds :) one of the best chapters in my life. now i have texas to have a clear, preparing 54 days until i'm SISTER SCHROEDTER