Monday, June 27, 2011

Cutest 9 year old!!!


Lucky time with the Birthday BOY!!!

So excited his midriff is showing!!
What a cutie!! Miniature golf birthday bash!
How many Schroedters does it take to light candles on a cake? Four!

Caleb is seriously an amazing young man. I rave about him all the time on this blog and I don't know what I'd be like or our family would be like without him. I love him so much. He is such a sweet little angel with a big heart and great charm and fun spirit!!! I love Caleb and am blessed to be with him on his big day :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

home is where the heart is

the day before the mtc i had a great party at my house and holding millie was def important!
dropping me off at the MTC! Mom, Dad, Garr, and then some :)
my MTC companions were perfect!
one of the best parts about going on a mission- experiencing the temple
my zone chicas :)
just living it up in the mtc
a necessary part of every pday!
best district ever! 53-C!
we're state-side bound and all over the place!
Sister Nichols and Sister Alejandro and Sister Schroedter
Wagstaff, Kendall, Godfrey, Morales, Snyder, Russon, Carrico, Bast, Schroedter, Nichols, Alejandro!
 Where Chase hid me a note :) 10 months earlier! L for love. 17 for the day we fell in love.
 a little bit of a lot of love!
 These Romanian brothers found me and raved about Taylor!
 Vistor Center training group! Washington DC temple and SLC temple bound!
 One day we matched..... on purpose.
My beautiful trainer! Aka my roomate this fall! Gotta start getting used to calling her Ali!
I HEART Sis LJ!!! 
With two of my favorite people! President Holmes and Sister Littlejohn!
 Christmas Eve!
 Best 2nd transfer ever!! I love Sister Crandell!
 A Mason temple trip on P day :)
 Doing our RC thing (RC=Referral Center)
 3rd transfer rocked my world! hahaha a Pday run with Sister Hansen- it rained. a lot. 
 We make Guest Services gorgeous!
 And then..... this is where it all went wrong. Psycho doctors.
 Some Music and Spoken Word time!
 Oh yah just loving my chat time!
As Temple Square sisters... we have a reputation to upkeep!
 Pday fun at the capitol!
 Next transfer with Sister Martinez!
 What a beautiful time. Beautiful. 

 And now here we are..... and my heart will always be at Temple Square!!! Good thing my heart shares!!
just trying to take a nice family picture. let's get it together!
they wouldn't cooperate......
 OOHHH!!! -copyright Ciara's frustrating groan!
 I guess this is as good as we'll get. Dad looking great. Grant in a mugshot. Cay sneezing. and my mom's arm. and me with my new glasses stealing the spotlight i suppose.
 they say Schroedter kids are good looking. well yes. but we don't let it go to our heads.

Imagine if....

...Taryn were an occupation, what would she be?
2. photographer
3. nba player
4. model
5. teacher
6. lawyer.
everyone but me puts model.....
"taryn! you're going to be a photography major in college?" -me
"yah i know! but look at this face!" -taryn
"yeah it belongs behind a camera, not in front of one" -me

...if Marissa were scared to do something, what would she fear?
1. bungee jumping
2. addressing the UN committee
3. catching a tarantula
4. singing on stage
5. scuba diving
everyone but taryn puts tarantula....
"taryn why wouldn't you put the spider one?" -mom
"i thought it said undress in front of the UN!" -taryn
"oh she'd do that no problem! especially if she had the right music!" -mom
hahahahahah.... thanks, mom? i guess! hahahaha

i love that game!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 reasons why I love home

1. Sometimes the car goes magically from empty to full! Woke up ten minutes early for nothing! I can put my exhausted credit card away!
2. Caleb still thinks he's 2 and snuggles under the covers in the morning. Even if it is 6 am. It's still cute.
3. I can do nothing on the weekends and be just fine with my self esteem
4. Dating the poolside tanning hammock and book club and fam bbqs is much simpler
5. Grant and i have too much fun scaring Caleb- ESP when he showers. He hates that he can't hear us coming!
6. Family prayer is priceless. Honestly it's beautiful and.... Sometimes I give long prayers ( aka "general conference prayers" as cay calls them) just to watch him squirm.

