Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from the MTC

Alright alright!! Where to start?
WOW what another incredible week :) This place is amazing! I'm
starting to get antsy to leave already :) Half way done!!! But I'm
still loving every second. It's not a prison- Taylor, repent for your
past attitude :) But then again I'm here for 4 weeks. Not a thousand
like Romanians :) Even though I've been here two weeks, I am still
horrible with directions. So horrible! Good thing Sister NIchols and I
have Sister Alejandro. She is a master jedi at directions. We will be
walking and sometime Sister Alejandro just tries to mess with us and
take us in huge loops- me and Sister Nichols NEVER catch on!!!! That's
what companionships are for :) To balance out your weaknesses. haha ok
not really but it helps :) So i have been sicker than a dog allllllll
week! I'm finally better but from like Thursday to Monday I was almost
six feet under. I would say I was about 5 3/4 feet under. It was
ATTRACTIVE. Of course I never rested or anything- just drugged myself
up in class (It's not alll mental, Tii!) I blame Elder Carico and
Elder Morales- those bum nuggets! Got me sick!!!! But I'm better now
:) I even did the weekly temple walk on Sunday in a BAD snow storm!
I'm such a trooper! Storm trooper! The pics were worth it though :)
P.S. It may sound like I'm not humble but I promise this place humbles
me more than anything ever could! Still could improve though :) One of
my favorite things to do every day, every hour is stand in front of
closed doors and wait for the Elders to open them; when I do, I say
"Thank you, Elder (ex.) Smith!" he looks at my name tag: "You're
welcome, Sister Uhhhh Sc....uhhhhh" HAHAHAHA gets them everytime. I
don't always say "Thank you" in the beginining though. I always spice
it up: Grazzi, Otikato, Gracias, Xie Xie, Merci, ASL, etc!!! Anyways,
GRANT- Marcel the Shell quotes have been stuck in my head alllllll
week but no one would ever know what I'm talking about so I keep it to
myself!! Guess what I use to tie my skis? A hair! OK OK i've been
dying to relate that to someone who will know what I'm talking about!
Thank you thank you family and the FELTS for my package :) SOOOO
delicious. My district thanks you too! Thanks to the Wilders for their
Thanksgiving wishing too :) I love how Amanda and Adam were grouped
together- the two single Wilders. Makes y'all look like a couple.
Hilarious!!! So I'm assuming Lauryn got married! Nah, I know she did
:) Thanks to Mom and Kelly!!!! CONGRATS LAUR and DALL!!!! I know you
looked like Beauty and the Beast (post spell broken!) those are my
favorite disney characters so I had to use them!!! I am loving it
here! I love how my testimony is growing spiritually and knowledgably
too (they are teaching me new words here: like knowledgably!!!) This
is amazing! After dating Chase whose influence was everything, this is
the best decision I ever made :) I needed to make some GOOD ones for
the bonehead I normally am :) I love the MISSION!!!!! So did I tell
you last time?? 3 weeks of being with the elders and all that and then
the last week is JUST visitor stuff. We really do go up to Temple
Square 4 of those days and do this and that! I've already bonded with
the new Temple Square sisters and I love them all :) I cannot wait to
really get into Temple Square stuff. IT's hard for me to apply some of
the lessons learned here to Temple Square so I look forward to all the
