Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so my dad came home and showed me this article. he said it sounds like some overanalyzing intensity thing i would create in my mind. and you know what.... he is exactly right :) so this is for your enjoyment.

p.s. i really miss kelly. i wish i was in utah for a few reasons. she is one of them.
p.p.s. "fake scenario" for you (and when i say fake.... i mean this happened sophomore year at byu)

so kelly has very strict rules about personal space. and i don't care much for rules. so let's just say one time i was invading kelly's personal space. and she straight up smacked me up the backside of my head. VERY VERY HARD. it gave me a headache. and hurt my pride more than anything.
now normally i would revert to my jeffersonville high days and say, "hold my gold! hold my gold! approach me!" but i decided to just have my feelings get hurt instead. so there i am pouting.
nobody pouts at kelly. and nobody pouts at me. cuz we are stubborn mules.
so like two hours go by and it's just silent tension. awkwardness in the apartment.

then i finally come out and say, "Aren't you gonna say SORRY?"
and she says "Ok. Sorry."
and I say, "Sorry means your not gonna do it again. So are you not gonna ever do that again? Are you really sorry?"
Kelly says, "That's not what sorry means."
Me: "Um. yah it does."
Kelly: "No. It means I'm not happy about what I did."
Me: "NO!! A sincere apology means their will be changed action."
Kelly: "You are crazy."
Me: "My mom always said 'Sorry means you won't do it again.'"
Kelly: "Well that's what moms SAY!"

and it goes on debating, arguing, hustling back and forth for like a couple hours. days later we would still bring it up and banter. even a couple years later and I OBVIOUSLY still haven't let it go. anyways. so this blog is for kelly. THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SAY SORRY!!! and most of them are selfish motives.

but i still stand by my original statement. sorry is more than words. it's actions. you won't do it again!!

Sorry, I pretended like I was going to bite you over two years ago but didn't ACTUALLY touch you with my teeth. But just because my bared teeth were CLOSE to your bare leg... you decided to smack me. Sorry, Kelly. I won't pretend again. Well at least for the next 19 months.

another p.s.
is it illegal to scan a newspaper without permission from the newspaper company and put it on my public blog. well because i DON'T know if it's allowed or not. i feel like i can't get in trouble because i'm ignorant. ok good.

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Kelly said...

haha ok that is almost what happened. but i dont have time to clarify now.