Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After the Trial of Your Faith!!

When do miracles happen? After the trial of your faith! Ether 12:6
And oh holla! It truly was a week of miracles! Even this morning
during personal study I was reading Hebrews 11- Wow faith is so
amazing! Hebrews 11 is awesome- get into it!
So my health is doing a little bit better and that's all I really
wanted- I see a tiny glimpse of hope for some healing! God has blessed
me so much in many areas of my life and this week I know the fasting,
prayers, doctor visits, diet change, and modern day medicine did some
miracles! I will still have to see more doctors eventually but for now
they're just letting me try out these new perscriptions I've received
so far! Keep praying :) Thank you!! A prayer in your heart can go a
long way.
So funny story- yesterday we taught this 20 year old black rockstar
from Arkansas on the phone! He was HI-LAR-IOUS! He was hitting on us
the whole time and we were trying to bring it back but he was crazy
for us. He asked me when my birthday was and I said- what? And he
repeated the question. So i thought if i just told him then maybe we
could move on to the gospel so I just spout "July 20" and he FREAKS
out- he yelps "Oh I knew you were a cancer! I always have a thing for
cancers!" BAHAHA and then Sister Hansen being Sister Hansen says "I'm
a cancer, too! June 25!" Hahaha well the conversation was lost! But we
did manage to explain to him the purpose of missionaries and the
appropriate conduct and relationship we have with our investigators.
We'll be calling him again in a couple days- hopefully he's settled
down! He is super sincere and totally himself- that's what I love
about teaching- no matter who you are with what background- you can
bring it to the gospel and it will feel like home!
So General Conference is coming up! Are you excited? Temple Square is
BUZZING with excitement. Sister Hansen and I are stuck in the cave
each day of Conference doing our Guest Service thing until 3 pm, but
then after that we will be flying high, collecting oodles of
potentials, and trying to get into a picture in the Ensign- hahaha I
laugh but we're serious- it's a transfer goal!
So a great miracle this week- I received an answer to my prayer SOOOOO
clearly about what God's will is for me right now (Is it for me to go
home? Is it for me to stay?) and the answer is... drum roll.... for me
to stay! Take things day by day and live every day as a worthy
missionary and not worry about 10 months from now, 5 months from now,
or 2 days from now- but just live day to day so no matter what
happens- I can serve a full mission- whether it be 10, 15, 17 months-
but it's FULL!!! I wish I could explain more how exactly CRYTSAL CLEAR
this answer to my prayer was but it's super hard to explain.
My parents have instilled in me that happiness is a choice and taking
one day at a time (one hour at a time if necessary) is what we should
do! God thinks so, too!
So when I received this answer to my prayer, Sis Hansen and I were on
chat with a great soldier (literally a soldier in the army) named
Marshal! He's a BRAIN! and more than that- he is so interested in this
gospel. He reads and reads and reads (he's probably reading this right
now!) and the best part of all his reading is that he understands! He
read the whole Book of Mormon in less than 48 hours!! One of my
favorite things he said on our first teaching appointment phone call
was "This book has to be true! I mean Joseph Smith just translated it!
The book has nothing to do with his life. It's not even about him!"
Thank you, Marshal! Would you like to come serve a mission on Temple
Square and help us explain this? The Book of Mormon is so powerful!
You think if there were MORE words of Christ, believers would just be
biting at the bit to get their hands on it! There are so many other
things to say about Marshal, but truly he was/is just so prepared. God
has blessed me to see very clearly that there is a lot of missionary
work to be done out there and people to talk with and fields to
Another miracle that happened just this morning! Sister Beecroft and
Sister Buleje have been teaching this elect man from Romania but the
local missionaries hadn't received his address or information yet and
Christian was just waiting and waiting! He was going to church and
trying to get some help but never could get in contact with
missionaries. So what did I do? You guessed it- I sent the information
to Taylor- he passed it along and now Elder Johnson and Veenandaal
are having their first face to face teaching appointment with
Christian tomorrow in BUCHAREST!!! How amazing! Missionary work is
connected all over the world and I love to work as a team with Tii! I
love you! Thank you thank you thank you! We're excited for the sister
from Romania to get here to Temple Square soon and we will just have
oodles of referrals for y'all!
