Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy halloween

so first thing first
TODAY IS CHASE'S BIRTHDAY :) happy birthday!! enjoy elder bednar visiting your mish this week!!!! happy happy happy birthday :) i love you!

two of the most important ppl in my life. my biggest fans in life. and the people i'm biggest fans of!!!
it's Chase's 21st birthday and my BEAUTIFUL MOTHER's 30th birthday on saturday:) happpppyy birthdays!!!!! it's y'all's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

and what else is happy this week? happy halloween! can't wait to spend it with the fairwell family and be grinches and not pass out candy on the sabbath. bahahaha.

and halloween wouldn't be halloween without carving pumpkins :)

working hard and sketching out the faces before the irreversible carving begins
gotta get those seeds out :)

just happy about halloween
my dad taught me how to be cool
my brother caleb the creeper has halloween in the bag
i love this father-son interaction. typical: dad doing all the work.
we went for a look-alike :) you can't really see but that jackie-o-lantern has a missionary nametag on the side :)
just some family love! i love my youngster brothers :)
frightening!!!! happy halloween

Sunday, October 24, 2010

makes me wanna be an EAGLE SCOUT :)

so this week has been crazzzzzzzzyyyyy busy with service. and that's a beautiful thing, ladies and gentleman.
i cannot wait to do more gospelish service :)
actually...well any service is the work of charity which is the pure love of Christ. so the gospel is being carried out in all kinds of ways :)
so one of the great projects i took on this weekend (with much help from Exxon mobil, my dad, and a whole crew) was fixing up this house in the scary part of town- if you know what i'm saying. i'm not trying to use slang or degrading terms. but i'm defnitely glad tall, strong men were with us as we were repairing, paneling, wiring, and painting this house!
apparantely it's similiar to what an eagle scout project could look like :) i wanna know how to be an archer, tie a square not, and build a tp fire now :)
p.s. let's all LOVE exxon mobil. i know there are some oiler haters out there but TAKE IT EASY!! exxon does a lot economically for this country and for the community. it's the best company and really takes care of business no pun intended!!!
so we got on the road at 645 AM and got back home at 630 PM. just a BUSY, long, exhausting, fulfilling day of giving giving!
who knew painting for 10 hours gives you a kink in your wrist. well i didn't. because this is literally like the second time i've ever really painted a big project like this. i need to get out more!
the 82 year old widow, Albertene, was super sweet and so gracious. i love serving even more when the people are the sweetest.
p.s. remember how after the project i was sitting in the backyard cleaning off all the paint brushes and got ATTACKED by FIRE ANTS? i do!! cuz it KILLED! (well not literally killed but very much figuratively) dang houston. are you kidding me? oozing bites all over my right arm. close to my tweeked wrist- so double burning pain. just perfect.
just because i sat on your ant farm hill home, doesn't mean you have to get personal and BITE ME!!!
it was also great to serve with the Fairwells, Grant, Dad, and some other new friends.
helping the time go by faster by thinking of ALL of jim carey's movies. or will smith. or julia roberts. or sandra bullock. or adam sandler. or rachel mcadams. or will farrel. etc!
or thinking of all the countries in the world that start with C or the letter A or the letter T, etc.
or belting out "Mine" by Taylor Swift with 3 sophomore high school girls... and getting really weird looks from the neighborhood.
Or quoting Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Marcel the Shell for an hour.
As i got to know new people like Exxon workers or children of Exxon workers or friends of Exxon workers, I told my little life's happenings like four times that today because explaining that your brother is serving in Romania and that you're going to be serving in Utah can take some time to clarify and explain. It was fun and strengthened my testimony and got me even MORE excited about my mission 2 weeks away :) i have felt nothing but a desire to serve and a great excitement to get this party started!
one funny story from the day was i was just bambling like an idiot to Scott and Grant and my dad was like "Marissa? why are you telling Scott you're gonna cut him?"
and i'm like "DAD! that means i love you in Romanian!"
and then later my dad walks by and overhears more ridiculousness and reprimands, "Marissa why do you threaten Grant with a 2 by 4 straight to his knee joint?"
and i'm like "Dad, you just don't understand Romanian culture. TAY AY-OO-BESK, Dad" which is how you say Te iubesc. which means actually does mean I LOVE YOU in Romanian. thanks tay for teaching me the Romanian language. and when i say language i mean a couple phrases here and there.
I'm pretty much fluent in Romanian, Portuguese, French, and English now :)
anyways back to the story.....
This Exxon exec comes up to me and says "What's your issue with Romania?"
i look at him dumbfounded and ask the inevitable question: "are you from Romania?"
he says.... "Um yah"
bahahaha so then i quickly catch him up on how i'm just joking and not trying to be offensive and that my brother is serving there so i have an obsession now with making Romanian part of my life and it turned out to be a great conversation.
i asked him to tell me all about Romania- and boy did he :) i learned a lot of great stuff! I prolly know more about Romania than Taylor :) well at least till he gets more hands-on experience with Romanians.
haha i'm jk Taylor is all knowledgeable. we know that :)

