Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey, Friends!!

Hey friends! Transfer 1 is closing this week!!!!
This is so nuts! and amazing! and just so crazy!!!!! I had a beautiful
week and I am getting "transferred" aka like moving 6 doors down and
spending more time in the South for computer times. Sister
Littlejohn is going to be my zone leader in South 2 (I am in North 1
right now) and transfers are officially on Wednesday. My new companion
is going to be Sister Crandell (I am companions with the district
leader!!!) but our P-day for this next transfer is Thursday so I will
write soon enough about all the changes! I'm very excited and
intimidated by S. Crandell but I was intimidated by S. Littlejohn,
too! It's a good kind of intimidation. They are both different than me
but it will be beautiful! Such amazing missionaries. I have loved
serving with Sister Littejohn! She's doing my hair for my wedding.
Done. And now I get to see her be zone leader- I will be subordinate
and humble and try not to wreck anything. haha. So every Monday before
transfers are over we have a mission transfer meeting. It's super
spiritual, we find out what's new or what's not going to be new, and
say goodbye to departing Sisters. It's hard seeing even the sisters
now leave- even after only knowing them for a short time!
So I passed my French tour test this week with Sis Decoeur. It was
soooo scary. Not in a fearful way but just in an intimidating way. I'm
growing so much here and I will let you know how French contacts and
tours go! Oh zoo wee mamma! I also passed off driving (we had to drive
to the airport and back with a driving coordinating sister.) Um guess
what happened to me? First of all I'm driving Thursday NIGHT in the
dark in a snowstorm- but luckily I have some experience so that was
all fine. We are rounding the bend and leaving the airport heading for
our proper exit and I GET PULLED OVER! I kid you not! I saw this cop
trailing us for like 3 minutes and he was making me nervous but I was
innocent so I didn't worry about it. No, he pulled us over! I flipped
out! Sister Smith and myself- oh man we were in hysterics! Then the
cop scared us when he came to the window we weren't expecting and it
was a mess. Basically the insurance sticker was wrong or something but
THAT WOULD HAPPEN when I was the one driving and trying to pass
off. I was like "I STILL PASS RIGHT?" bahahahh. oh that was a fun
journal entry that night!
We took an amazing tour this week with 3 Swedish siblings. All
college-age just on vacation. 2 brothers with their sister. They were
hilarious and so spiritual! Not in an organized, labeling kind of way
but their spirits and the conversations we had- amazing! I love Temple
Square! I love that half the people I talk to are guests from out of
state or out of the country! Diversity and depth- amazing!
Also fun fact for you- Sister Cheng (one of my bestie sisters who is
going home tomorrow :( She's from Hong Kong) put the trollers from
chat on the prayer roll. Bahahahahaha. We all laughed for like twenty
minutes about that one. There was a troll-raid this weekend! It was
pretty funny but good because we did find some sincere people or
changed trollers' hearts.
As a mission this transfer we got 365 IRC's with only about 100
sisters. That's amazing! Me and Sis LJ have 8 for the transfer. And
our latest one was HENRY!!!! He is so amazing (maybe Sis LJ will even
get to go to his baptism in California!) I absolutely am in love with
missionary work. I feel so blessed to have the resources, knowledge,
and desire to serve. It's such a beautiful thing. I knew it was going
to be good but not THIS good :) Henry is so amazing! I'm making so
many facebook friends on my mish! He taught me something amazing
yesterday on the phone- he was telling us how his prayer was answered
about this restored gospel just like we promised it would be. He asked
for a sign (which doesn't always work) but for him the Lord granted
that prayer. He met an old friend and found out they were actually
Mormon. They were talking and the Spirit spoke to him. He knew it was
a sign because when he had this conversation with his friend the
Spirit touched his heart and let him know that this was his sign! The
Spirit is a sign! Some people call it a coincidence but when you feel
the Spirit personally- nothing can deny! No facts, no anti jargon, no
mortal reasoning! He then went on to tell us how it reminded him of
his Book of Mormon reading in 1 Nephi 2 and started quoting a
scripture. We were like "WOAH WOAH wait let us get our scrips open"
and then we found his word for word quoting in verse 17. "which the
Lord had manifested unto me by His Holy Spirit. And it came to pass
that he believed in my words." It never stood out to me as a special
verse but to Henry- it spoke depths to him! And when he read it to us-
I could see how it applied to his situation! That's how the scriptures
work ,my friends- they are so personal. They are so deep. I love all
my investigators and Temple Square moments that re-teach me or
re-emphasize important gospel principles to me.
Well, everyday is a blessing. Every hour is an adventure! We talk to
hundreds of people a week! There are so many experiences and so many
things to share but this is all for now! If you want to learn more,
stay friends with me and I'll just talk about my mission for the rest
of my life :) Okay I won't be obnoxious about it- but I'm serious when
I say this is sticking with me for eternity! Because we all know
eternity exists :) deep down inside we know this is all true- because
we knew it before this life on Earth and will all know about it again
and hopefully are learning right now!!!

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