Something else amazing that happened this week- last night we had
another teaching appointment with Belen and Pablo from Ecuador (look
to previous blog posts to hear about meeting them on the square!) And
they are soooooo amazing! They are going to all sessions of Conference
this weekend in Ecuador with the missionaries! Those lucky Ecuadorian
missionaries! Pablo gave the sweetest prayer last night over the phone
about his grattitude and testimony in this gospel and in families
being together forever! Right when they came to Temple Square, they
were thinking about starting a family and we took them through God's
Plan For His Family and it sealed the deal! AMAZING! They had already
referred to learn more before the short presentation, but watching the
presentation answered their prayers about it being the right time to
raising children! Sister Hansen and I are going to their baby's
blessing and sealing! Done! And Sis H "knows" an RM who served in
Ecuador! Sweetness!!!! Chase, you can come too! Ok let's be honest-
everyone is invited!!!! Well if Belen and Pablo say it's okay! I am so
excited to talk with them on the phone after this weekend! They will
just adore Conference- can't you just feel so much joy? I do! It's
Also I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY :) Hope you got all your gifts
and everything- hahah two surprises for you! I know you did- Sister
Nichols told me! Way to call me out in the Beehive house! It's not
breaking rules to give stuff to my best friend! Best is such an
exclusive word- y'all know what I mean! Love you! Happy Birthday! I
miss you!
I am so grateful to be here and serving this mission! I truly have
been blown away by how amazing a full-time mission is! I didn't know
it would be this rewarding and it surpassed all my expectations for
what I wanted to give and what I was hoping to receive! Thank you all
for your fasting and prayers- it truly did help and I have gained an
amazing testimony on the power of prayer, fasting, and scripture study
this transfer! Mom and Dad- it's been amazing and strange talking to
you so much on the phone about all the health issues- thank you for
being seriously angels! I love you Shelby, Josh, Aubs, Garr, Kristi,
Brodie, Elsie, Millie, Taylor, Grant, Caleb, Chase! My chin is up (not
in a prideful way) and my heart is so full!
Don't forget to watch Conference! We only get to go to one session and
have to read the rest in the Ensign but it will still be amazing! The
Spirit is already in the air- well it always is at Temple Square. Also
this morning in Guest Services, Sis Hansen and I were tinkering around
and saw that the NEW NEW (the one that is to help explain church
history and be a missionary tool) is on-line already! Here is the
It just came out 2 days ago at Temple Square- it's similiar to the old
one but just better for non-members to understand! Check it out- make
it a movie night! I'm also working on a profile for myself-
get into it! Love you all! Have an amazing week!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes You Can't Make Lemonade!!

Whenever life gives you lemons, people always say make lemonade.
What's the point of watering everything down and sugar coating it?
Sometimes it's just plain sour! I have sooooooooo many blessings in my
life but this week by far was the worst week of my mission. I've cried
every single day and been a wreck! Why? Because there is TOO much talk
about sending me home for health reasons. Seriously some people want
to send me home tomorrow- are you kidding me? It's just ridiculous.
Sometimes, I feel super helpless but I know God is my source for help
and strength.
I've been down to Provo twice this week and for one of them had
"surgery" aka just an endoscopy and had to be put under. P.S. when
they put anesthesia in your IV it feels like you got bit by a vampire
because your whole hand starts to burn and it spreads up your arm! I
tried to fight the anesthesia and stay awake- failed.
OH MY WORD- some of the things I did when I was on drugs- now that was
just plain humorous. Sister Hansen typed up a hilarious summary of all
that went down when her and Sister Nichols were in the recovery room
with me and I was coming out of it. If I ever feel sad, I just think
of all that happened that hour. I drunkenly invited every person that
walked by my bed to give me potentials of people I could call and
invite to learn more from local missionaries, I had a SUPER
inappropriate dream about Chase that I shared publicly, I did jumping
jacks and kept falling over, I tried to rip out my IV, oxygen nose
tube, blood pressure cuff, and pulse ox, and I tried to take chapstick
(already applied) on Sister Hansen's lips and put them on mine- I'm so
weird when I'm on drugs! I am so grateful to have Sister Hansen be my
companion. She is amazing. And also- Sister Nichols is a sweetheart to
wake up at 4:50 am to go down to Provo with us Tuesday!!! I have so
many blessings and know God is there for me, for all of us.
I have a request to all of you that are reading this- I know it's a
BIG request but I know that faith and fasting works. This Sunday, my
whole mission (all 200+ of us) and my other loved ones will be fasting
for my health; if you feel impressed to, please join and I know you
and I will be blessed for your fast. I know this is NOTHING compared
to what the pioneers had to endure and compared to all the suffering
out there, but going home early from my mission would be a disaster to
my world- I've never been happier and been able to see life so
clearly. There is so much good to be done and so many people to invite
to come closer to our God.
I know this gospel is true and I know God is a God of miracles. I am
going to the hospital this Friday for more tests and I know that
miracles come after we do all we can- I'm on three new different
medicines (that makes 6 medicines total I'm on right now) and that
doctors can be helpful but then also can get crazy. I am doing my best
to have complete faith- faith in this work, faith in the doctors,
faith in a new diet, faith in other people, and most importantly-
faith in Christ!