anyways so here's some picy pics for you :) with some entertaining, ridiculous captions as always! i'm soooo tired. i don't even know why i'm still up right now. i need some sleep so this rebuilding Houston body can recover!!
p.s. i gave my farewell talk today and i was gonna put it on this public blog but i thought twice about it. this was the first time i've never had a word for word written talk and i think it went best that way :) really helped me speak through the Spirit and the present audience.
if you wanna copy of it i can forward it to you via email :) email me and let me know. it was a great day and a spiritual experience for me to bear my testimony and speak before this great adventure of a MISSION :)
i have it copied word for word now because my mom had the brilliant idea to record my talk via cassette recorder for Chase so i thought BONNE ID√ČE. done!!
so after church today, i went back and listened to the tape with many "pauses and plays" and wrote down my talk word for word specifically so Taylor can read it. your welcome chase, taylor, and others who i will be sharing it with that couldn't be in the sacrament meeting today :)
ok now for the pics of the exhausting, amazing day in the ghetto ope i mean the scary part of town.
i am so glad spencer, scott, allen, dad, and grant could be there :)

a bright sunrise! starting the day off right with a service and a smile!!!! this is the third time the crew has worked on the house and so much has already been done with lots more to get done on this final day :)
spence and dad working hard of course. boys are best with power tools. i struggle and inflect pain on myself or those nearby when i try! so i just take the pics.
working hard painting. got a hat to protect my hair. safety goggles to protect my eyes. but let me tell you what i forgot......
that as i was doing the eaves.... i forgot that I PERSONALLY just painted the side of the house and was rubbing my pony tail all up on that stickiness. NOT a good time washing that out. it took like four shampoo rinses. barnacles.
later in the morning. me and grant know how to make service look GOOOOOD! love you gii.
and then we took a break for lunch!!! exxon takes care of us so well! merci! delicioso (she says in the dora explorer voice) yum yum yum yum (says Backpack)
so we ran out of paint for like twenty minutes. so OF COURSE while an adult ran to home depot to get more, the children decide to act like animals!! a little wrestling match. me owning scott at first...... or so i thought....... HE HUSTLED ME!!
this is the way nature intended it. males>females. BOOM ROASTED :(
like the day wasn't already exhausting enough. me getting beat by someone 6 years my junior? well that's just embarrassing for me.
so then i decided maybe i can beat my own kin. me and grant having it out.
ahhhhhh this isn't looking good...... p.s. notice the pants- necessary to protect me from the swamps AKA mosquitoes.
another failure by yours truly. well this keeps me humble. silver lining.
and then we got back to work and the house was almost done and things were really coming together!!!! it looks wonderful!
three hard-workin Exxon buffs!!! thanks dad for always being a good dad and leading by example on how to serve in every aspect and area of your life. i love you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i need to tell someone!

