Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sister Crandell's thoughts about Sister Schroedter

I love serving with Sis. Schroedter. She is still a kid at heart (eats sponge-bob macaroni and cheese even though it costs $2 extra, laughs about awkward situations, and loves brightly colored peace signs). Preach my gospel says that your attitude toward your mission is a reflection of your love and devotion to the Savior (or something like that). She has a great attitude and I love working with her.

Friday, February 25, 2011

To Those I Know and Those I Don't Know, But Know Me!!!

First and foremost I would like to give a blog shout out to Sister
Harmer's dad! Hello Brother Harmer! Apparantely there is a club out
there for parents who have sister missionaries at T-square and then
find out who the other sisters are that have blogs. I'm walking up the
spiral ramp to the Christus and this strapping man says to me (I was
on exchanges with Sis Crandell and Littlejohn- since she is the Zone
Leader- so that was just perfect. 2 people famous on my blog!!) and he
says "I know you, Sis Schroedter!' and....I'm racking my brain trying
to think how he knows my parents or where I've lived that he might
have or what not.... then he says "From your blog!" and i'm like GASP!
All the color leaves my face. But it's okay because I don't say
anything I wouldn't report to God on my blog. My mom often says I'm
too open but really I'm quite complicated- but I don't want my mission
to just bless me and the investigators and guests on square- I want to
consecrate my blessings to all those that I can! That's what this kind
of is- a way for me to spread my joy and be accountable for all the
success and hard times of a mission! So Hello to Brother HARMER!! and
other T-square missionary parents!!! I love Sister Harmer... so I love
her dad, too, of course!
Ok on to more salvation-ish matters!
This week Tobi and Gabriel (from Lagos, Nigeria) were made IRC! They
loved church (this wasn't their first time to church) and we
emphasized that this time they need to track down the missionaries-
because there are so many faithful people in Nigeria- the churches are
very crowded! So they found the missionaries. Had a short lesson about
the Book of Mormon and they were so bright and happy on the phone when
we reviewed their experience at church! Wonderful! We always pray our
investigators will have a good time at church- you know what I'm
talking about- some of those crazy testimonies people will bear or
false doctrine people will preach! hahah but apparantely it was
P.S. Church in the SLC family ward was amazing! i seriously received a
lot of personal revelation during Sacrament meeting!!! Um..... the
other 2 hours and meetings- it just made me understand Utah even more
and love people and not be judgmental!! It was way fun, funny, and
I am announcing this Sunday EN FRANCAIS :) After Music and the Spoken
Word!!! I wish I would have taken advantage of Music and the Spoken
Word more on Sundays before my mission (at BYU! it's really not that
far!) it's a beautiful program and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has
seriously never had a bad day- they sound awesome consistently! They
should after their rigorous auditions- we talk to MoTab people often
about them getting in and all the legistics of the choir. They are on
the square often and so are we. It's such a beautiful little community
on Temple Square- the choir, custodial, the homeless, the regulars,
the security, and all the other important part of our family! I am
stoked to announce in a microphone and to use the talent of French
that God has blessed me with! I'm actually a baby bit concerned for
all the Parisiens that might come up to me and request the tour I'm
announcing for- but I know the Lord will strengthen me and my flawed
Today is my last P-day for this transfer! Wow time has flown!!! Who
knows what day I'll be bloggin (via my mom) since our P-day can change
:) Oh P.S. seriously in Mormon community there are always connections-
Sis Crandell is bff with Chad William's wife! What a beautiful little
world we all live in! Shout out to Sam. Oh and Kelly and Laur and
Shelbs and CHASE CHASE!!! and everyone else that I have every been
acquainted with- Bonjour!
Oh, something fun I wanna share is this thing called the Honeypot! So
when people troll too much or are seriously offensive and crude and
come on chat too many times and wreak havoc- they are put in something
called the Honeypot. They sit their for an hour or more and no one
attends them or comes to their chat session- they just sit there. It's
bizarre and they get pretty ticked but some still hold out for that
hour and wait to talk with one of us! i like that it's called a
honeypot- just stuck! Maybe I'll suggest it be called a spiderweb.
Actually honeypot is more appropriate because you have no idea how
many times people ask me about "beehives" and how people have the
weirdest theories about Mormons and beehives!!