This week has been sooooooooo crazy and I cannot wait for everything
to get back to normal. Some crazy things that happened today- tried to
go to J-dawgs to get a hotdog for Sister Felici- let's just say things
dind't go so well and because missionaries have to be backed up in
their car by their companion- we got a lot of stares. hahahahahahah-
we saw like 20 people throughout Provo that we knew but we kept our
heads low and didn't say "Hi" to anyone.
We also had to go to the library to look up some ulcerative colitis
information and this random girl helped us and we went to
(supposed to be an official medical site) false- it was a capita fire
arm website- ope what kind of missionaries are we? And then all 3
doctors that I've seen the past few days have given me three different
diet recommendations- good thing Sister Hansen is a nurse and can
discern between the lines. I got my diet covoered!
Something dumb I did this week was eat alllllllllllllll my unhealthy
food on my shelf because I knew I was going to be put on this
RIDICULOUS DIET!! and so I got way sick because of that (any normal
person would get sick from eating a whole pan of brownies, cookie
dough, mac-n-cheese, a frozen pizza, and teddy grahams all in one
sitting!) But it's a new page now and I am on this ridiculous diet- I
have to eat only fruits, veges, rice, eggs, and nuts. No sugar, no
breads of any kind, no dairy, oh man oh man. But it will be worth it
for me because I need to do ALL i can before they try to force me to
go home. Faith and action comes before miracles! I love President and
Sister Holmes, they take such good care of me and really have been an
amazing guide for me this past week. And most of all, I have had some
of the most intense spiritual prayers and experiences as I've just
been on my kneels crying and pleading. I don't know what the Lord has
in store for me but I know I'll do whatever His will is for me. I know
all things God does is for the benefit of the world.
Even though Chase man has been MIA for a while and it causes me super
anxiety and freak outs- I hope he feels super grateful that I'm going
these EXTREME lengths to take care of myself and follow his counsel to
get some help and not be so stubborn. I love you, Chase.
P.S. Happy Bday Week, Bryton!!
Oh also Sister Nichols and Sister Alejandro and I sang in sacrament
meeting this last Sunday- singing is a great way to show praise and
love and invite the Spirit.
Well now I have to go back to my apartment and distribute all my
unhealthy food to Sister Felici and Sister Farmer and some other
moochers on this mission.
Ok also P.S. everyone should read Colossians 2- I read it this
morning. It was amazing.
Well I'm sorry this blog post has been all over the place, but to be
honest my brain and issues have been all over the place this week!
I will end with one of the many miracles we saw this week: it was with
a sweet old black woman from Arkansas. Her name is Venita and she
referred- but referring to learn more from local missionaries isn't
what makes things spiritual or successful or miraculous. Her Spirit
and testimony and understanding of our message and especially the Book
of Mormon was what was so miraculous. There was a powerful moment when
I was prompted to share Helaman 5:9 and also later when Sister Hansen
shared her testimony about the sacrament (the bread and water.) Venita
is ecstatic and especially anxious to study and read from the Book of
Mormon herself. Who wouldn't be excited about a book that proclaims
that it's pinnacle is Jesus Christ appearing to multiple nations and
lands that he is the Ressurected, Living Christ and Savior of the
whole world! This message is amazing and Jesus Christ is what it all
comes down to! He is everything and He can heal us all! I 100% believe
that and know that an important part of reading the scriptures and
praying is to understand God's will for you and not try to tell God
what you want His will to be! This gospel is beautiful and I know that
things are moving forward and all will be okay! Better than okay- all
will be wonderful!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh it's so beautiful here! Especially with the flowers coming in, the
sun shining, and coat season is done for now! Of course this is Utah
and it will probably blizzard tomorrow but I am loving this Spring
weather right now!! So there are some great miracles that happened
this week! Let me tell you. Ok so..... I lost my cardigan out in Salt
Lake and I was way depressed because how do you call a Lost and Found
in a city?? So I was praying I'd find it and three hours later I saw
Sister Smith wearing it!!!! Of course I called her out on it and she
was happy to give it back to me and it was fantastic. Another
fantastic thing about this was that she said "Oh my heck, Sister
Schroedter! I took someone on a tour through the Beehive House that
was seriously your twin in male form." And I reply "Who? What?
Explain?" [P.S. Me and Sister Smith were roommates last transfer so
she knows more than the average person would want to know about how
wild and Marissa-ish I am!] and she says "Well he's lived all over and
was just as excited and bubbly and funny as you. Asked so many
questions like you do. Lived in Singapore for a little bit actually
and moved around a lot growing up, too!' And so I say: "Singapore?