i just need to tell someone!!! so i will tell all of you :) i've had a great day!
i've had some rough past couple weeks to be honest (but of course it is!! a mission is gonna be great so we all know who wants to kick me down!!)
but today was beautiful! yesterday was glorious, too! let's count the ways!!
*temple yesterday with my mom gave me so much clarity and some thoughts for my sacrament talk this sunday
*spent a couple hours watching my dad clean the pool and we had some good talks
*today, spent five hours and later have to go back this afternoon for caleb's elementary's fundraiser. some kids' parents.... man oh man. um hello? we are VOLUNTEERS. every parent should spend a year or two volunteering and then try to complain.
* got the sweetest email from someone i much admire. my old primary president/ teacher :) she's a rockstar!!
*came home! found a beautiful bundle of spiritual feasting of doctrine and covenants wonder on my doorstep!! why? because i'm teaching seminary tomorrow morning. i'm so lucky to have the experience to teach the youth (aka pretty much my peers!) and indulge in their wisdom and beautiful spirits..... BUT not full-time 5 days a week. the best situation. it's pretty awesome. well.... maybe i'll update you at 6 am tomorrow and tell you how awesome it is. haha.
*today is email day today :) and mail has been slow because chase is in the amazon boondocks where there is NO postal service [but there is internet? bahaha oh the world we live in.] so anyways. his emails are a blessing. he is such a blesisng
*i check the mail: um i got the SWEETEST letter from the sweetest girl. i love unexpected notes of love and friendship. a reply is already in progress. i should write them more myself :)
* the ups guy just rang the doorbell!!! we had ordered me a peacoat for my mish. it's always iffy to do online ordering but i couldn't be happier!! it was a good price and from overstock so that's a PLUS!! and it's a goood trusted brand! it's the cutest, warmest, right fitting, PERFECT coat!!
* and my dad just informed me my "setting apart" date has been set! 8 pm on November 7th, baby! holla!!!
and now tutoring, soccer practice, piano practice, carpooling kids, making baby blankets for hospital babies, "rebuilding houston" in the ghetto, seminary, book fair volunteering, library volunteering, game night, my 'farewell' talk! so much to look forward to this week! and so much to be grateful for!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so my dad came home and showed me this article. he said it sounds like some overanalyzing intensity thing i would create in my mind. and you know what.... he is exactly right :) so this is for your enjoyment.

p.s. i really miss kelly. i wish i was in utah for a few reasons. she is one of them.
p.p.s. "fake scenario" for you (and when i say fake.... i mean this happened sophomore year at byu)

so kelly has very strict rules about personal space. and i don't care much for rules. so let's just say one time i was invading kelly's personal space. and she straight up smacked me up the backside of my head. VERY VERY HARD. it gave me a headache. and hurt my pride more than anything.
now normally i would revert to my jeffersonville high days and say, "hold my gold! hold my gold! approach me!" but i decided to just have my feelings get hurt instead. so there i am pouting.
nobody pouts at kelly. and nobody pouts at me. cuz we are stubborn mules.
so like two hours go by and it's just silent tension. awkwardness in the apartment.

then i finally come out and say, "Aren't you gonna say SORRY?"
and she says "Ok. Sorry."
and I say, "Sorry means your not gonna do it again. So are you not gonna ever do that again? Are you really sorry?"
Kelly says, "That's not what sorry means."
Me: "Um. yah it does."
Kelly: "No. It means I'm not happy about what I did."
Me: "NO!! A sincere apology means their will be changed action."
Kelly: "You are crazy."
Me: "My mom always said 'Sorry means you won't do it again.'"
Kelly: "Well that's what moms SAY!"

and it goes on debating, arguing, hustling back and forth for like a couple hours. days later we would still bring it up and banter. even a couple years later and I OBVIOUSLY still haven't let it go. anyways. so this blog is for kelly. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SAY SORRY!!! and most of them are selfish motives.

but i still stand by my original statement. sorry is more than words. it's actions. you won't do it again!!

Sorry, I pretended like I was going to bite you over two years ago but didn't ACTUALLY touch you with my teeth. But just because my bared teeth were CLOSE to your bare leg... you decided to smack me. Sorry, Kelly. I won't pretend again. Well at least for the next 19 months.

another p.s.
is it illegal to scan a newspaper without permission from the newspaper company and put it on my public blog. well because i DON'T know if it's allowed or not. i feel like i can't get in trouble because i'm ignorant. ok good.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

some people think of an OBSESSION as a bad thing

well NOT ME!!!
so when you go into the mission field, they make you read a talk called "Lock Your Heart." well maybe this applies? ehhh i don't think so. I think this is the OPPOSITE of what they're encouraging :) eh me and chase= just two missionaries supporting each other :) that's all ;)
i was inspired to do this blog post because i know when chase gets home before me- he will stalk me any way he can until i get home (and that includes reading all the post since he's been gone!) well HEY BABY!!!!! i miss you :)

ok.. so i wanna tell you how chase is with me DAILY and just the best thing that has ever happened to me. he's my best friend and kind of most definitely a STUD!! and he's super masculine and hard core confident and self-loving.....but outta control over the top romantic and giving- just the way i am :) and just the way i like it.
ok so let's walk through my day and see how chase enriches it :) ready go!