Ok, well tours were great this week- a quirky Korean couple, 5 macho
civil engineers from Ohio, a sweet Japanese exchange student, etc!!!
Have a beautiful day, my beloveds! I pray for y'all and I know God is
real and answers prayers! Christ said to us that we should "pray in
your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wife and
your children may be blessed!" Well y'all are my family! Have a good
day! Peace out! 10/4 (<--- Does anyone know what that means!?)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missionary Work Is Personal!!!!

So missionary work is always personal, and it just gets more and more
personal as time goes on! Let me expound on exactly what I'm talking
about right now. ANOTHER beautiful friend of my past referred to learn
from local missionaries! Michael- we've always had this friendship
that just clicked without much being said! And once again my heart is
warmed again by our friendship!! I know you will LOVE learning from
the missionaries and taking it all up with God- he will answer your
prayers!!! Sister Terry is a trusted friend of mine and a great
missionary of Jesus Christ!
Oh so I'm doing something kind of special this week- I will not be on
the square Sunday mornings like I am normally am! Which is actually a
bummer because I was asked to speak and announce after "Music and the
Spoken Word" (like they do after Conference- all the missionaries
holding their language sign with a microphone on the podium!) I had
been practicing all week exactly what I would say: "Bonjour!! (pause
so everyone can say bonjour back!) Bienvenue a Temple Square. Ce
serais un plaisir pour moi de partager avec vous les batiments
historiques ainsi que les croyances de bases de l'eglise de Jesus
Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours. Venez me trouver a la fin de
cette presentation. Merci!" But unfortunately something came up so
that I had to decline and another French speaking sister will
announce. Temple Square sisters announce after every "Music and the
Spoken Word." Well this week Sister Crandell and I and 2 other
companionships are going to the Poplargrove Ward (a family ward in
SLC I believe). I am speaking a 10 minute talk on "Feeding your faith
so your fears will starve to death." Which is very fitting for my life
in general! And we are also singing an accapella musical number
"Nearer My God to Thee" and I am singing the third verse solo in
French! Wow!!! I'm a bit WAY nervous but it will be good. The other
verses are being sung in Mongolian and Spanish! Then we all sing the
chorus end. It will be legit! We have a Filipino, Mongolian,
Columbian, me, and 2 other Americans- it will uplift the image of
Temple Square I hope and pump up the ward for missionary work in Utah
:) People think Utah is sparse for missionary work! Nope! It's
actually one of the highest baptizing missions and we teach and refer
many people within Utah!! Oh also so this ward speaking thing-
Apparently it's a new mission goal where a couple companionships each
Sunday go to a family ward! We still go to our Temple square sister
mission sacrament meeting and then also to the family ward. We will
soon go to every family ward in the whole valley! Woah! Oh hey Ross
fam! Oh hey Anderson fam! That won't be awkward at all. hahaha.
P.S. Valentine's day wasn't half as bad as I thought it'd be. The only
engagement: between a 40 yr old couple- it was actually just precious!
And Monday so the temple was closed for most of the day! So no
valentiniesh weddings!!!
So French season is in the air! Seriously! It's here and good thing
I'm giving a whole talk this Sunday about feeding your faith because
when it comes to French tours- oh zoo wee mamma- it's terrifying. Sis
Crandell said after a French experience: "well you had to pick a
language that takes a lot of courage to speak to the natives!"
referring to how perfecting and how high of standards French people
have for other people speaking French. We took 3 official French tours
this week. Two of them were SOOOO wonderful! One girl was in town
visiting her boyfriend who lives in Draper- random! And she is from
Lyons. Then another couple on a different day was also from that side
of France and we gave a tour. It was a good (nerve-racking)
experience. The third tour we took...... not so much. I don't even
remember his name and I think that's for the best but we approached
him in the South Visitor Center (it wasn't a paged tour- we just
happened to come across him who speaks French) so we are talking and I
ask where he is from. He says Paris. And I casually say oh "I speak a
little baby bit of French" and then he goes OFFF in the fastest
Parisien French ever just to throw me off and what I thought he said
was "I'm a student at the Sorbonne who is getting my PhD in Mormonisms
and polygamy and the Free Masons" and so I'm like....hmmmm.... that
can't be right....... So I ask him to explain again slower because I
don't think I understood. He stares at me in flat English and says
"Oh. So you don't really speak French at all actually." and just
stares. Me and Sis Crandell are shocked and jaw-dropped and just
thinking "Oh DANG!" Well it turns out I did hear and understand him
PERFECTLY! But it's just so bizarre. He went to the FLDS church in
Bluffdale- I was like "Oh I've been there to check it out before.