Really? What's his name." And she says: "Sean." And I saw "Sean what?"
and she says "Sean McCape" (p.s. replace the "p" with a "b"! I just
didn't wanna name drop him on this blog in case he googles his name)
and I FREAK OUT!!! I start squealing in the Referral Center (where
there are 30+ sisters around trying to have teaching appointments,
chat, email, make calls, and all that!) I shout (semi-softly): "I know
him! I know him! I love that kid!!! Sean! Oh my gosh, Sean!! He's
hilarious. We went to school together. We were friends!" and so....
she goes on to tell me the most amazing, spiritual experience they had
together in the Beehive House and he REFERRED and I can't say all that
happened because it's seriously sacred. But also, Sean said that he
always respected and looked up to the Mormons he knew, especially in
Singapore, and that he loves all he has learned on his business trip
in SLC, too. So he's getting baptized in New York! ARE YOU KIDDING
ME?! I whigged out!! I wish I had seen him!! But I was stuck in the
dungeon of Guest Services. It's okay though because God had been
preparing him all this time anyways and his experience with Sister
Smith (from Washington) and Sister Semedo (from Angola [it's in
Africa- they speak Portuguese there!])!! was just what needed to
happen! Oh my word it was an incredible story to hear second-hand!!
Wow!! And so I immediately page Sister Phillips because they were in
choir together, too, in Singapore! I found her in the kitchen and we
jumped up and down together like happy little children! What are the
odds that someone from SAS comes here and it just clicks?! WOW!!!! Can
you honestly understand at all how many miracles happen here daily on
T-square?! It's amazing!
Okay so I could talk for hours about that story but I will tell you
another, too! Sis Hansen and I are on the Square (9 acres of bliss)
for about 0-2 hours every day. So on Sunday we are out in the
beautiful Spring air and we see a cute couple having a picnic. We go
contact them and are our beautiful disciples of Christ selves! They
had just arrived at Temple Square- perfect! And were in town from
Ecuador for business! We talked a little bit about how they just had
business in Vegas and how this Square has something very different.
You can feel it in your heart. Such a contrast and a strong Holy
Spirit. They are very spiritual people and maybe techinically Catholic
but have been jaded by hypocrites so they just are spiritual and read
scriptures themselves and don't really do the whole church thing. So
we talk to them about the gospel, why we go to church, how the church
is very family based, and other things! We show them around Temple
Square after they finish their lunch!! And basically it was so
amazing! They referred and they know where their local church is in
Ecuador and have always wondered what it was!! I loved that tour with
them and the Spirit was so strong. They are beautiful and I can't wait
to talk to them Friday evening for our first teaching appointment via
Oh so Sister Hansen gets a package from her mom this week and she is
elated! She opens the package- who is it for? ME! What? Sis H is from
California so of course they are all into strange diets and naturally
healing yourself and other voo-doo (hahah jk! but you know what i
mean?) and so Sis H had mentioned to her mom a little bit about my
health problems and how nothing is working- or idk what but basically
it must have sounded urgent enough that her mom sent her all these
weird oils! I am supposedly instructed to put drops of them in my
water bottle throughout the day and it will help my digestive illness
and who knows what. But I was like... hmmm- no. I do not want my water
to be contaminated all day with a hint of a weird flavor. So I had the
genius idea to combine all the oils in a small amount of water- I
called it a shot glass amount but perhaps that's not appropriate-
maybe let's call it a tablespoon or something. So i am supposed to put
in a drop of lemon, ginger, and peppermint oil- well that baby came
out quicker than I had anticipated so there is a little bit of water
and then like 6 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops of lemon, and 4 drops
of ginger. So I am kneeling down next to a trash can in case I hurl
when I down this baby and Sis Hansen is videoing the whole thing. The
video is absolutely hilarious! Luckily, I choked it all down and
didn't allow anything to come back up! But oh man- it was brutal!!!
Did it help? Well not yet- it's only been two days of it though- so
we'll see. I am desperate to try anything these days! hahahaha.
Thanks, Sis Hansen (the mom of my compy- not my actual compy!)
Oh also a new sister this transfer, Sis Wood, said my Aunt Janet says
hi! She's known her since she was little. Well fantastic! Sis Wood
said she first figured out who I was when I bore my testimony and
introduced myself as Marissa. Perfect! So shout out to Aunt Janet!