application that will be given to me :) My elders leave this Monday!!!
and wednesday!!!! HOW DID TIME FLY SOOOOOOO FAST? good and bad :)
We'll keep in touch and facebook will always connect us. hahahaha.
P.S. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY mom and dad! good work at not getting divorced
and loving like crazy and showing TONS of PDA that day, I'm sure :) I
love you guys :) Best parents ever! Who gave me the best family ever
:) Credit to the Lord, too!!! I found
challenge but I did it! -11. um let me just tell you about one
specific "incident." Sister Nichols and I dropped off Sister Alejandro
at an appointment and then went looking for notes in 5M (any of you
Return Missionaries knows where this is going) Some nice boy opened
the door for us- we look around the hall. WAIT THIS DOESN'T LOOK
RIGHT?! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we were in a boy's dorm! How
would we know that? Why didn't the male seem suspicious that we
entered when he came out at the perfect moment so we didn't need to
swip our cards and realize we would have been denied! We scuttled back
to the entrance and freaked out! "They're gonna see us on the camera!'
ACCIDENT! help!" we look at the camera staring at us in the eye and
try to look apologetic and scream sorry!!! Boys pass us (probably like
30 of them) giving us the stink eye. We finally find a nice boy that
will help us and he goes back to the lobby and climbs ON a vending
machine to find my note! Thank you, kind stranger. I didn't even get
MTC!!!! now I see why you said "good luck with this one!" it never
crossed my mind. hahahahahahahahhahahah good one, Tii!!!!! P.s. Kelly-
bahahahahahahahahahah your letters and goodies are the best. P.P.S. I
showed my companions the line about you feeling sorry for them that
they have to be with me ALL the time especially with my LOVE for the
bathroom. I promise you- they suffer!!! we have a code! I look at them
and say "Bring your scriptures!" then they know it'll be a nice long
visit! bahahahahahahhahahaha. Keep the letters and love coming, to all
of you! They are amazing! You all are amazing!!!! P.S. WE GET JIPPED
this Pday (thanksgiving nonsense going on) and next PDay so letter
replying will be lame. But I'll do my best! P.S. AGAIN: You all will
LOVE my memory card! preview: hilarious pics, wii tennis with me vs
the elders, choreographed dance in the girl's residance hall, and
other hilariousness! Oh this place is the best! Laughter but a
Spiritual boot camp! I am so blessed! Everyone be grateful :)
ESPECIALLY TODAY :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I miss you all but I am
LOVING IT HERE!!!!!! xoxoxox (air kisses and if your a girl real hugs
but if a boy- then not so! just one of those hand intimate hugs!!!!!)
P.s.s. i have taught my whole district the phrases "Inappropriate."
AND "Oh you would." AND "I miss you already!' AND "when I say we I
mean you" or "when I say happy I mean crazy" ETC!!!!!! Marissa-isms
mixed with being a humble servant of the Lord- NOTHING BETTER! (p.s.
MOM- Chase's emails didn't get to me AGAIN! can you forward me them
via dearelder :) hotmail i believe. thanks! reprimand him for me!!!!!)
Thanks for upkeeping this blog and being the best! Farewell, Marissa's
fan club! Until Next week :) [my pday is Friday next week because of
all the temple square intensity changes!!!!!] I'm doing well! Prayers
for you all :) Keep praying for me too!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Best Week of My Life!!!!!