Monday, June 20, 2011


One of my favorite moments in life... When you are all cozied up and with your down comforter and blankets! And you know you have eight or more hours to just sleep! And sleep! And sleep! It's not 630 am and you're dreadfully hitting the snooze button. But it's 10:30 pm and bliss has just begun! Ps I realllly love sleep. So without further ado (sp?) good night! Zzzzz! Oh sweet perfection!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a Caleb moment

So I'm sitting with Caleb outside the stake president's office. I'm getting this whole BYU Fall situation sorted out!
So we're waiting and he's playing a game on my phone and it is Sunday so I'm trying to evoke some spiritual convo with Caleb!
There is a picture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsamne on the wall. We talk about what this picture is portraying. Also, what events follow after this painful night: Judas' betrayal, the Jewish hatred, Christ's crucifixion, and other manifestations of Christ's love and divinity. At first I was just asking Cay a question and sqeezing responses out of him, but after 5 or 10 minutes it turns into an actual dialogue. Then he takes me completely off guard when he makes this anaology.
I'm saying, "Christ did all of this by choice and he was motivated by his love for us. He died so we could live!"
Caleb pauses, ponders, and then wisely compares, "So Christ is like Harry Potter's parents. They died so he could live. They won over evil."
Hahahahahhahaha..... what a wise 8 year old. Lilly and James aren't quite the same as Jesus, but at least the wheels in his head are turning! Oh this world that we live in where an 8 year old is comparing Jesus in such a way! Well Christ's mission is in way very magical- aka miraculous!
Today has been a good Sunday. I am so grateful for Christ and his unconditional love. He is real and his saving grace is everything!
Happy Father's day to our dad :) even though he isn't in town today! We're kinda off the hook. We'll do something awesome for him when he gets back from his business trip. It's great to have a great dad here and in heaven :) Love you, Dad!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many questions, few answers, unlimited blessings.