That's not the same church." he didn't believe us that they were not
Mormons exactly and it was a mess. I didn't even know you could get a
PhD in that at the Sorbonne! He actually knew everything FALSE about
the LDS church and really just knew things about the FLDS
church and we couldn't continue our tour because Sis Crandell had a
District Leader meeting and so we kind of just stumbled away after him
taking him to a few different buildings and handed him off to Sis
McGill (who speaks French) and Sis Gierschke. OH MAN!!!!!!! There is a
lot more to the tour but it was good for me becuase I learned I need
to try harder, trust my own knowledge of French better, and pray
harder during every contact (English or French!) Sis McGill said that
he left with a little bit more understanding, a better image of the
church, and a little less arrogant! Sometimes that's all we can do as
missionaries! Just uplift the image of the church, share that bright
light of Christ, and love people!!
We had some amazing tours this week! We took a great couple from Miami
(who are originally from Venezuela!) They are great Catholics but
loved the idea of the prophet and apostles having families and having
personal experiences and relations to the fellow church members! And
they loved the idea that the authority was just completely restored!
They referred for local missionaries back in Miami and I'm excited to
see them progress and for them to get in contact with the local
missionaries there :) We also had a great tour with a man from Texas!
Shout out to my Texans! and he was so prepared. He knew a lot about
the church already and said it just makes sense and he wants to know
for himself! Well he pretty much invited himself to meet with local
missionaries! YAY! There are so many miracles on Temple Square and I
feel so grateful to my Savior that I am here to help with His
important work of bringing all men unto Him and helping them find peace,
happiness, and solace in his love and gospel!
I had a really touching conversation with a man on the phone in his
early 20's this morning with Sis Crandell. We have been teaching him
for a while (the local missionaries- where are you?!!) and he has some
major family rocking tragedy in his life right now and I bore a
powerful testimony of somethings I went through about a year and a
half ago and how I never felt closer to the Savior than this one
moment where I was sitting in my room, crying, and my whole world had
fallen apart! No one could reach out to me except Him! It was super
powerful and I normally NEVER share that story EVER but with him I was
prompted and it was a blessing and what the Lord needed him to hear!
Before and during my mission, I was promised that I specifically would
touch people with my own personality and personal experiences in life
and it's true. There are specific instances where I know the Lord
needed (needs) me on this mission! I had only been planning to come
here about a year ago- the Lord knew long before I did that this was
something I needed to do! I love this gospel and how much happiness it
has brought to me and all the prayers I have had answered and I am
also grateful for the ones that weren't answered. The Lord knows best
and I love coming closer to Him and being able to be my best because
of Him.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

This week is Valentines day and I'm SCARED to be here on T-square
because people are telling me engagements happen right and left on Vday
here. I will puke in the bushes if I see someone propose here! Come
on! Get it together- don't do it here! Ok who am I to judge them- but
honestly! Weddings galore that day, too, I'm sure. Okay so this week I
did what many people have been telling me to do- I went and talked to
Pres. Holmes about my health. It was way bad and I was really scared
because I didn't want him to tell me to go home or for him to think of
me as weak- but I was at a dead end. I didn't know what else to do
except get a priesthood blessing. I wasn't miraculously healed but
just getting the blessing and being open about my probs with him
helped me to de-stress and to not put so much pressure on myself and
hear the comforting words of the Lord and the promises he has for me
as I serve my best. Pres. Holmes said it won't cloud his judgment about
my capacity and I need to be smart. So we tweaked my missionary
schedule a little bit to help me with my health. It's not like I'm
being lazy but every 2-3 hours I get a snack break (we never eat on
T-square. I'm serious! and that doesn't work for me) and I get an
extra 10 minutes at dinner to excercise and just other randome tweaks
but basically I am doing a lot better. I'm still having issues but
it's better and I'm hoping it just progressionally gets better. Dear
Chase and parents especially- thanks for harassing me to go to
President. It worked! I'm stubborn- it can be a good thing- but it's
mainly a bad thing. I'll work on it.