 Hello OUTSIDE WORLD!!! It's
me :) Sister Schroedter. OH MY WORD THIS IS SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!! I am
loving it here. It was a whirlwhind coming here and it's just gotten
better all the time. I've been all smiles and no tears (are you
surprised? my tear ducts are kinda stubborn!) But I haven't even
wanted to cry!!! It's been fantastic!!!!! I am so happy here! My
testimony has grown and even though this place is like a MAGNIFYING glass
for your inabilities, weaknesses, and insecurities- It's still so
wonderful! I just wanna start off by saying- if you have even thought
about going on a mission and even have the SMALLEST desire- DO IT!!!!
don't "try" but actually DO IT!! I love my Savior and have felt His
Spirit and His love more than ever before. Just this past week will
make a mission worth it :) I said I wasn't going to write LONG
mission blogposts but this week has been so crazy that this one might
be a titch long!! So let me also say. My return date: APRIL 22,
2010!!!!! you know what that means? only three months, baby!! and when
I say baby- I mean Chase aka Elder Anderson!! and Grant, NO DATING
until I get back. I think you can wait 3 days. I can chaperone. Or
maybe we can make it a double with me and Chase. hahahaha. jk jk. I am
not looking that far ahead anyways. but I just wanted to tell y'all!
HOLLA!!! So more deets. My companions are awesome. That's right I have
TWO and sometimes three girls can be drama but it's not. Because we
are all so different and dedicated to our purpose: to invite others to
come unto Christ :) We are all going to Temple Square!!! They told me
how they cried and I said I was just laughin in hysterics. Bahah
hence- why I'm in the MTC to try to tap into appropriate emotions.
haha. So also, I LOVE MY DISTRICT!!!! There are 8 boys and us 3 girls.
Oh my companions names' are Sister Jess Alejandro and Sister Caitlyn
Nichols!!! That's right, Sister Jenkins!!! Anywho. I LOVE THEM SOOOO
MUCH ALREADY!!!!!! Oh oh oh!! TAYLOR-
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha all your notes that you hid me.
BAHAHAHA I have only found half of them so far but GOOD WORK, buddy!!!
I love them. I love your honesty and the length of them. You are a
superstar!! I was walking down the courtyard from 8M (my class
building) to the cafeteria and like 15 guys stopped me and were like
THERE YOU ARE!!! and I'm like WHAT THE HECK? and who are all these
strapping young men just elated to see me? Taylor's Romanian
brethren!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to talk to them. They said and I
quote "Your brother is a legend!" and blah blah blah and then about
packages: "Everyone knows when they pass Taylor's residence that he is
the package king!!" I guess word spreads pretty fast about that kinda
stuff because I'm already known as the mail queen :) Holla to the
Schroedters! My companions always sing that soundtrack from Wicked
'Popular. Popular! LAR LAR LAR!' It's quite interesting but then again
pretty awkward to be that kinda spotlight. Ah who am i kidding? I can
handle it ;) So in case your wondering? How's my health? ehhhhh.....
the Lord has strengthened my back but not necessarily my load :) It's
always fun to get TWO sisters instead of one at any time to drag them
to the bathroom because of the good principle of being in sight and
sound with your companions!!! A lady was cleanign the bathroom one day
and RIGHT when she got done cleaning a stall, I threw up in it.
UMMM.... sorry custodian lady :( bahahahah but then it gave us
something to laugh about the rest of the day. Oh gym gym! I LOVE IT!!!
being a girl has SOOOO many advantages. (1) When Sister Alejandro and
I play basketball- it's like we are a plague. The boys can't guard us
or even mock us! BAHAHA. It only stinks when sister Alejandro laps
circles around me and I forget I'm the only one that can guard her and
then I let my team down. oops. bahaha. but my fav has been knock out
(cuz that's ANYONE's game!) and foursquare (if you have the right
elders) can be wickedly intense. but not tooooo competitive cuz that
drives away the Spirit :) I love gym time. I love it here! Can I say
that enough? I Love IT!! laughing and laughing! I love my district. we
are all so close already and yet we can be real and sincere when it
comes to being spiritual and learning from His Spirit. I love this
gospel!!!! I also LOVE my teachers. Sister Ward and Brother Bonin. OH
LAURYN- CONGRATS!!! oh another funny thing is that sisters get to cut
lines and the elders have to stand up when we enter a room and we get
all these special treatment! EAT IT!!!! I hope my hubby (yeah listen
up!!!) better treat me like this if not better!!! thank you thank you
thank you for all those who have made my days that much better: Mom,
Dad, Grant, Caleb, the Anderson, Kelly, Lauryn, Amanda Wright, Jessica,
Chase, Tay, Kina, and all those who are praying for me as well!!!!!
And you others out there- please write me :) k thanks. I have seen
Elder Miller, Noren, Redfearn, Petersen, MOODY, Taylor's Romanian
pepes, Elder Jenson, Sister Bryers (O'grady's neice also going to
Temple Square), Sister Michaels (BYU summer freshman year), Sister
Swan, Anna Moore, A temple square sister from Blanding who knows
Colleen Raisor ( I forgot her name), Elder Matthews (who trained Elder
Beard in Idaho and knows Bryce Tobin) and MANY OTHERS THAT WILL COME
minutes. ahhhh. p.s. mom can you print off taylor's romanian email and
dear elder it to me. I didn't have time to read it. thanks. dad, I
want some more of your mission stories. I love you and allllll you do
for me. mom and dad- thank you for all the financial and emotional
support. my sibilngs and neices. I MISS YOU!!!!! p.s. chase- I need
more of those 3 knotted- wish bracelets!!! I tried to attach pictures
but I cannot in the MTC so pictures soon :) I love you all and am
praying for you. Sorry this is sooooo scatter brained! it will be
better next week! love you. I love the mission. I love this