so I've been struggling. I try to lighten every situation and post only random shallow hilariousness for this blog, but when I'm alone and I let myself start to think- it's a black hole!
This blog post might not be what I normally write but it's my blog so "i do what i want."
I have many blessings. I don't want you to read this and think I'm seeing my life as a total lost cause- I'm just venting- which really means just whining.
I myself am going to sock myself in the face for being such a debbie-downer... or marissa-melancholier or whatever the right alliteration is.
But this blog is a type of journal and it wouldn't be too real of a journal without addressing some real hang ups and lack of faith issues I have. Plain and simple- i need more faith. I've been studying talks and scriptures on how to gain more faith- if you have any advice that is something I haven't thought of or researched, please share!
I know we can ask God anything in our prayers- and my main question these days is "Why?"
-Why did you not heal my health? You are the perfect healer.
-Why is it more important for me to be here than out in the mission field really helping ppl?
-Why did the doctors mess me up even worse in the mission field?
-Why is BYU saying I have no spot in the fall?
-Why does mail get lost between Brazil and here?
-Why can I tell other people the purpose of life but not find my own?
And I am an RM so I know all the right scriptures. opposition, it's but a small moment, all things for our good, plan of happiness, etc. etc.
I can't even bare to see myself as such a pessimistic whining hopeless foolish lost cause- that's not who I am. But where do I go from here? Just wait until Christmas and hope that Chase's return heals the last aching part of me. No! I will not be dependent on another human for my empty inadequacies. This is between God and me.
Well they say when it gets too hard to stand, kneel. Am I suppose to just go to work, the store, the gas station, church, the doctors- kneeling? Because that's what it feels like I have to resort to. I would look a little- no correction- I would look A LOT ridiculous- but if that's what it took, i'd swallow my pride and do it! I lack patience because I just want to have that amazing, flying-high joy I had on the mission here at home RIGHT NOW!!There is nothing that can describe my longing to be on the mission. Nothing. I've been filling my life with busy activies: took up the piano again, french studies, writing, scrapbooking, swimming, weight lifting, eating, dieting, not eating at all, french films, writing missionaries, teaching, tanning, sleeping, concerts, baking, shopping, etc. But nothing can fill this void- I know the atonement and time will do their miracle but until then... I think I've lost my mind.
Maybe blogging about things that are of actual importance in my life could help me get through this. Therapy. Have some funny blogs, have some deep blogs. They might make people uncomfortable because screening my thoughts isn't a strong suit of mine. 
I am the kind of gal that loves change. I thrive on it- except when it's a change I cannot control.
examples: coming home from my mission, mail getting lost, getting dumped (which i've never actually experienced), a death, a chronic illness, unwanted rain, a flat tire, other people's choices.
A lot of this deep soul searching crazy over analyzing intensity has come from me really getting into reading. which causes me to really get into writing. This week I've finished the hunger games, eat-pray-love, and the fourth book of work and the glory. All of these books have caused me to seriously reflect. I know it might seem crazy but my imagination and placing myself in these books was so real!
-What kind of complicated love web have I intagled myself in?
-How strong is my testimony?
-How much could I endure?
-Would I ever be selfish enough to hurt everyone I love for my own short-sighted perspective?
-Is the government reading and hearing everything?
-Would I be able to let go?
-Would I believe him if I was there?
and it all can be brought back to my weakness- asking the question WHY??
Well I think the answer I've come up with for now is this: the little voice in my head says: "You cannot find all the answer now, so just shut up, buck up, and get up!! There is so much beauty in the world and you haven't failed at everything! Stop embarassing yourself and get grateful!"
So here is my grattitude list:
The love in my life- from God, my family, Chase, Chase's family, friends, acquaintances, and those I'm unaware of I'm sure.
The health I do have and the days I've had and the day I have now. It's really not that bad! And if I die- I'll be healed and whole- so it's not that scary!
My knowledge, wisdom, experience, and strength in the gospel.
My job.... and I'll graduate (eventually).
My talents I have and the ones I'll develop.
I got to go to the temple this week and find some serious clarity.
I have had many prayers answered throughout my life.
I have heard God's voice and plan!
Even though it's not my perfect dream, I know God's will is for me to be here right now. If I didn't know that for myself, then I'd really be unhinged!
I know God lives. I know his gospel is all over the place and in many churches and that his complete priesthood is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
This country is still semi-Christian based and God-fearing! for now! and I'll keep spreading the good news to keep that going.
I have many temporal comforts and needs met... that make the other problems easier.
I've experienced the best 6 months ever- touring and sharing and loving everyone on Temple Square. I wouldn't trade that for anything- even if I have to go through this psychological craziness because it was ONLY six months!! At least I had those SIX months!!

Ok well believe it or not- I feel better! I've "vented" (aka whined) and found some healing in making a short grattitude list! I'm going to go write more down!
When upon life's billows you are tempest toss..... count your many blessings. And when that doesn't succeed, take a nap :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

funnel cakes for the bachelorettes :)

yah that's right! from our country concert.... we became inspired. we had the idea from the day of the concert but of course it takes us a couple weeks to actually get down to it and accomplish our goals :)

me and tar are just domestic gems living up our bachelorette days while watching the bachelorette. thanks heavens bentley is coming back- otherwise.... snooze!!!

oh and of course we had struggles with our funnel cakes and my dad had to step in and save the day :) delicious!!!!

and my cousy cous sent me this! divine! just brought a tear to my eye. so much love for that girl! a month and 13 hours till i get to jump into your arms- literally! hope you've been lifting weights because i've been fattening up on funnel cakes :)

and a big shout out to my prettiest friend..... you know who you are! here is a hint :) ANY DAY ANY DAY!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


so i gave my homecoming today and some pepes are coming over right now for dinner so i gotta just copy and paste. but i don't want it to be forever long so i'll just copy and paste tid bits. i got to speak for 20 minutes because it was just me and a high council man :) and my stake presidency was there. oh mamma! but i got my beautiful plaque and got through the whole thing without crying :) and then third hour, i taught the laurel class. wow what a holy sunday :) alright well talk more later fellas!!

