Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh it's so beautiful here! Especially with the flowers coming in, the
sun shining, and coat season is done for now! Of course this is Utah
and it will probably blizzard tomorrow but I am loving this Spring
weather right now!! So there are some great miracles that happened
this week! Let me tell you. Ok so..... I lost my cardigan out in Salt
Lake and I was way depressed because how do you call a Lost and Found
in a city?? So I was praying I'd find it and three hours later I saw
Sister Smith wearing it!!!! Of course I called her out on it and she
was happy to give it back to me and it was fantastic. Another
fantastic thing about this was that she said "Oh my heck, Sister
Schroedter! I took someone on a tour through the Beehive House that
was seriously your twin in male form." And I reply "Who? What?
Explain?" [P.S. Me and Sister Smith were roommates last transfer so
she knows more than the average person would want to know about how
wild and Marissa-ish I am!] and she says "Well he's lived all over and
was just as excited and bubbly and funny as you. Asked so many
questions like you do. Lived in Singapore for a little bit actually
and moved around a lot growing up, too!' And so I say: "Singapore?
Really? What's his name." And she says: "Sean." And I saw "Sean what?"
and she says "Sean McCape" (p.s. replace the "p" with a "b"! I just
didn't wanna name drop him on this blog in case he googles his name)
and I FREAK OUT!!! I start squealing in the Referral Center (where
there are 30+ sisters around trying to have teaching appointments,
chat, email, make calls, and all that!) I shout (semi-softly): "I know
him! I know him! I love that kid!!! Sean! Oh my gosh, Sean!! He's
hilarious. We went to school together. We were friends!" and so....
she goes on to tell me the most amazing, spiritual experience they had
together in the Beehive House and he REFERRED and I can't say all that
happened because it's seriously sacred. But also, Sean said that he
always respected and looked up to the Mormons he knew, especially in
Singapore, and that he loves all he has learned on his business trip
in SLC, too. So he's getting baptized in New York! ARE YOU KIDDING
ME?! I whigged out!! I wish I had seen him!! But I was stuck in the
dungeon of Guest Services. It's okay though because God had been
preparing him all this time anyways and his experience with Sister
Smith (from Washington) and Sister Semedo (from Angola [it's in
Africa- they speak Portuguese there!])!! was just what needed to
happen! Oh my word it was an incredible story to hear second-hand!!
Wow!! And so I immediately page Sister Phillips because they were in
choir together, too, in Singapore! I found her in the kitchen and we
jumped up and down together like happy little children! What are the
odds that someone from SAS comes here and it just clicks?! WOW!!!! Can
you honestly understand at all how many miracles happen here daily on
T-square?! It's amazing!
Okay so I could talk for hours about that story but I will tell you
another, too! Sis Hansen and I are on the Square (9 acres of bliss)
for about 0-2 hours every day. So on Sunday we are out in the
beautiful Spring air and we see a cute couple having a picnic. We go
contact them and are our beautiful disciples of Christ selves! They
had just arrived at Temple Square- perfect! And were in town from
Ecuador for business! We talked a little bit about how they just had
business in Vegas and how this Square has something very different.
You can feel it in your heart. Such a contrast and a strong Holy
Spirit. They are very spiritual people and maybe techinically Catholic
but have been jaded by hypocrites so they just are spiritual and read
scriptures themselves and don't really do the whole church thing. So
we talk to them about the gospel, why we go to church, how the church
is very family based, and other things! We show them around Temple
Square after they finish their lunch!! And basically it was so
amazing! They referred and they know where their local church is in
Ecuador and have always wondered what it was!! I loved that tour with
them and the Spirit was so strong. They are beautiful and I can't wait
to talk to them Friday evening for our first teaching appointment via
Oh so Sister Hansen gets a package from her mom this week and she is
elated! She opens the package- who is it for? ME! What? Sis H is from
California so of course they are all into strange diets and naturally
healing yourself and other voo-doo (hahah jk! but you know what i
mean?) and so Sis H had mentioned to her mom a little bit about my
health problems and how nothing is working- or idk what but basically
it must have sounded urgent enough that her mom sent her all these
weird oils! I am supposedly instructed to put drops of them in my
water bottle throughout the day and it will help my digestive illness
and who knows what. But I was like... hmmm- no. I do not want my water
to be contaminated all day with a hint of a weird flavor. So I had the
genius idea to combine all the oils in a small amount of water- I
called it a shot glass amount but perhaps that's not appropriate-
maybe let's call it a tablespoon or something. So i am supposed to put
in a drop of lemon, ginger, and peppermint oil- well that baby came
out quicker than I had anticipated so there is a little bit of water
and then like 6 drops of peppermint oil, 2 drops of lemon, and 4 drops
of ginger. So I am kneeling down next to a trash can in case I hurl
when I down this baby and Sis Hansen is videoing the whole thing. The
video is absolutely hilarious! Luckily, I choked it all down and
didn't allow anything to come back up! But oh man- it was brutal!!!
Did it help? Well not yet- it's only been two days of it though- so
we'll see. I am desperate to try anything these days! hahahaha.
Thanks, Sis Hansen (the mom of my compy- not my actual compy!)
Oh also a new sister this transfer, Sis Wood, said my Aunt Janet says
hi! She's known her since she was little. Well fantastic! Sis Wood
said she first figured out who I was when I bore my testimony and
introduced myself as Marissa. Perfect! So shout out to Aunt Janet!
Oh yeah also- yesterday I was on exchanges all day with Sis Tizhanina
(she's from Moscow!) and she is sooooo amazing! It was super stressful
trying to do Guest Services without Sister Hansen but it all worked
out and Sister Tizhanina was so willing to help! I love her so much
and learned a lot from her in just 24 hours! I feel so much more
educated about Moscow now and seriously am obsessed with Sister
Tizhanina and sooo much crazy stuff happened yesterday that it bonded
us real quick! Details later- maybe after the mish. Idk!
Ok well lastly I just want to give a shout out to my family: Mom, Dad,
Shelby, Josh, Aubs, future babies, Garrett, Kristi, Elsie, Brodie,
Millie, Chase, Taylor, Grant, Caleb, and Ross, Schroedter, and
Schroedters who have married and have different last names and
Andersons! We are all children of God so shout out to everyone else,
And if you read this and whether or not I know you or not (YET)- you
should write me a letter! Also, I am the one who collects and
distributes the letters for the whole mission- so please write me. It
can be depressing to distribute 6,000 letters a day and not get one.
hahaha jk- my self esteem doesn't depend on letters! but honestly-
write me :) I love letters and want to know you and love you all more!
Write me!!!
Lastly, even though this place is crazy and being a missionary on
temple square where the apostles and prophet have a tight monitor and
leash on us and we are guinea pigs for many things and there are 200
girls all in 9 acres 24/7 seven days a week and my body is falling
apart and there are anti's and I miss you all a lot and I am so close
to the University of Utah and there are stalkers and a mission is
intense- I have never been more sure about where I am supposed to be!
I love it here and am soooooooooooo happy! It's amazing how much
happiness I feel!!! I love this work and know that I will never have
an 18-month "single" (techinically- i don't have a ring) sister
missionary opportunity like this again! Well actually if I'm a widow
(ok that's seriously depressing!) I could go on a mission as a
single-sister. Ok well you know what I mean!!! And I am so blessed to
have this opportunity now and to feel God's love and learn of his
gospel more and more every day!! This work is IMPORTANT and we all
just need to love each other! I love you all and appreciate your love
and prayers!

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