Friday, June 3, 2011

Caleb the jester!

Oh man Caleb is funny. Who is Caleb? My hilarious 8 year old brother! He's having a birthday this month so he's practically 9!

Two ways Caleb has proven himself funny today:
He was talking to his little friend, Ryan, and he was telling Ryan of something he said when he was 4 years old. Two memories- that had me cracking up! Caleb has always been funny.
**Caleb comes out of the bathroom and Shelby asks, "Did you wash your hands, Caleb?" and Caleb retorts, "No! It's not like I peed all over them!" hahahahahahahhahahahaha
** Caleb walking down the basement stairs. I peg him in the back with a ball. He turns back and looks at me and says "What the H*** did you do that for?" hahahahahhahahahah what kind of four year old was he? hahahahahah. where did he learn that language?! oh kids these days! They really do say the darnest things.

And today, Ry and Cay were swimming and I was reading my book in the hammock (still in my dressy work clothes) and Caleb drenches me with his water gun (okay it was on accident but i was ticked.) So i threatened to give all his lego toys to Ryan and I was just being crazy and joking. And Caleb gets hysterical and in a frenzy- then Ryan says "Take it easy. She's just joking!" and Caleb says, "My sister. Marissa- she hardly ever jokes." and he was soberly serious! hahaha my Mom and I start cracking up. My mom says, "You obviously don't know your sister. Her life is about joking." I guess I take that as a compliment. hahaha.

Well I recently have ordered many French classic movies from amazon and now have a huge task ahead of me to watch them and try to brush up on my French :)
My Friday nights are exciting! Don't be jealous!
But I'm actually enjoying my drama free life- hasn't been this drama free in..... 6 or 7 years I'd say! I have many things to recollect when I count my many blessings.

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