Shelby- I love you. Thank you for being my sister and friend. I love you.
Oh also I'm a space cadet and forgot to thank Kareeeeeeneeeer (you
know who you are! Sis Ball) and Sis Becky Petersen (on or en? idk!
sorry) about your packages! Thank you so much!!!!! I will get to my
thank you cards soon but not today or who knows when because things
are nuts here! But I thank you and will reply asap! Love you both!
We had zone conference this week. Which means half the mission goes to
a local chapel from 9-3 and the other half goes the next day. It was
pretty great and yet it helps me work on humility with sister
missionaries and authority. bahahahah. Those that know me well can
understand my struggles. But being humble and teachable is a good
thing! Temple Square seriously has a powerhouse of sisters. Every
sister has such a story and immaculate reason for going on a mission.
I'd say the majority have men at home or on missions- so I'm nothing
special- men just flock to us! Speaking of- when MEMBERS hit on sister
missionaries.... um get it together! i'm embarassed for them.
So Mamma- you know this but now the blog will- I have my contacts from
my phone. So.... all I'll say is.... Diana (if you're reading this
which I don't think you are because we haven't talked in forever!) I
AM SO EXCITED YOU REFERRED! and are meeting with local missionaries
and Sister Terry (from the UK) and Sister Gulzar (from Pakistan) get
to teach you on the phone till the missionaries get there! So
Being a District Leaders companion is cool: I bake for every District
meeting each week, I have to be alone a lot in my cubicle at the
computers (there are many people around but not my actual companion)
becuase she floats around and does her DL duties. I get to go on
exchanges when people are sick because Sis Crandell stays home with
the sick one and the companion of the sick one goes with me: I went on
exchanges with Sis Gierschke this week! She is an amazing German
soccer fanatic that is in her 1st transfer and I'm obsessed!
P.S. Remember Joe (the homeless man who referred because he was off
probation!) He got BAPTIZED last week :) and if we woulda known (we
got his voicemail late!!!!) we coulda gone to the baptism! We can go
to Utah baptisms. DANG! oh well- next time :) soooooooo stoked for him
and his pro-active choice to follow Jesus Christ!
Oh this is a random blog post- but something else I was thinking- I'll
never have those pics with investigators or pics with people we give
tours to on square. All my mish pics consists of me and my comp in
different venues. bahahah. me and my pic obsession- it's good for me
to be here at T-square and focus on the work more than the pics of the
work :)
Oh guess what? Today is my 3 month mark! Weird- feels like longer and
shorter at the same time!
Other exciting news: we got our 3 Nigerians (who are from 3 different
states) all in contact with the local church and the proper local
church address and they are all planning to go to their local LDS
church this Sunday!! yay!!!! FINALLY! the African LDS information is
way out of date on and it's just a mess to get the
information in a proper way and with the right authority and going
through all these hoops! holla!!
p.s. my Paris study abroad bud Elder Owens who now is back in Utah-
gave me former Parisien (well many are African but they live in Paris)
investigators so I get to call them this week! That's exciting!!
Thanks Dougie!!
ok this is so scatter brained but that's the way I roll! Lastly I just
want to say how amazing being a missionary is and how amazing this
place is! "THIS IS THE PLACE!!!" for me and my 18 months :) Just in
the last week we have talked to so many quality guests on the square
and on the phone! Seriously on the square we have talked to people of
all religious backgrounds! This week- a crazy 7th day adventist,
Catholic, Atheist, Agnostic, Lutheran, Mormon, United Church, Baptist,
Protestant, Methodist, Jewish, Wiccan, Scientologist, and Anti-Mormons
(which is seriously a religion all of it's own- consisdering how much
time they put into it and believe so strongly about it! Sad and
humorous at the same time!) Nothing will stop this work from
progressing and all can come unto Christ and learn about this restored
gospel and have their faith built up even more!!!
This morning in personal study I was reading James 2!!! Good stuff!
