Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ER and GC

Oh this week is just full of acronyms! So what happened this week?
Of course we must talk about General Conference. Sister Hansen and I
did all we could to look super fresh and all photogenic for the
Ensign- we prepped all week for this. But guess what happened Friday
night? The night before our big debut- I had to go to the ER.
Ridiculous! Oh my word- these meds are craziness but luckily they're
just monitoring me close and I'll stick it out for a couple more days
and just have the doc on speed dial! This transfer has been so crazy
and I'm so glad Sister Hansen has been by my side. We didn't get home
till after midnight and for a missionary- that's unacceptable- I need
my sleep. At one point, I walked out of the hospital with just my robe
(feeling all vulnerable and exposed) and an IV in me because Sister
Crandell and Sister Hernandez came with us to the hospital but I
didn't want them to have to lose so much sleep and we were informed I
was going be there a while- so we drove them home. My theory about the
ER is that if you can drive yourself to the ER, you don't need to go
to the ER but apparently some of the side effects to my meds were
silent but deadly- I don't even know. Just spent a lot of money to be
told that I just need to wait it out. Oh my word! AND I'm pretty sure
it's super illegal to walk out of a hospital with an IV in- what if i
was a druggie. Well this is Utah and they trust me since I am a
missionary i suppose and I dipped and hurried back in time before they
even knew I was gone.
Ok so back to the amazing week I had!! The ER was just a small
highlight. Sister Hansen and I looked a little rough Saturday morning
but we still looked smokin' at the same time. It was fun seeing people
I knew during Conference! Shout out, Melissa and Ian and other pepes.
I got to go to the Saturday morning session and DID ANY OF YOU HEAR
ELDER KENT F. RICHARDS TALK???? I was a mess (in a good way) during
that talk- it was like God personally catered to my prayers and
situation. Christ is the Healer!! It was an amazing talk and I can't
wait to re-watch it and read it in the Ensign. So amazing! Also there
was a powerful moment with Sister Hansen and our fellow T-square
sisters standing up in the Conference Center singing "I Know that My
Redeemer Lives." I'll never forget this Conference. It has changed my
life! Another talk that really touched me was with Elder Richard G.
Scott and his talk about love, family, and marriage. Elder Scott has
always been special to me, especially going to see him with my BYU
girls and the Clarks! I feel so blessed to have a strong love and
partner in Chase and my other non-romantic loved ones. I am so blessed
and look forward to reading that talk again, too!
Oh P.S. Happy Birthday shout out, to my girl KINA!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
and Happy Birthday, Sis LJ aka Alison! Woman, you need to write me.
What's your address? You want a birthday surprise then you need to
write me- or pop onto T-square and let me hug you or something!! I
love you both! Happy Birthday week :)
Kelly- your package. Thank you so much! You outdid yourself.
Hahahahaha that stalker picture you took of me on my French tour-
hilarious! It's on my wall!
Something amazing that happened this weekend was after the Sunday
afternoon Conference session, Sister Hansen and I were finally let out
of the cave and went onto the square. We were walking up the spiral
ramp to the Christus (seriously all my best stories happen there) and
I saw this super old, fragile blind lady struggling to walk down the
ramp. She looked a little crazy so I was just observing and started to
walk past her but the Spirit told me to go talk to her- so we did. I
asked her how she enjoyed her day on Temple Square and if we could
help her call someone or go anywhere. She just said she needed help
home and I asked her where she lived- she told us (kinda the ghetto of
SLC and a couple miles away) and Sister Hansen and I looked at each
other (and all the talks of service from Conference were running
through my mind) and I knew we aren't techinically allowed to go
outside our "mission" boundaries but this lady, Nancy, needed our
help. So we looked at each other and discerned that we would walk her
home. It was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of my
mission. Nancy grabbed my hand and we walked her home. She talked and
talked and really cheered up throughout our walk and was laughing by
the end of it. It was amazing to see her spirit lifted and her smile.
She had some crazy stories and I know she wasn't all the way there but
it felt so wonderful to help her. I have NO idea how she was going to
make it home safely without us, but luckily God answered her prayers
and helped us with an amazing opportunity to get to know one of his
special daughters even more. After we made it back to the square, we
walked by President Holmes' office and told him what we did to make
sure it was okay and he sat us down and taught me an amazing lesson.
He shared with us Matthew 25:31-36 and said "Sisters, you didn't walk
a blind lady home. You walked the Savior home!" Woah!! I never had
thought of that scripture in that literal way. But I know it's true.
"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you,
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my
brethren, ye have done it unto me."
I love being a missionary- it's amazing! I love the Holy Spirit and
all the truth and understanding it brings to me. This gospel is so
Chase!! I'm glad you got Wilson's information. So for everyone else
who doesn't already know- it's a cool story- Sister Tobias and Sister
Phillips are teaching someone in CHASE'S CURRENT AREA in Brazil! I was
talking to Sister Tobias about how Chase had got transferred into
Sabara (Sister Tobias is from Belo Horizonte) and she was stoked
becuase one of their investigators hasn't been able to find local
missionaries or get a call from them! Well, I was on it! And now Chase
is on it! How exciting!! I'll keep you posted! First a Romanian
connection and now a Belo Horizonte connection! Isn't this gospel so
amazing! So universal! So for everyone.
Oh after Conference weekend, we had a party! We all met in the
Tabernacle (many members that helped us with referrals showed up too)
at 9 pm. And we sang and cheered and talked because over the 48 hour
time period we (as a mission) collected 6,455 potentials!!! That is
going to keep us busy for a while to call others and invite them to
learn more and come closer to Christ with their local missionaries and
their search to know if it's true or not!! Conference is amazing! I
can't believe it's over but the spirit of Conference is
all-year-round! We also got to sleep in until 9 am on Monday and watch
a movie (Secretariat or whatever that horse movie is called. It's all
about women power. And you know T-square is all about women!!) p.s.
watching a movie with 200 T-square sisters and half of them ESL- it
can be a challenge but it was still so good to turn my brain off for a
couple hours and just unwind and watch the movie. Movies have always
been a source for me to unwind! Oh P.S. last week's blog post was a
link to the new Joseph Smith movie- I wasn't very clear about that-
hope y'all had a chance to check it out!
This week has been amazing and so crazy! That's what a mission is! I
am so grateful to be Sister Schroedter and to wear the church's name
and the name of the Savior on my tag every day!
Oh P.S. remember Marshal? Well I sure do- because he's changed my
life! He met with the missionaries yesterday and is getting baptized
and got a PMG manual and signed up for institute and going to the
Atlanta Georgia temple re-dedication and going to serve a mission and
going to be a part of mine and Heidi's life forever! Those blessed
Floridian missionaries had no idea how prepared Marshal truly
was/is!!! Maybe President will let us fly out for his baptism-
doubtful! We also had many IRC's this week- a week of miracles.
Marshal, Clara, Lucy, Shantay!! They are all in the States- Florida,
Indiana, California, Texas!!!!
Well Sister Hansen and I are off to the Capitol and explore SLC some!!
Being a missionary is great and knowing that it's all true is amazing!
So many blessings from this gospel are not tangible but they are
eternal- knowledge, joy, love, peace, etc! Marshal, Heidi, and I had
such a good talk on the phone yesterday how the "abstract" and
"spiritual" things in life are what brings real joy! I hope you all
can partake and act on these great blessings before us! The Lord wants
to bless us, we just need to ask and act!!! I'm here for you all and
hope you all feel the love, prayers, and happiness of this gospel with
me!! All glory to God!

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