Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

This week is Valentines day and I'm SCARED to be here on T-square
because people are telling me engagements happen right and left on Vday
here. I will puke in the bushes if I see someone propose here! Come
on! Get it together- don't do it here! Ok who am I to judge them- but
honestly! Weddings galore that day, too, I'm sure. Okay so this week I
did what many people have been telling me to do- I went and talked to
Pres. Holmes about my health. It was way bad and I was really scared
because I didn't want him to tell me to go home or for him to think of
me as weak- but I was at a dead end. I didn't know what else to do
except get a priesthood blessing. I wasn't miraculously healed but
just getting the blessing and being open about my probs with him
helped me to de-stress and to not put so much pressure on myself and
hear the comforting words of the Lord and the promises he has for me
as I serve my best. Pres. Holmes said it won't cloud his judgment about
my capacity and I need to be smart. So we tweaked my missionary
schedule a little bit to help me with my health. It's not like I'm
being lazy but every 2-3 hours I get a snack break (we never eat on
T-square. I'm serious! and that doesn't work for me) and I get an
extra 10 minutes at dinner to excercise and just other randome tweaks
but basically I am doing a lot better. I'm still having issues but
it's better and I'm hoping it just progressionally gets better. Dear
Chase and parents especially- thanks for harassing me to go to
President. It worked! I'm stubborn- it can be a good thing- but it's
mainly a bad thing. I'll work on it.
Shelby- I love you. Thank you for being my sister and friend. I love you.
Oh also I'm a space cadet and forgot to thank Kareeeeeeneeeer (you
know who you are! Sis Ball) and Sis Becky Petersen (on or en? idk!
sorry) about your packages! Thank you so much!!!!! I will get to my
thank you cards soon but not today or who knows when because things
are nuts here! But I thank you and will reply asap! Love you both!
We had zone conference this week. Which means half the mission goes to
a local chapel from 9-3 and the other half goes the next day. It was
pretty great and yet it helps me work on humility with sister
missionaries and authority. bahahahah. Those that know me well can
understand my struggles. But being humble and teachable is a good
thing! Temple Square seriously has a powerhouse of sisters. Every
sister has such a story and immaculate reason for going on a mission.
I'd say the majority have men at home or on missions- so I'm nothing
special- men just flock to us! Speaking of- when MEMBERS hit on sister
missionaries.... um get it together! i'm embarassed for them.
So Mamma- you know this but now the blog will- I have my contacts from
my phone. So.... all I'll say is.... Diana (if you're reading this
which I don't think you are because we haven't talked in forever!) I
AM SO EXCITED YOU REFERRED! and are meeting with local missionaries
and Sister Terry (from the UK) and Sister Gulzar (from Pakistan) get
to teach you on the phone till the missionaries get there! So
Being a District Leaders companion is cool: I bake for every District
meeting each week, I have to be alone a lot in my cubicle at the
computers (there are many people around but not my actual companion)
becuase she floats around and does her DL duties. I get to go on
exchanges when people are sick because Sis Crandell stays home with
the sick one and the companion of the sick one goes with me: I went on
exchanges with Sis Gierschke this week! She is an amazing German
soccer fanatic that is in her 1st transfer and I'm obsessed!
P.S. Remember Joe (the homeless man who referred because he was off
probation!) He got BAPTIZED last week :) and if we woulda known (we
got his voicemail late!!!!) we coulda gone to the baptism! We can go
to Utah baptisms. DANG! oh well- next time :) soooooooo stoked for him
and his pro-active choice to follow Jesus Christ!
Oh this is a random blog post- but something else I was thinking- I'll
never have those pics with investigators or pics with people we give
tours to on square. All my mish pics consists of me and my comp in
different venues. bahahah. me and my pic obsession- it's good for me
to be here at T-square and focus on the work more than the pics of the
work :)
Oh guess what? Today is my 3 month mark! Weird- feels like longer and
shorter at the same time!
Other exciting news: we got our 3 Nigerians (who are from 3 different
states) all in contact with the local church and the proper local
church address and they are all planning to go to their local LDS
church this Sunday!! yay!!!! FINALLY! the African LDS information is
way out of date on and it's just a mess to get the
information in a proper way and with the right authority and going
through all these hoops! holla!!
p.s. my Paris study abroad bud Elder Owens who now is back in Utah-
gave me former Parisien (well many are African but they live in Paris)
investigators so I get to call them this week! That's exciting!!
Thanks Dougie!!
ok this is so scatter brained but that's the way I roll! Lastly I just
want to say how amazing being a missionary is and how amazing this
place is! "THIS IS THE PLACE!!!" for me and my 18 months :) Just in
the last week we have talked to so many quality guests on the square
and on the phone! Seriously on the square we have talked to people of
all religious backgrounds! This week- a crazy 7th day adventist,
Catholic, Atheist, Agnostic, Lutheran, Mormon, United Church, Baptist,
Protestant, Methodist, Jewish, Wiccan, Scientologist, and Anti-Mormons
(which is seriously a religion all of it's own- consisdering how much
time they put into it and believe so strongly about it! Sad and
humorous at the same time!) Nothing will stop this work from
progressing and all can come unto Christ and learn about this restored
gospel and have their faith built up even more!!!
This morning in personal study I was reading James 2!!! Good stuff!
Faith and works! So important! I love working for the Lord and putting
my faith in the Lord! Okay well- loves to you all! Shout outs to my
people that need shout outs :)

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