Faith and works! So important! I love working for the Lord and putting
my faith in the Lord! Okay well- loves to you all! Shout outs to my
people that need shout outs :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello! We went to the temple this morning! So wonderful! Tomorrow we
are doing "MTC contacting" which means Sister Crandell and I will be
taking around all the elders/sisters in the MTC that are from foreign
countries. Because they have never seen the grand SLC Temple and of
course if they are in Provo and might not ever come back to Utah again
so they take a day to come up here and we tour them around! They
actually do well at giving referrals because they are in missionary
mode :) But yes tomorrow will be my first time doing MTC Contacting.
They must trust me :) I'm excited! After this email, we are going to
an art exhibit up at the U. No, I will not convert to the U, but I
will be pleasant and enjoy it. Let's see if the Utes know how to be
kind to a sister missionary. That will help me make my final decision
if I'm anti-U forever. If they smile and can be courteous to me with a
tag on- then maybe I'll soften! hahaha.
Oh there is this woman that walks around T square everyday with a 2
seat stroller all zipped up, and she walks every single day for hours
on end. And we've never seen "these babies" so we assume she is just
pushing the stroller for an excuse to look all family oriented and to
push extra weight for her work-out. Tomorrow, I am calling her out on
it and asking to see her babies inside- aka there are none!!!! That's
our hypothesis. To be continued.
This transfer we are hitting the jackpot with Jews and Nigerians!
Seriously! An amazing tour with a Jewish man, Steve (very Jewish
name-not) today on the square. We started contacting him by asking him
about his keppa (aka yamaka- sp? idk) and the conversation went from
there. Basically the two strongest points of the conversation was when
we shared Isaiah 53 as our "proof" that Jesus came in his humble
circumstances and is the Savior and that the Messiah will come in
grand gestures like some Old Testament scriptures say- but that's his
Second Coming. They missed the middle! If I wasn't Mormon, I swear I'd
be Jewish. It's one of the only other faiths that has a strong
foundation and actually stands up for itself! We talked with Steve for
an hour and I learned and asked so many questions and so did he! But
anyways- the next scripture we shared was a straight up miracle: I
shared Mormon 5:14 (look it up and read it from a Jewish perspective!)
He loved it! And he understands why the Book of Mormon is important
because the New Testament isn't enough for him! Two witnesses! I mean
the Book of Mormon started off with a Jewish family! It was amazing!
Another amazing story for this week! Hannah and Oscar! They are
amazing- they are Sister Crandell's old investigators that she had to
drop a couple transfers ago because they stopped answering their
phone! Well a random voicemail was left on the general "pass-along
card" voicemail and someone recognized her as Sister Crandell's old
investigator! Hannah! She is an 80 year old black woman from Texas who
has a 60 year old blind son, Oscar, that lives with her! 6 years ago
they were at a discount bookstore and Oscar (WHO IS BLIND!) came up to
Hannah with the Book of Mormon saying that he wanted to buy this book.
It was like $0.50 so Hannah bought it! They both started reading it
and she knew 6 years ago that it was the word of God. She later called
the pass-along card (5 years later) that was the bookmark for the book
and ta-da! We told her more about the book and Joseph Smith! In her
cute southern black voice she screams "Hallelujah of course! Oh baby I
feel so good! This message is straight from God! Oh I love Jesus!
Joseph Smith- just like that boy Samuel! Joseph Smith is a prophet!!"
And anyways she called on Sunday yelping and saying "I got baptized
last night with Oscar and I don't think you ever knew the missionaries
actually found my small house in the middle of no where! But anyways.
I just got baptized and the devil is after me more than ever! Please
pray for us!" and eventually Sis Crandell found out about it and we
talked to Hannah and Oscar on the phone the next day and it was
amazing! Seriously the funniest conversation we've ever had! I love
crazy stories like that and passionate people! The gospel has simple
stories and crazy stories! We all have our own conversion story and
learning about other people's conversions or seeing someone convert in
front of my very eyes or over the phone- it's an amazing testimony
Ok well this gospel is amazing! Those are a few of my fun stories for this week!
Andersons- thank you soooooooo much for my Valentine's package.
Seriously so sweet! I'm using that Calendar for the rest of the year
:) thank you! And Grandma Hanks- HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my love!
I miss you! kisses for you! If I was there with you I'd give you a
back massage and kidnap you for the day and take you for a night on
the town! Love you!
I love you all! Especially my older siblings that I look up to and
learn so much from! And my younger siblings who are wiser beyond their