Friday, May 6, 2011

I wish I was poor!

Caleb is so funny! He hates practicing piano- i can't blame him. I'm the girl who when woken up at 445 am in the fourth grade to practice her piano, carved her name in the wooden mahagony chestnut expensive grand piano out of spite. But anyways Caleb is crying (literally crying) because he hates practicing the piano and basically my dad says (classic dad argument by the way): "I couldn't even have piano lessons growing up- we were too poor. And the money I did make- was given to the family" and Caleb retorts "Dad, you were so lucky you were poor! Because you didn't have take piano!" Hahahaha we have a cushy life and a distorted view of reality.

Also I love my new job! It's amazing. I'm learning so much and love being challenged and helping others (even though podiatry is kinda nasty!!) but i love having a purpose and seeing results of work and being productive!

I have been aching for a hug lately- my mom doesn't like to be touched so I go up to Grant and say "I need a hug. I miss Chase! I just want someone to hug me!" and Grant says "I miss Chase, too!"
I am so touched because he has empathy and misses Chase like he is a brother to him already and then he finished the sentence "I miss Chase because if he were here, he could hug you and you wouldn't be bugging me!" hahahahahaha.
Remember how I get to talk to Taylor and Chase this Sunday :) Happy Mother's Day!

Ok well gotta go play pictionary with my parents and Grant! I am counting my every blessing and getting stronger every day!!

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