Oh yeah also- yesterday I was on exchanges all day with Sis Tizhanina
(she's from Moscow!) and she is sooooo amazing! It was super stressful
trying to do Guest Services without Sister Hansen but it all worked
out and Sister Tizhanina was so willing to help! I love her so much
and learned a lot from her in just 24 hours! I feel so much more
educated about Moscow now and seriously am obsessed with Sister
Tizhanina and sooo much crazy stuff happened yesterday that it bonded
us real quick! Details later- maybe after the mish. Idk!
Ok well lastly I just want to give a shout out to my family: Mom, Dad,
Shelby, Josh, Aubs, future babies, Garrett, Kristi, Elsie, Brodie,
Millie, Chase, Taylor, Grant, Caleb, and Ross, Schroedter, and
Schroedters who have married and have different last names and
Andersons! We are all children of God so shout out to everyone else,
And if you read this and whether or not I know you or not (YET)- you
should write me a letter! Also, I am the one who collects and
distributes the letters for the whole mission- so please write me. It
can be depressing to distribute 6,000 letters a day and not get one.
hahaha jk- my self esteem doesn't depend on letters! but honestly-
write me :) I love letters and want to know you and love you all more!
Write me!!!
Lastly, even though this place is crazy and being a missionary on
temple square where the apostles and prophet have a tight monitor and
leash on us and we are guinea pigs for many things and there are 200
girls all in 9 acres 24/7 seven days a week and my body is falling
apart and there are anti's and I miss you all a lot and I am so close
to the University of Utah and there are stalkers and a mission is
intense- I have never been more sure about where I am supposed to be!
I love it here and am soooooooooooo happy! It's amazing how much
happiness I feel!!! I love this work and know that I will never have
an 18-month "single" (techinically- i don't have a ring) sister
missionary opportunity like this again! Well actually if I'm a widow
(ok that's seriously depressing!) I could go on a mission as a
single-sister. Ok well you know what I mean!!! And I am so blessed to
have this opportunity now and to feel God's love and learn of his
gospel more and more every day!! This work is IMPORTANT and we all
just need to love each other! I love you all and appreciate your love
and prayers!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To My Fans & Fans of the Gospel & Fans of God! Oh, Hey!!

First things first- I'm a space cadet- Happy Birthday one week ago
exactly, Jessica Anderson!!! I love you and pray for you and baby and
Cory every single day! xoxoxox! Hope you had an amazing birthday
MONTH! AND..... of course i must give a shout out to my favorite
sister in the world- SHOUT OUT SHELBS!!! Happy BIRTHDAY on the
12th!!!!!!!!!! Make it a great one and hopefully you don't have to
work this year ;) I love you!!!! Happy birthday, my dear!
Oh and of course I need to name drop right now because ANOTHER parent
found my blog. Hello Sister Felici!!! Sister Felici's mom (who is also
called Sister Felici of course) was told at work that when you google
your name- you find creepy things about yourself on the internet. Well
she didn't wanna google her name so she googled her kids' names- so
she googled "Carla Felici" and this is where google brought her- to my
crazy blog. She LOVED (aka thought my blog title was strange!) my
blog. Hahahahahaha. So hey Sister Felici!! And for the record, Carla
wanted me to name drop her as much as possible during this post but
that's not going to happen- so just this paragraph! And we're in the
same zone again so that's sweetness! She gave me my first tour of the
Beehive house (Brigham Young's house) this week and that was
hilarious! Brigham Young- what a character.
Ok so I embarassed myself many times this week- are you surprised?
Well you shouldn't be! So the first Sunday of the month is fast and
testimony meeting as most Mormons should know- So that means that we
fast for 24 hours (but with my ulcy col- I can't do it but I do my
best) and that Sunday service we have the opportunity to share our
testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel in front of the whole
congregation. So I feel prompted and am feeling the Spirit and it's a
beautiful meeting so I lean to Sis Hansen and I encourage her to go up
with me to bear our testimonies. So we do. I am sitting up there on
the stand looking out at the congregation and it's actually quite
humbling to look out at 200 sister missionaries and just see the light
of Christ in their eyes and be in the presence of such amazing women! And
I was a wee bit nervous but not really because I'm just me and do the
best and what the Lord expects of me- so it becomes my turn to get up.
And when we are in the presence of President Holmes we always state
our name and where we are from (and have to wear suit jackets- oh my
word I hate suit jackets). So I get up there and I say "Hi I'm Marissa
and I'm- OH SHOOT! I mean Sister Schroedter- ......uproaring
laughter........ um, yah So I'm Sister Schroedter and I'm not from
anywhere in particular but my parents live in Texas right now......."
and I try to bring it back and go back to that sweet still Spirit
that I was feeling before but it's hard when you start off with such a
blunder! Well it's an easy mistake because in the Temple Square
mission half the time we use Sister (when we are on the square or
talking with members on the phone) but any other time on the phone or
chatting or emailing we use our first names. So even on the square
sometimes on tours, people will introduce themselves and I'll be like
"I'm MaSister Schroedter"- it's very classy!)
