Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wrote this a couple days ago but then blogger freaked out. So here you go!
Just had family scripture study and prayer! And now playing games on another Saturday night- that's the life :)

Today was a good day. Went to work, the temple, and institute. And there were some funny thoughts I had and I’ll just share a few of them.
So I’ve always had a special place for trucks in my heart. And motorcycles. Boys with those modes of transportation get me every time. Chase has neither of those so it goes to show that I truly love him for deep, inner, sincere matters and not idolatrous things. After Chase is a successful doctor we will get us a truck and a motorcycle. Anyways back to this blog entry- trucks!
You can always tell who is a high-class Mexican? How? Check it out!

And some key indicators for who is the highest-class Red-neck. Take a gander.

Funny to me that they are complete opposites- yet both owners take such pride in pimping out their rides

Also have you ever been stuck at a red light forever? Well my dad hasn’t. Why? Because he gets out of the car, runs to the pedestrian button, pushes it, and runs back to the car- when he is the driver. He’s convinced it speeds up the process. Hahahaha. I know it does but is it worth it? And what if you get hit by a car or it turns green on your little jog to the button.
Hahaha so many things I love about my dad!

P.S. In the game Buzzword- my dad: "what's that ball that shoots out of a cannon?" 


Kelly said...

im confused. when have you EVER liked/dated a boy with a truck or motorcycle? youre making this up.

Marissa said...

mark. aj. michael. jonathan. todd. kent. steve. michael. and more. p.s. the word verification is "lances"- that's appropriate for commenting back to you.

Lauryn said...

Loved this post.