Friday, November 12, 2010

Entering the MTC - Nov. 10, 2010

Elder Noren was her host. He is serving from our Katy ward going to the Ukraine.
She is ready to go!!
Thanks Greg and Lisa for sharing your home with us and friends.
She looks good in those missionary clothes.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Waiting at the Stake Center to get set apart :)
I was FOR SURE born of goodly parents!
I'm officially Sister Schroedter. My awesome stake president, President Allen of the Katy Stake :)
A big support and blessing in my life. I love family :)
With one of their missionaries :)
The Lord and His Priesthood means everything

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the last hooplah

So this weekend has been awesome :)
It also got me thinking about what Chase's last weekend was like.... before his Wednesday MTC day was like.
I remember Lance's hilarious birthday extravanganza at Pirate Island.
Going to the funnest roller rink, bouncy castle fun-land ever with Kina and Chad.
His farewell. And a great setting apart
and precious moments :)
And I have loved my last hooplah week very much, too :) Friday I took Caleb to Chuck E. Cheese with Mom while Grant and Dad froze their butt off water skiing and camping with the teachers of the ward. Water skiing when the temperature is 44 degrees. ARE YOU CRAZY? Bahahahah pro!!
Loved skyping baby Aubs and Shelby after CEC :) Bahah i LOVE seeing her walk and "shake her booty!"
Last night, I had some close family friends over and we played games and had a fun ole time :) Even if Spencer tried to throw me in the pool, when it was practically snowing outside!

And Tuesday is also what I'm looking forward to! I love all the support, hospitality, and lasting friendships. I love you all! My whole big fam with be there :) Ross, Schroedters, Browns, Brunsons, Andersons, etc :) AND MILLIE MILLIE MILLIE MILLIE!!!

But what I'm MOST looking forward to is Wednedsay :)
I'm getting set apart in 10 hours and 30 minutes! AMAZING!!!
So I haven't had any anxiety since Monday which is miraculously beautiful. The temple is a big part of that :) On Tuesday, I got some reiterated, GREAT insights on how this mission will be so beneficial and why I've been preparing for this for so long!!
One thing that came to mind was the fact that "Because I have been giving much, I too must give!" I have always loved that song---Singing it with Mary in Church when we were beehives. Singing it with Natalie in Primary from the pulpit. Oh good times! I love that song! I remember singing it in French in our Versailles ward. I just love that song!
And today is Sunday which means the Sabbath. which ALSO means it's the day i flip a page in my "Chase and Marissa" weekly book. and TODAY is another testament of the beauty and miracles of life! I can't believe part 1 of 2 is almost done! His one year is sooo close :) It's crazy! Anyways, look at this weeks page :) Besides the intimate kissing, the setting and quote make it the PERFECT page for me entering the MTC this week for my Temple Square mission. I love Chase. I love this opportunity. I love the Lord and his organized mission program :)

enter MTC + Chase + Hymn lyrics= a beautiful thing

AND NOW FOR SOME UP-CLOSE and personal time with Mr. Chuck E. Cheese!
Man i LOVED working there in high school. It was the perfect job for me :) I got to dance, throw out coins and tickets, be a bouncer at the door, stand on counter tops and do the macarana, give out prizes, and dress up as a giant mouse!!!

i FINALLY took Caleb to C.E.C. because he always does these little chores for me and is my baby slave and i always say "i'll take you to chuck e. cheese if you go get my phone." or "ahh i need socks! go upstairs and get 'em and i'll take you to chuck e. cheese." and i promise this about 10 times a day and I've been here about a little over a month. So that's like 500 promises for ONE visit. good deal!!!
i gotta come through for him so the next visit, he will know i mean it!! i gotta show results! he will remember and my promises will be reliable!
he loves Chuck E. Cheese! ALMOST AS MUCH AS ME :) and my mom, she came because i twisted her arm and used the line "i only have a few more nights left!! next friday night you can sit home and watch jeopardy!" It works everytime!!!
AND if for some reason i can't graduate from BYU, i will just be a manager at chuck e. cheese to be happy in life! i will have a productive, fulfilling life :) these next 18 months are a guarantee as well!