Hi. My name is Marissa Schroedter. I was just up here 8 months ago giving my farewell talk- and here I am again. I just decided that it was enough service time and time for me to come home. I’m kidding obviously- I wish it was a decision that was up to me but not the case. I was released for medical reasons- even though I may look super beautiful and healthy- it’s deceiving. No I won’t die from it- well I probably will eventually but not for now. I have ulcerative colitis and had it before my mish and it just got worse on the mish. I’m not going to go into more detail because it’s not a pleasant disease. You all can google it.
So here I am and officially an RM.
So, I served at Temple Square and when I first opened my call I was skeptical of how this mission would work. Well now I can say that I did serve in the best mission in the world. What RM wouldn’t say that but Temple Square is seriously amazing. I loved every second of it and am so grateful for every moment I had to wear that tag and be a full-time missionary. God definitely is so amazing to bless me with the opportunity to serve there and he is still blessing me now to cope with my withdrawals.
Well how do you help others come closer to Christ? For a Jewish person do you give them proof that Jesus was more than a prophet? For an atheist, do you just try to convince them that at one point they did believe in God and now just feel jaded because life is hard. For a gay person, do you try to recap Adam and Eve and bear witness of the sanctity of marriage? The truth is they all have the same answer. Help them find a testimony in the Book of Mormon and Bible. You crack open your Book of Mormon and double testify of the Bible. One of my personal goals with every contact was never to miss the opportunity to share God’s holy word. If you have a testimony of the book of Mormon then you know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the restoration is of God and everything is legit.
My dad and I have been talking a lot about how nothing is more powerful than the word of God- just like it says in Alma 31:5
And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just- yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else, which had happened to them- therefore Alma thought it was expedient that they should try the virture of the word of God.
That’s why as missionaries, we are given specific time everyday to study his word- that’s what we should be sharing everyday! Now there is a point that you need to address each person’s personal need, but we always need to remember that God knows how to talk to them best. So use his words and wait for his spirit of discernment.
So the reference talk that I was given is called “Be Thou an Example” by Thomas Monson. What a beautiful talk it is- another thing you can google after church today.
Something that really stuck out to me was this part of the talk. It’s the counsel Paul gives to Timothy:
 “Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” 
I hope within our own hearts and ward, we can practice this conversation, charity, faith, and forgiveness. Fellowshipping those that are Mormon is just as honorable as those that are not. There is just as much missionary work to be done in Utah than any other place- most of it is within the ward directory. I saw too many members offended, broken, or unforgiving. One spring day, our mission President called Sister Hansen and myself over to him and told us of a hurt old woman who needed some love and someone to listen and if we wouldn’t mind spending some time with her….. so we did- for a couple hours. It was intense as she unloaded her life story and all her baggage but walking within the temple grounds and touching the granite and sitting on the bench by the flowers- she really was healing right before our very own eyes because someone listened and cared. Many times my mission president taught me that when you are serving God’s children, you are serving the Savior. Through us, the Savior was able to show her strong love. Maurine said she hadn’t been to temple square in a while or church because she never felt love but now t- she’d be coming back often.
It’s great to help a stranger and it’s great to help your close loved ones, too.
At temple square, like I said- we call members’ friends. So I had my mother send me all the contacts in my phone immediately and I gave them to fellow sisters and they called my friends and invited them to learn from their local missionaries in Kentucky, New York, Singapore, California, Utah, and Houston as well. Some said no- but same said yes. And they are learning!! And once you’re in the area book- there you will be for years.
If you don’t invite people- it’s like you are taking away their agency to say yes or no! How many times do you just show up at someone’s house without being invited?
Temple square is an eagle eye view of missionary work. Even though our mission is only 9 acres, our outreach is unlimited. There are two instances that were particularly beautiful to me because I always loved seeing missionary work progress in Brazil and in Romania- they have some great missionaries there, you know!!