So ever since Sunday all the sisters have been shouting "Marissa"
across the square and I keep thinking oh it must be someone I know
from pre-mission and then I look over and it's just someone mocking
me! Ah it's okay! I do my best and just make people laugh the other
half of the time!
Okay let's bring it back to something spiritual on this blog now- so
you remember Patrick who is Nigerian but living in Thailand dating an
LDS Chilean chick over the internet? He had a baptismal date? Well it
all got discombobulated because his work visa and all the legistics of
him being from an Islamic country and so guess what he is doing this
month? Flying ALL the way back to Nigeria (which he doesn't have the
means to be flying all over the world) just so he can get baptized and
be able to be a follower of Jesus Christ and be true to his testimony!
WOAH!!! Such an example to me! That was an amazing convo this week
with him on the phone.
Oh man so Guest Services- it's a LOT of work. Imagine over 4,000 Youth
Conference Youth groups and minors (people under 18) and all the
legistics and responsibilities Temple Square has to be responsible
for. From May to September! Guess who gets to work out all the paper
work? And all the booking has to be finished soon so it can be set in
stone before summer season gets super crazy here at Temple Square? And
there is a lot of calling and making sure we have the means and not
overbook but keep everyone happy? and go through the proper line of
authority? Oh that's us! Guest Services is intense! It's a lot of work
and stress but it's definitely a different side of missionary work!
Sometimes it's slow and we can breathe but other times we have 568
projects going on and only four hands between the two of us!! But I
love it and see miracles even in the dark underground cave!
Wait though- something scary that happened in Guest Services this
week- we get a call from up at one of the South Visitor Center desks
saying that "a man with a red bag" just went down the stairs and they
couldn't stop him. He came down into the basement and only
missionaries or custodial or secuirty are allowed downstairs. And the
desk people told us we need to be on the look out and try to secure
the area. So they told us before Security gets there (Security was
running over right then) that we need to check the rooms and try to
find him. OH MY WORD ARE YOU SERIOUS? So me and Sis Hansen are just
walking arm-in-arm peeking around corners and trying to look in pitch
black rooms. We were the only ones in the basement for that moment (of
course!) and I am just shaking in my skirt (I'm sure Sis Hansen was
totally cool but I was not!) I have seen too many CREEPER scary movies
and I was thinking: "well this is how I'm going to go!- by a man with
a bomb in his red bag!" But luckily Security came down before we ran
into him! I love Security! Saved the day- probably saved my life on
Earth! holla!
We had a hilarious teaching appointment with a man from Louisville- MY
FAVORITE! a 64 year old black Baptist and he lived with his 76 year
old mamma (yah that's right- you can do the math) so anyways: Hershell
was way interested and we sent his request through for the "Finding
Faith in Christ" dvd and to meet with the missionaries and the
missionaries got there the NEXT DAY and were meeting with him the day
after but OH BOY his mamma was NOT happy! I know all that anti-jargon
they preach at Baptist's church and she was full of it! We were
talking to Hershell on the phone and he said "I want a Mormon Bible"
and we tried to explain the difference between the Book of Mormon and
how we read both- but his mamma was SQUEALING AND SCREECHING in the
background about how "OH NO SIR. I WON'T LET NO MORMON BIBLE IN THIS
HOME. YOU CAN TELL THEM TO LEAVE." and so then I asked if we could
pray over the phone before we got off the phone and (I don't know if I
was on speaker but she heard that, too) and was whooping and hollering
about how she doesn't want any Mormon prayers! BAHAHAHHAHAH. but
Hershell is amazing and he is meeting with the missionaries today at 1
pm! oh that means he already did! Be strong, Hershell! You find out
for yourself!
Lastly, another personal friend referred with Sister Migita (Japan)
and Sister Tannen (an American waiting for her visa to go to Brazil-
yah Chase knows all about that) and he referred! YAY Aaron!!!! I am so
happy for you! I am loving all this missionary work going on in my
personal life and now Atlanta, Georgia missionaries are getting some
love and a golden investigator on a platter! They will be teaching
Aaron soon and it's going to be awesome!! I am so happy for you Aaron
and am glad we are friends! Love you and God loves you more!!!!
Ok well my time is up and I must be obedient- there are more spiritual
stories to share but they are just all scribbled in my personal
journal so that's good enough! I love you all! I love the Lord! I love
Sister Hansen! I love Elder Anderson! I love Temple Square! and I love
missionary work! Peace out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's Baptist Season!!!!