YAWN! good morning, beautiful world. i wish i could go back to sleep OH WAIT- what's that? it's chase's beautiful smiling face. i'm now inspired to get up at make something of my day, just the way he is making something of his brazilian, productive day!

i need to go to the mirror and check myself out. man my bedhead, retainers, and drool is looking GOOD! oh wait- what's that? i wanna hold chase's hand, too!

as i look to the left, there is SOOO much LOVE in my life. in every language :) portuguese sounds sexy! oh hey anderson family! i love you, goofballs! i fit in like a puzzle piece in your family! thanks for always welcoming me in with hugs and loves!

i'm about to remember how early it is and get grumpy but then NO NO look. Chase is ALWAYS telling me i have a beautiful smile and reminding me to smile smile smile :)

as i decide what to wear, i notice i have over 10 options that are definite chase outfits. some are sacrifices to wear and other are sportistic. but most all of them are oversized :) he always said i'm "fun-size" and he is "king-size!" either way we are both delicious!

well i better walk downstairs and get some breakfast. as i'm about to get the milk out (aka that's a lie because i don't really indulge in dairy products. but we'll go with it) what's that i see on the family fridge :) chase is everywhere!!! and supported by my forever family.

and i sit down to eat and glance into the living room across the way! oh heyyyy!!! it's my chase AGAIN! every sunday i flip a page of this christmas present chase (and his mom) made me. it's a pic with an inspirational quote. man he is handsome AND inspiring :)

and well! let's start the day off RIGHT with reading the scriptures and writing Chase about it :) coloring and decorating a beautiful letter!

i FOR SURE need to practice the piano. all good mormon wifeys know how to play the piano. well DANG- i better seriously practice then! mary had a little lamb isn't even allowed to be played at sacrament or in front of other mormons... how would i impress them? practice practice practice! and to show my improvements, i MUST record my hymnals on a tape player for chase to hear and compliment me!

look at the time? 10 o'clock! HIS WEEKLY EMAIL should be in by now! race to the computer!!!

it's almost 130 pm!!! Time to CHECK the mail!!!!!! where are you mr. postman!
i often am stealth and creepy just eyeing him and the destination of mail through the window and blinds.

yay!!!! it's been two months and a letter FINALLY made it from the amazon! well go put it in my chase letter (and email) binder!!! what a treasure!

ring ring ring! (and when i say ring ring ring I ACTUALLY mean the ringtone "baby, baby, baby, oooohhhh. like baby, baby, baby ooooooh" oh hey JB ;)!!!! humiliating and invigorating that i love him, too. in a lil brother kind of way!) who is calling me? Laur? Kelly with some exciting news? someone from the ward to tell me they love me? Julie? Ciara? etc?!) as i end the call! OH YAH my wallpaper :)

oh yippppeeee!!! the boys are home! what's that, g and c? you wanna go do sidewalk chalk! okay. well of course chase needs to be imprinted on the pavement!

well i better wash my hands and work on dinner! oh yah :) my ring from chase. this is NOT a promise ring. because i don't make promises i can't be 100% sure that might not be kept. it's a reminder ring and a ring of love and choosing the right! presh!

it's time for SURVIVOR :) so i rush into my room to grab my blanket! and ope. there's my bear (paix) and i squeeze the bear's foot and hear chase's voice recorded....
"something sweet. i love you" (that bear alone is a cute STORY!)
anywho! then i pick up his christmas gift blanket and rush off to the living room to see who the tribe is voting off. all snuggled up in the blanket of his love! peace signs everywhere! he knows me well.

well it's time for bed! so i listen to some encouraging words and funny stories of brazil and get sleepy from his deep, soothing voice! then i say my prayers. push paix's foot one more time! and drift off into sweet sweet dreams :)

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH is this a joke? NO it's not. is a little over the top? well heck YES!!! but it's all true. everyday isn't the same but they all have a little piece of chase in them! i am so grateful for chase helping me in my life, making me a better person, and inspiring me to go on a mission. i'm not waiting for him :) i'm just loving him and living life! it's easy! too easy!!!!
if you wanna make fun of us- it's okay! you can :) because that just means it's working- we are loving RIDICULOUSLY much out of control head over heels craziness!!! the way it should be :) well at least until we get to the 50 yr wedding anniversary. hahah jk ;) forever is a long time. gotta start off strong!!!