One of the sisters, Sister Phillips, at temple square is a girl I grew up with in Singapore and her companion, Sister Tobias, is from the specific mission in Brazil where Chase is serving. So we’re talking about Chase in Brazil and I tell them he is in an area called Sabara. Sister Tobias gets giddy because their investigator, Wilson, they’ve been teaching is there and hasn’t been able to get in contact with the local missionaries- especially because he is in a wheelchair. Well FEAR NOT!!! An email goes out to my mom who sends it to chase’s mom who sends it to chase- BOOM- he has the address, phone number, and situation!!
Also a similar thing happens with Romania- one night we are having a little relaxing time on pday and I’m in my Romania flag tshirt at our apartments and Sister Beecroft and Buleje- in my zone- say who do you know in Romania? I say my brother and then they go on to tell me about their investigator, Christian, who has TB and really sick and hasn’t been able to make it to church to find his local missionaries and nobody has called him or contacted him- have no fear AGAIN! A quick email to Taylor and boom- missionaries are there!! This gospel is so amazing and needs all of us working as a team to build up this kingdom because every soul matters!
Also something else that is amazing about missionary work these days are in these very halls. Have you seen those little containers on the walls of pass-along cards. Well y’all should put like 80 in your purse and hand them out or just drop them on the sidewalk- I think it’s okay to litter these because they bring about great miracles. I cannot tell you how many calls I received of “oh I found this card with this number in a book I checked out from the library.” Or “I was just thinking of finding a church, and I found this card in the elevator.” Or “some boys all dressed up on bikes just handed me this card and told me to get a free dvd. Is it really free?” You know they are elect because they are taking the initiative
One specific amazing miracle I saw from pass-along cards was from a soldier in Washington state. He calls in and I’m literally packing up my cubicle and about to head for the square but the phone rings….. one more phone call I think. So I answer it- thank goodness I did. Grant was so golden. He came back from Iraq and visited his sister in high school in Texas and she had up and joined the Mormon church- after everything he had seen in oversees, his belief in God was squashed. But his sister really wanted him to come to church with her so he obliged and he said the feelings and peace he felt was overwhelming. He hadn’t felt that much peace in a long long time. He then grabbed a pass along card and was calling us. He said he wanted to be as happy as his sister and be apart of this church. But now he’s in Washington and not sure where to go- well let me just guide you!! Being a tour guide is what Temple Square sisters are good at! And in less than two weeks he was baptized and given the Aaronic priesthood. Wow!! And you know how man non-mormons he knows- it’s a dominoe effect!!
In my very first transfer with my trainer, Sister Littlejohn- she’s amazing- I’m living with her in the fall- she has no ring yet so if you want me to set her up with your sons- I’ll see what I can do. Anyways- we are chatting on and it’s been kind of a frustrating day on chat but then the Lord put Patrick in our path. He is Nigerian but living in Thailand to work- the girl he’s been dating over the internet is in Chile and LDS- she told him to check out Well tada! And now he’s strengthened the church in Bangkok and Nigeria. Because of Patrick, I was teaching people from Nigeria for the rest of my mission. We laced with him like crazy and taught every family member and friend he has- and then their friends and family and so fort. But the missionaries in Africa are sparse- when the Lord tells the prophet we need more missionaries- he’s not kidding. There are many people searching and many people who have found what they’re looking for but not enough members or branches anywhere near them.
One of the best moments I had on my mission with a really hilarious Seventh day Adventist. His name was James and boy was he passionate- a 60 year old truck driver passing through! I was on exchanges that day with Sister Gierschke. So here I am with one of my new favorite sisters! She’s from Germany in her first transfer- her very first week! He was condemning us for not having church Saturday and how we are going to hell for encouraging Sunday services and he was just getting crazy. I didn’t have a security button on me and no one was around and the phone was too far away to reach so I’m trying to take control of the conversation. So I ask him how he liked the joseph smith movie he just came out of and we get to talking about that. He then sincerely says: I actually have a very good question for y’all. We have a prophet, too. Her name is Ellen G. White. She actually was called of God to organize his true church.  