So it's transfer day and yes I've been transferred. Apt 203 to Apt
201!!! oh man far move! But I am actually in "Cover Zone!" which is
wonderful because that includes Beehive house, Welfare Square, and
Guest Services. For this transfer I am with the beautiful Sis Hansen
(from Riverside, CA) and we are in Guest Services. We don't have much
square time because we are the ones managing the phones and managing
the tours and square and events and all that! It's going to be
amazing! And there is a bathroom five feet away and we might go stark
crazy in the basement room all day answering phones but I AM EXCITED
because the whole zone knows the Guest Services sister and these past
2 transfers I have looked at them and been so curious at what exactly
they do and they look like pros just managing the square! We have
about 10 hours square time each week which is nothing compared to the
40 hours I'm used to! Who knows what General Conference will be like
as a Guest Service sister missionary?! I'll let you know! Sis Hansen
seems awesome and we've been together 6 hours so far and we're both
alive and smiling and laughing- that's a good sign :)
Sis Crandell was made Zone Leader and I really miss her but luckily
with T-square we will see each other daily! I teared up a LOT - actually
cried a LOT- when Sis Littlejohn went home. She is the most amazing
trainer and I am glad she'll be at BYU and she is an amazing
missionary- she's probably hugging her mom right now as she reads this-
oh hey :) I loved my letter and ring, Sis LJ!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Thank you for helping me start my mission right :)
So the blog title- let me tell you a little story- this place has been
PARADED with Baptists this week! I'm serious. Every Baptist from the
Bible Belt on Temple Square- me and Sis Crandell contacted and showed
around! Some were quite pleasant- others well...." Baptist at Our
Barbeque" (the movie) that is real!!! hahahaha. So the first tour was
a couple from Tennessee and they were amazing- they told us "what
they'd been told about the Book of Mormon" and it was interesting
because I've been to the Baptist church before- I know what they say- most
of it is craziness! For those of you that want to know what we say to
people when they ask us or when we are introducing the Book of Mormon-
read this:
......................The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture
comparable to the Bible. It is a record of God’s dealings with the
ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains the fulness of the
everlasting gospel.
The book was written by many ancient prophets by the spirit of
prophecy and revelation. Their words, written on gold plates, were
quoted and abridged by a prophet-historian named Mormon. The record
gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem
in 600 B.C., and afterward separated into two nations, known as the
Nephites and the Lamanites. The other came much earlier when the Lord
confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel. This group is known as
the Jaredites. After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the
Lamanites, and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians.
The crowning event recorded in the Book of Mormon is the personal
ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ among the Nephites soon after his
resurrection. It puts forth the doctrines of the gospel, outlines the
plan of salvation, and tells men what they must do to gain peace in
this life and eternal salvation in the life to come.
After Mormon completed his writings, he delivered the account to his
son Moroni, who added a few words of his own and hid up the plates in
the hill Cumorah. On September 21, 1823, the same Moroni, then a
glorified, resurrected being, appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith and
instructed him relative to the ancient record and its destined
translation into the English language........................
Ok now that that is clear! Ok so we are telling them and letting them
hold our Book of Mormon and read some! They knew it was worth their
time to read and pray to ask God what is up with this book! They
referred! They are each getting a book and they are so prepared. I'm
excited to be calling them later this week! I know God will answer
their prayers and I know God has prepared them with their Baptist
upbringing to just learn more truth about Christ! He is the Savior of
I actually want to thank my parents and my friends for bringing me to
their many different sects of Christianity and even the non-Christian
churches. Being diverse and learning as much as you can about
everything, only helps you understand your own heart, beliefs, and
testimony! One thing I love about this church is that we are not
afraid of questioning and getting as much education as possible! My
whole life has prepared me for this mission here: going to Baptist
church, Methodist church, Pentecostal, United Church of Christ, FLDS
church, Hindu church, Catholic church, etc!!!!!! Thank you, Mom and
Dad, for letting me find my own way and also reading the scriptures
with me and our whole family and teaching us what's right! I LOVE MY
The second Baptist tour was a group of 3 from Alabama. There was a 20
some year old man and his two parents. The son had moved to Utah a
year ago to be a pastor. OH SNAP!! You can imagine how this tour went.
Actually it went quite well and we were all good friends by the end of
the tour. There was some awkwardness because the pastor was flirting
with me and I'm not just saying it becuse I have a big head- it was
undeniable, but I kept it professional. It was way funny and it's
interesting how each religion wants to claim that they love Jesus the
most. I'm just thinking- can't we all just say we love Jesus and we
don't have to say someone else believes in him less or more. Jesus
Christ is the Savior and the only way to return to God's presence-
that is clear and cut- but yet some people still argue with us and say
we don't love Jesus! I will get better at not taking it personally.
