Sunday, November 7, 2010

the last hooplah

So this weekend has been awesome :)
It also got me thinking about what Chase's last weekend was like.... before his Wednesday MTC day was like.
I remember Lance's hilarious birthday extravanganza at Pirate Island.
Going to the funnest roller rink, bouncy castle fun-land ever with Kina and Chad.
His farewell. And a great setting apart
and precious moments :)
And I have loved my last hooplah week very much, too :) Friday I took Caleb to Chuck E. Cheese with Mom while Grant and Dad froze their butt off water skiing and camping with the teachers of the ward. Water skiing when the temperature is 44 degrees. ARE YOU CRAZY? Bahahahah pro!!
Loved skyping baby Aubs and Shelby after CEC :) Bahah i LOVE seeing her walk and "shake her booty!"
Last night, I had some close family friends over and we played games and had a fun ole time :) Even if Spencer tried to throw me in the pool, when it was practically snowing outside!

And Tuesday is also what I'm looking forward to! I love all the support, hospitality, and lasting friendships. I love you all! My whole big fam with be there :) Ross, Schroedters, Browns, Brunsons, Andersons, etc :) AND MILLIE MILLIE MILLIE MILLIE!!!

But what I'm MOST looking forward to is Wednedsay :)
I'm getting set apart in 10 hours and 30 minutes! AMAZING!!!
So I haven't had any anxiety since Monday which is miraculously beautiful. The temple is a big part of that :) On Tuesday, I got some reiterated, GREAT insights on how this mission will be so beneficial and why I've been preparing for this for so long!!
One thing that came to mind was the fact that "Because I have been giving much, I too must give!" I have always loved that song---Singing it with Mary in Church when we were beehives. Singing it with Natalie in Primary from the pulpit. Oh good times! I love that song! I remember singing it in French in our Versailles ward. I just love that song!
And today is Sunday which means the Sabbath. which ALSO means it's the day i flip a page in my "Chase and Marissa" weekly book. and TODAY is another testament of the beauty and miracles of life! I can't believe part 1 of 2 is almost done! His one year is sooo close :) It's crazy! Anyways, look at this weeks page :) Besides the intimate kissing, the setting and quote make it the PERFECT page for me entering the MTC this week for my Temple Square mission. I love Chase. I love this opportunity. I love the Lord and his organized mission program :)

enter MTC + Chase + Hymn lyrics= a beautiful thing

AND NOW FOR SOME UP-CLOSE and personal time with Mr. Chuck E. Cheese!
Man i LOVED working there in high school. It was the perfect job for me :) I got to dance, throw out coins and tickets, be a bouncer at the door, stand on counter tops and do the macarana, give out prizes, and dress up as a giant mouse!!!

i FINALLY took Caleb to C.E.C. because he always does these little chores for me and is my baby slave and i always say "i'll take you to chuck e. cheese if you go get my phone." or "ahh i need socks! go upstairs and get 'em and i'll take you to chuck e. cheese." and i promise this about 10 times a day and I've been here about a little over a month. So that's like 500 promises for ONE visit. good deal!!!
i gotta come through for him so the next visit, he will know i mean it!! i gotta show results! he will remember and my promises will be reliable!
he loves Chuck E. Cheese! ALMOST AS MUCH AS ME :) and my mom, she came because i twisted her arm and used the line "i only have a few more nights left!! next friday night you can sit home and watch jeopardy!" It works everytime!!!
AND if for some reason i can't graduate from BYU, i will just be a manager at chuck e. cheese to be happy in life! i will have a productive, fulfilling life :) these next 18 months are a guarantee as well!

We LOVE ski ball!! and i am so lucky because this machine broke down and spit out ALL the tickets that were in the machine! 200 tickets with one coin! lucky duck!
we hit the jackpot!!! his smile says it all. bahah so photogenic! genuine! he was excited to be there. can't you tell?
I love this little guy. He always makes me happy. Love you, Cay!
Why are you holding up your pants? BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS!!!
OH MAN!! that's right. A huge spectacle at CEC! a crowd gathered around and some BIG mocking laughter!!! I made it to the 12th best score of all time at this CEC location, it was tough!! Got my jumping-rope work out for the day!

cashing in all our tickets!!!

Ok well life is beautiful! I'll talk to you guys soon! Maybe I'll write some inspiring words after I get set apart tonight :) It's going to be epic!
p.s. I LOVE(D) deactivating my facebook! Sweet serenity :)

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Michael and Christi Clayton said...

Good luck on your mission, Marissa!! With your positive attitude and testimony, you are going to do great things!!!!!!! :) I'm proud of you!!!