Born in the 1820’s and in the New England area- so don’t you think it’s strange that your Jo Smith had so much trouble and hatred? She didn’t have anyone hunting her down or giving her any problems. Wow… that was very anticlimactic and we both start laughing and he was confused. I say- I’m glad you asked, James. There is a very simple answer to that question. I took a deep breath and really listened to what God would have me say- and it shocked me at the bold statement that came to mind. “Well James, because Satan knew that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and knew the great work that would come from his prophetic mission, he put all his forces into destroying that- he didn’t bother with false prophets. He wouldn’t waste his time harassing someone who was no threat.” And James just stood there, open mouthed and Sister Gierschke was shocked too! We held our breath but then he started to laugh- he slapped me and Sister Gierschke on the back and said he liked us and admired our strong desire to serve the Savior and that was pretty much the end of that whole ordeal. We invited him to learn more and he just laughed and said he’ll think about it- he drives through utah all the time and always stops to visit Temple square and watch the joseph smith movie. My mind was blown- what. Why does he keep watching it? Me and sister Gierschke just looked at each other and thought “what just happened?” we laughed the whole way back to the apartments to tell our companions what happened- because it was 9 o’clock and time for us to get home.
I learned a lot from each one of my companions. One of my companions, Sister Crandell was super great. She studied the Bible in Hebrew a lot in college. She taught me a lot about Jewish culture and beliefs. And when we were companions, I never had so many tours with Jewish people. God sends people specifically to you and your companion with your specific talents. Well one guy we spoke with was an amazing Jew- his name was Steve. And he was legit with his Jewish lifestyle- was sent to Jersualem to live there and study true Orthodox Judaism. Well he knew he was pretty smart but little did he know that that very morning we had been studying scriptures to help us teach Jewish people! Boom! The Spirit can prepare you without even you knowing it. I ask him many questions about his beliefs because he knows I’m more ignorant than Sister Crandell. He starts teaching me from the Old Testament scriptures that proves we are wrong. He even mentions that in Isaiah 53 when it talks about “him” bearing our grief and carrying our sorrows and being wounded for our transgression- that it’s actually personification for the house of Israel going through hard times like the holocaust and what not because the Jewish ppl fell into transgressions. WOAH! How do you try to teach a Jewish man testifying of the holocaust? So I’m super flustered because I don’t know what to say. Then I remember the scripture I read that very morning. Moroni 5:14. If you want to turn there- it will be powerful for you to read the words. You see Steve didn’t really care if we had another book besides the New Testament because he didn’t even believe the New testament was legit- BUT he was curious why we needed this Book of Mormon if we believe the New Testament was true. So that’s where Moroni 5:14 comes in. The “they” is the scriptures. Ok it says:
And behold, they shall go unto the unbelieving of the Jews; and for this intent shall they go- that they may be persuaded that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God; that the Father may bring about, through his most Beloved, his great and eternal purpose, in restoring the Jews or all the house of Israel to the land of their inheritance which the Lord their God hath given them unto the fulfilling of his covenant.
Yah that scripture could have really offended him but he loved it! He especially liked it talking about restoring the Jews. He said he needed to read this book written for him and his people. That’s the funny thing about the Book of Mormon- it makes every person think that it’s written literally just for them! Because it is! It’s for each one of us!
Also- going along with my topic- the book of mormon can really bring the spirit into our lives and keep us from temptation. That’s another reason I always try to share from it, because it helps drive away any contention. I don’t know if y’all have seen Baptists at our Barbecque –it’s a high quality Mormon film but let me just say that movie is very accurate with some of those contentious feelings. But anyways- one beautiful spring day- Pastor Jones came to the temple square and we had a very long tour and intense conversation but it was really great. I think he had a crush on me and my companion thought so too but that’s neither here nor there. There are a lot of stalkers on temple square- that’s why we have such good security. Anyways- I loved this particular tour because we both kept bringing up the scriptures and even if we interpreted them differently- there was still such a spirit of peace. It didn’t become bible bashing. And at the end of the tour- I just simply say- are we arguing over who loves Jesus more? The Mormons or the Baptists? Can’t we all just love him at like maximum level and be happy- he just smiled but he started to see how silly it was for him to approach us and say that we don’t believe in the same Jesus that he does- I didn’t know there was more than one? He has a congregation in Draper, Utah so maybe when I go back to BYU for school- I’ll go visit him and convert his congregation- like Joseph Fielding in the old days!