We LOVE ski ball!! and i am so lucky because this machine broke down and spit out ALL the tickets that were in the machine! 200 tickets with one coin! lucky duck!
we hit the jackpot!!! his smile says it all. bahah so photogenic! genuine! he was excited to be there. can't you tell?
I love this little guy. He always makes me happy. Love you, Cay!
Why are you holding up your pants? BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS!!!
OH MAN!! that's right. A huge spectacle at CEC! a crowd gathered around and some BIG mocking laughter!!! I made it to the 12th best score of all time at this CEC location, it was tough!! Got my jumping-rope work out for the day!

cashing in all our tickets!!!

Ok well life is beautiful! I'll talk to you guys soon! Maybe I'll write some inspiring words after I get set apart tonight :) It's going to be epic!
p.s. I LOVE(D) deactivating my facebook! Sweet serenity :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

calm the nerves

there are many options
#1. scriptures are an easy fix
#2. another illegal word of wisdom breaking kinda fix
#3. write a missionary
#4. have some caleb fun
#5. sleeeeeeep
#6. watch The Middle
#7. drink ice water

i've done five of the seven today!!
some giggles and chuckles.
this accentuates our BEST features :)sometime our happy face comes off a little strange
we don't really have the concept of personal space down yet
this is our kissy face. caleb's kisses are often too sunctiony.
how could this not cheer me up?
we'd make an attractive totem polethen i discovered some gems of my bros!! i need one of garr. ah grant looks a lot like garr when he was that age. so it works.
i heard people in Romania kinda look like that. he'll fit right in.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

last minute rambling

yes it's getting CLOSE! yes i have small moments of anxiety! and YES i am excited SOOOO excited. there so now that we're all caught up.
5 days and 6 hours and 22 minutes till i get set apart :)

cute story for you

the family is playing a game kinda like catch-a-phrase.
you pick up a piece of paper and it has a person's NAME written on it (i.e. George Washington, Will Farrell, Justin Bieber, Edward Cullen, Thomas Monson, etc.) and you try to get your team to guess as many names as you can from the bowl in 30 seconds.
so caleb: "this person is a pest. they're in this house."
my thought process: it may be me. (this thinking happened in 1/2 a millisecond) and then i shout out : "caleb"
caleb: "THAT'S IT!!"
good, frank, hilarious clue giving my brother!!!
p.s. that was a pretty good clue because my mom always says me and caleb have similiar personalities. when i was little i'd go sit on anyone's lap or approach anyone (actually i am still the same way. hahaha.) anyways, he does the same! we talk to anyone we see. we are daredevils. we are loud. etc.
i don't know if it's a good thing to be compared to an 8 yr-old but this little 8 yr-old is awesome! so i'll take it as a compliment :) my mom always calls us either a PEST or a NINNY!


[nin-ee] Show IPA
–noun, plural -nies.
a fool or simpleton.
she's a nurturing beauty queen :)

she's actually voting right now! all citizens should vote! i am registered to vote in Utah so i'm exempt.

oh sidenote. a funny 5 minute convo (it took wayyyyyyyyy longer than necessary because of the confusing english language!)
mom: do you wanna come vote?
me: i don't. No.
mom: you don't know?
me: i don't, no.
it goes on like this!!
mom: what?
me: oh!! not idk- i don't know. but like as in No, I don't. like I don't, NO!
mom: why would you phrase it like that in the first place?
bahahahahahhaha that confusion was 90% my fault!

loved going to the temple today with mom and tina :) last time before the provo mtc temple trips :)
i love you guys! and the Lord. and His holy home :)
loved talking to amanda, kelly, and lauryn via the phone :) muah muah!!
mail from one of my missionaries :) t.l.schroedter!!

one day at a time :) one hour at a time!!!!!! i'm a blessed daughter of God :) and my earthly parents are pretty cool, too!!!