well chase, if you're reading this in 15 months :) you're welcome!!!!!!

i just told my mom what i'm doing. she said i have tooooo much time on my hands :) well that much is TRUE! this blog HENCE!!!
but at least i'm doing something super important. love is most important! bahaha. and when i am laughing, it doesn't mean i'm laughing that LOVE IS MOST IMPORTANT- i'm just laughing because i am so ridiculous. some people say i'm crazy. i just say i'm passionate :)
well gotta go and give some service. i'm reading to caleb's 3rd grade class today. how cute. they love me. they haven't quite mastered my name yet but "caleb's sister" will do just fine!!!

3 1/2

3 1/2 weeks
26 days
until Utah becomes my home away from home........... AGAIN :)
Is this real? REALLY AWESOME!!!
Insanely perfect!
Zoo-weeee-mamma!!! I'm all smiles!
I wish I could give more than two.... but I guess I'll settle for TWO stoked thumbs-up!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I've been having a great life!
ok I complain too much and say "wo is me" unnecessarily but when i'm thinking clearly, i realize how good I have it :)
how lucky am I to have this down time to simplify, spiritualify, and serve. One great blessing of this month in Texas is all the time and moments at the temple :)
For example, Friday this week I went with the youth to the temple!
It was mainly just girls because all the guys are at shack jam (aka the jamboree of October!) so we were lucky to have the three handsome chaps with us that we did!
this time was extra special because I got to be with baby brother grant and Dad :) and it was Taryn's FIRST time! such a blessed experience.
You realize NOT to take the temple and great service for granted when you are aware that it's someone's first impression and experience.
I felt so blessed to be there with Taryn and all the youth. I don't really know my parents' ward that well because they moved here after I graduated high school, but you always see true beauty in the temple! It was an amazing night!
In the chapel, the temple workers told us some great stories and inspirational stories. I loved hearing about Joseph Smith and Alvin Smith. Also, I loved one of the brother's conversion story. Everyone who truly follows and loves Christ has their own journey and story. I always love a good conversion story. And the gospel is GOOD. so they're always good :)
I rode up with my Dad, Grant, Taryn, Spencer, Sydney! Just jammin to some hymns. Getting in the mood! Then Grant and Dad left for the Shack Jam afterwords and I rode back with Brother Bachrach and the same clan. I was shotgun (OF COURSE. always the carsick diva!) and I loved getting to know Brother Bachrach and learning about his family. Meeting new people is the best; being social is the best. By sharing and listening to new friends, I always find myself full of growth! That's how I know I'm going to grow MIRACULOUSLY on the mish!
Once back at the meeting spot, my beloved Spencer drove us home. Getting carsick from rocking so hard to pop songs.... now that's a good time :) Then, Taryn and I had a brilliant plan to camp in the backyard in a tent. Um, okay this may not be Utah BUT it was still too frigid... aka we are weaklings. So we just "camped" in the living room and fell asleep to a dvd. Thanks mom for waking up in the pitch middle of the night to turn off the menu on repeat :)
Waking up at 630 for Caleb's soccer game! Good hustle, Cay :)
one bummer about soccer...... getting grass on your shoes. WET GRASS!!!! the humid morning of Houston. sorry didn't warn you, tar. oopsie. grotty!
so who has wonderful parents who are so supportive and full of surprises? ME :) look what they got me when they were out shopping friday?? :)
TA DA. for my mish pday? I THINK SO!!!
So this blog might seem bland or low-key! Well that's my life right now!! (p.s. how can the temple be low-key? it's the highest wonder ever!! anyhow)
it's hard because going on a mission is hard! and i thank thank thank thank those that have helped and supported and facilitated this journey to my mission!!! good thing we know that the Lord has more on his side than Satan! I can't wait to share that with the world......and other glorious, oodles, many other messages!
p.p.s a very smart man (aka general authority) said that your self-esteem shouldn't be determined by how long your check list is.
well this past month has created the shortest checklist ever and that is so precious.
my checklist:
serve (complete projects)

love my family
stay close to my friends

write chase

help those in need

study study study the gospel
temple work

get SOOO mission ready
what an absolutely beautiful checklist? WONDERFUL!!!
I love being mellow, drama-free, and happy! very very happy :)