Now believe it or not that's not ALL of my talk. and I didn't read this word for word- it's just what i typed beforehand but let's be hones- the whole talk was pretty much just a little bit of me mixed with the spirit and whatever came from my heart. I'm glad it's over and that I could share some about my wonderful chapter at Temple Square!! I love missionary work!
If you want to call and refer your own friends or if you yourself wanna talk to some missionaries. Call! 1-800-700-1200!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

live worms

Caleb walks in from fishing with my dad.
Grant: How'd it go?
Caleb: Don't even ask what's in here. (pointing to his cup with a lid on it)
Me: If it' a tarantula, I'm gonna freak out.
Caleb: It's not. It's worms. Live worms.
Grant: How are they gonna breathe, there's no holes in the lid?
Caleb: In the fridge (as he goes to put the cup in the fridge.)
Grant: That still won't help them breathe.

And also tonight.... Grant, Scott, and I are about to play a joke on our parents- we are going to play Clue but not put anything in the confidential envelope and see how long my parents will play before they realize process of elimantion doesn't work because all the cards are dispersed. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahah.

Monday, June 6, 2011

the piano!

I am now ready to start brushing up on my piano.
I mean at Temple-square... everyone and their mom plays the piano. And in Romania, Taylor is the only hope for his little branch to have any accompaniment to the hymns at all!! I need to get it together! 
I tried to find a piano teacher for the summer. Yeah it'd be a 21 year old with a bunch of 7 year olds! Seems about right!
But once I told them I took paino for 10 years.... Nobody wanted to help. It's not intimidating- i promise. I can barely play the simplified hymns. I have hardly touched a piano in the last 6 years.
Well, if I wasn't going to have a piano teacher help motivate me, I'd have to take matters into my own hands..... So i did!
I went to a piano store!
I bought two great piano books. What are they called you ask? Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 and Taylor Swift's Fearless! Yep! If you want to borrow them sometime, maybe you'll have that honor!! Well, I have to go practice- better go multiply my talents and not bury them in the dirt!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Country music makes me want to be in love!!!

