Tuesday, November 2, 2010

last minute rambling

yes it's getting CLOSE! yes i have small moments of anxiety! and YES i am excited SOOOO excited. there so now that we're all caught up.
5 days and 6 hours and 22 minutes till i get set apart :)

cute story for you

the family is playing a game kinda like catch-a-phrase.
you pick up a piece of paper and it has a person's NAME written on it (i.e. George Washington, Will Farrell, Justin Bieber, Edward Cullen, Thomas Monson, etc.) and you try to get your team to guess as many names as you can from the bowl in 30 seconds.
so caleb: "this person is a pest. they're in this house."
my thought process: it may be me. (this thinking happened in 1/2 a millisecond) and then i shout out : "caleb"
caleb: "THAT'S IT!!"
good, frank, hilarious clue giving my brother!!!
p.s. that was a pretty good clue because my mom always says me and caleb have similiar personalities. when i was little i'd go sit on anyone's lap or approach anyone (actually i am still the same way. hahaha.) anyways, he does the same! we talk to anyone we see. we are daredevils. we are loud. etc.
i don't know if it's a good thing to be compared to an 8 yr-old but this little 8 yr-old is awesome! so i'll take it as a compliment :) my mom always calls us either a PEST or a NINNY!


[nin-ee] Show IPA
–noun, plural -nies.
a fool or simpleton.
she's a nurturing beauty queen :)

she's actually voting right now! all citizens should vote! i am registered to vote in Utah so i'm exempt.

oh sidenote. a funny 5 minute convo (it took wayyyyyyyyy longer than necessary because of the confusing english language!)
mom: do you wanna come vote?
me: i don't. No.
mom: you don't know?
me: i don't, no.
it goes on like this!!
mom: what?
me: oh!! not idk- i don't know. but like as in No, I don't. like I don't, NO!
mom: why would you phrase it like that in the first place?
bahahahahahhaha that confusion was 90% my fault!

loved going to the temple today with mom and tina :) last time before the provo mtc temple trips :)
i love you guys! and the Lord. and His holy home :)
loved talking to amanda, kelly, and lauryn via the phone :) muah muah!!
mail from one of my missionaries :) t.l.schroedter!!

one day at a time :) one hour at a time!!!!!! i'm a blessed daughter of God :) and my earthly parents are pretty cool, too!!!

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