I'm just so sure about my testimony! To say I don't love Jesus and
believe in him- that's absurd! He has saved me over and over and has
healed me over and over and is the most amazing and only Begotten Son
of God and the Savior of all mankind! That's a lot of love!! And his
love for me and every one of you is unmeasurable!!!
The third tour was a Baptist couple from Mississippi- now that one was
the craziest tour of all! I think the tour the day before with the
Alabamians prepared us for the Mississippians!!! We kept our
testimonies and information brief and clear and were able to bring the
Spirit better into the conversation and just love the heck outta these
beautiful Baptists!! We took them through "God's Plan for His Family!"
It's a beautiful 15 minute movie that is only shown at Visitor
Center's (it goes through a room of a house- maybe you've seen it?!)
Idk but I'm obsessed! It's so powerful and focuses on applying Christ
to our family life and teaching our children of Christ and the Family
Proclamation to the World! They loved it but had a hard time with it
at the same time because the way they read the Bible they don't
believe marriage is in the next life. It was a powerful moment and a
powerful invitation for them to learn more about families being
together forever and how Christ truly did so much for us and fulfilled
many prophecies and is such a loving Redeemer! Families together
forever makes sense because deep down in our souls (that God formed)
we all know it's true! Why would a loving God pull us apart? He
wouldn't. We can love and worship God all as a family! Also, Heavenly
Father is the perfect example of what a loving Father is- perfect and
unconditional and caring!!
P.S. There are many stalkers on Temple Square- so many sisters here-
brings so many stalkers. That's hilarious. I'll just leave it at that
for now.
P.P.S. There was a group of Anti's from an Arizona Christian college
that came to the square all day yesterday- that was hilarious! Anti's-
I just don't get it! Why would you spend your time hating on others
and tearing them down? Does that sound like something Christ would
encourage? I love missionary work in this restored church because it's
done with love and without condemning and with the intention to build
all faith and bring all unto Christ!!! Oh the Anti' hilarious!
I love security on Temple Square! I know them by name but it probably
wouldn't be very secure for me to name mention them on my blog but
they are awesome!!!
P.P.S.S. When someone chats, tours, or talks on the phone with a
missionary- it's not a confessional! We are not here to hear all your
sins. oh man- some good journal entries about the awkwardness when
people start telling you what they need to be forgiven of! Don't ask
me for forgiveness- ask God!!! Period.
Oh yesterday- here is a funny story. We are starting the "Joseph Smith
movie: Prophet of the Restoration" in the Joseph Smith Memorial
Building and Sis Crandell and myself are at the microphone in the
spotlight and the auditorium is dimmed and all eyes are on us. So I
say "Welcome to the Legacy Theater. We are about to start the.......(I
reach down to adjust the microphone and it shocks (AKA ELECTROCUTES)
me soooooooo bad. It seriously zapped me all the way past my elbow
from my pointer finger and I was in PAIN and so naturally I yelled "OH
MY GOSH!!!!!" and whimper...... but the microphone was on me so......
it just is shouted into the whole theater and it was horrifying! 1st
of all I was in major pain! 2nd of all- that's not very appropriate!
3rd of all- the old people in there were shamed, the college-age
people laughed at me, and the youth group that was there was looking
from side to side to see if it was okay that they laugh at my
inappropriateness! My finger and arm is better if you were wondering!
But seriously! I am such a crazy missionary- people love me but
sometimes I think- get it together! Filter yourself better! I get
better everyday and laugh along the whole way! God knows I didn't mean
to shout into the microphone and I promise you I won't ever make that
mistake to adjust that microphone again!!! I love being a missionary!
Something amazing that happened this week- one of our investigators
that goes to church in the Refugee camp in Nigeria FINALLY got a Book
of Mormon! WE NEED MORE MISSIONARIES!!! His story is a long story but
basically he is so dedicated and has SOOOO many trials you cannot
imagine but he is faithful! He is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ
and seeks after truth! I am excited to be witnessing his progression
and he has no idea how much he has impacted my life and my own
progression and testimony in this gospel and in God! I love him and
his family so much and I'm going to visit him after my mission! I have
so many people to visit and free places to stay and adventures to be
had after my mission :) But right now I'm just loving it here and so
grateful for my knowledge, testimony, support, and opportunity to be
serving this mission!!! I love you all so much and hope you are still
awake after this epic long blog post :) Be a little better every day
and build your faith in Jesus Christ every day!!!! AMEN to it all!
It's ALLL true! ALLLL in this gospel!!! It's ALL true!