I seriously love country music! I do! When you are going through a break up- it's perfect. When you're madly in love- it's perfect. When you're lonely- it's perfect. When your loving being single- it's perfect. It is just a good genre of music. And if you're thinking to yourself "Doubtful!" I used to be just like you before I got trapped in a country-horror hick town and realized that it is very applicable. Now I'm one of those country-lovers!! And proud of it!!! Just give it a try and maybe it will surprise you. Don't be a prideful ole stick in the mud. 
Ok wow- rant! Sorry about that. Anyways, this weekend the beautiful Taryn Brooke and I went to the concert "A day in the country" at the Houston Race Track!!! It was awesome!!!!
Stealing Angels, Dirt Drifters, Gloriana, Steve Holy, Heidi Newfield, Little Big Town, and Leanne Rimes. In that order :) we were there from 12 pm to 10 pm!! It was great and Taryn is the best company- love her!! 
Some highlights from the day.... let's just start in order- shall we? 
We had to get cash because the whole place is a scam in the fact that they won't let you bring in water or food and yet your in the Houston sun for 10 hrs? impossible. and they only accept cash..... so we went to the ATM, then got lunch, and headed to I-10...... well..... I'm sitting at a stop light and almost swerve into the car next to me because my windows are so clean that i forgot they were there.......and a HUGE MONSTEROUS wasp the size of Texas (i'm serious!!) flew into my window. I seriously screamed and started swatting.....ope the window was up. Thank heavens!! But it honestly was just hoovering over me for a good minute and staring me down. Even though there was a window between us, it had me frozen with terror. Taryn and I were cracking up- moments like that i wish my life was a reality tv show so that woulda been caught on tape!!! I hope the people at the stop light next to, in front, and behind us witnessed the crazy fit i had!!!
So we looked pretty good I think before the concert started..... then we realized it was over a 100 on the pavement of the concert and we knew we'd be looking not so GOOOD by the end of the day. So we made sure to take a cute picture before we melted :)
So we make it to the race track, after missing the exit a couple times- Houston is a real city!!!- i'm not the best navigator.... but we get there and are on the second row with our lawn chairs and blanket!!! Oh man- before we even sat down, we realized how HOT it was. But of course we didn't want sun screen because we wanted to be as tan as possible. When I'm 60 and have thousands of dollars of medical bills- don't feel sorry for me! And so the fun SCORCHING day began!
Some great quotes for when we were basking in the oven:
I wish I was naked right now. I wish I was naked in a bucket of ice.
I wish I was bald. I wanna cut all my hair off! That's how desperately hott I am!
I wish I could cuddle with a bag of ice!!
And the quotes go on- we got pretty creative..... and desperate!
Always trying to get in a good tanning position!!!
Of course there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we both forgot our sunglasses but we still loved every second of it. We had to take turns between bands to get water and such because we didn't want our stuff to get stolen and we had to guard it. 
oh there were sketch ppl around that you know were just waiting to pounce!! Oh man- one hilarious/sad thing about concerts- drunk people everywhere! Especially country concerts- you can't listen to a country station without them mentioning about how much they love drinking beer. That's really the only con to country music- irresponsible encouragement to get hammered. Eh the word of wisdom wasn't always manditory so it's not too big of a sin? right? hahah jk jk! I'm not a rationalizer kind of sinner. Anyways- Taryn snapped some GOOD pics and videos of some of the drunk shenanigans. 
In between the bands- we also tried to hide under our lawn chairs to protect ourselves from cancer. it actually helped quite a bit! good thinking, tar!!
P.S. we had down time here and there and Taryn introduced me to a hilarious website! 
One time during a band break, Taryn had a brilliant moment and found  SUNGLASSES when she was buying us water- HENCE!!! 
and she got snowcones....... and not before i could even take a bite..... this happened :( oh i am seriously out of control! i almost cried because i was so hott and roasted and dying for that ice...... short bus for sure. ope right on taylor's blanket. i ate up and salvaged what I could.

but i didn't drop our funnel cake a couple hours later- the only food we bought- it was all such a scam of high-priced food!! the funnel cake was worth it and soooo delicious!! 
It was such a fun day and will always be a great memory with Taryn. Our bond is strong and regardless of romance or whatever is going on in our lives- she is like a sister to me!!!!!! She's already telling me she's a size 4 for her bridesmaid dress. Take it easy!! 
well I am a big Gloriana fan!! They were the reason I wanted to go and I love them!!!!

This is us with Gloriana- as you can see our hair was looking great by 345 pm! Success!
The other bands were great, too!!
I love the song "I wanna be like Johnny and June...." even though I don't support adultery.
"Good morning beautiful" is a song of my past and I still love it!! "I got a brand new girlfriend" is good!!!! 
and I wasn't really aware of Little Big Town that much but NOW I AM!! Boy, can they harmonize! I'm a fan now :) love them!! I need to memorize their lyrics and tunes immediately if not sooner.
The only real downer of the day besides the heat was that Little Big Town didn't even play the only song we really love and know..... Kiss Goodbye. When they walked off the stage, we were thinking it was a joke and that they were going to come back....... nope. Well we just jammed to it on the way home on the ipod. But this is our "ticked where is Kiss Goodbye song" face??
I'm not all that into Leann Rimes but she is famous so I just stayed to snap a pic of her! 
All in all it was a great day! I did get sun! Maybe a little too much sun!  
please notice the tan lines! shorts, bracelet, ring! i'm proud!
Oh the sun. You glorious sun!! 
Love you Country Music! Love you Tar!!! Some much needed amazing time with Taryn! You got me running, baby, WILD AT HEART <3