Sunday, June 5, 2011

Country music makes me want to be in love!!!

I seriously love country music! I do! When you are going through a break up- it's perfect. When you're madly in love- it's perfect. When you're lonely- it's perfect. When your loving being single- it's perfect. It is just a good genre of music. And if you're thinking to yourself "Doubtful!" I used to be just like you before I got trapped in a country-horror hick town and realized that it is very applicable. Now I'm one of those country-lovers!! And proud of it!!! Just give it a try and maybe it will surprise you. Don't be a prideful ole stick in the mud. 
Ok wow- rant! Sorry about that. Anyways, this weekend the beautiful Taryn Brooke and I went to the concert "A day in the country" at the Houston Race Track!!! It was awesome!!!!
Stealing Angels, Dirt Drifters, Gloriana, Steve Holy, Heidi Newfield, Little Big Town, and Leanne Rimes. In that order :) we were there from 12 pm to 10 pm!! It was great and Taryn is the best company- love her!! 
Some highlights from the day.... let's just start in order- shall we? 
We had to get cash because the whole place is a scam in the fact that they won't let you bring in water or food and yet your in the Houston sun for 10 hrs? impossible. and they only accept cash..... so we went to the ATM, then got lunch, and headed to I-10...... well..... I'm sitting at a stop light and almost swerve into the car next to me because my windows are so clean that i forgot they were there.......and a HUGE MONSTEROUS wasp the size of Texas (i'm serious!!) flew into my window. I seriously screamed and started swatting.....ope the window was up. Thank heavens!! But it honestly was just hoovering over me for a good minute and staring me down. Even though there was a window between us, it had me frozen with terror. Taryn and I were cracking up- moments like that i wish my life was a reality tv show so that woulda been caught on tape!!! I hope the people at the stop light next to, in front, and behind us witnessed the crazy fit i had!!!
So we looked pretty good I think before the concert started..... then we realized it was over a 100 on the pavement of the concert and we knew we'd be looking not so GOOOD by the end of the day. So we made sure to take a cute picture before we melted :)
So we make it to the race track, after missing the exit a couple times- Houston is a real city!!!- i'm not the best navigator.... but we get there and are on the second row with our lawn chairs and blanket!!! Oh man- before we even sat down, we realized how HOT it was. But of course we didn't want sun screen because we wanted to be as tan as possible. When I'm 60 and have thousands of dollars of medical bills- don't feel sorry for me! And so the fun SCORCHING day began!
Some great quotes for when we were basking in the oven:
I wish I was naked right now. I wish I was naked in a bucket of ice.
I wish I was bald. I wanna cut all my hair off! That's how desperately hott I am!
I wish I could cuddle with a bag of ice!!
And the quotes go on- we got pretty creative..... and desperate!
Always trying to get in a good tanning position!!!
Of course there wasn't a cloud in the sky and we both forgot our sunglasses but we still loved every second of it. We had to take turns between bands to get water and such because we didn't want our stuff to get stolen and we had to guard it. 
oh there were sketch ppl around that you know were just waiting to pounce!! Oh man- one hilarious/sad thing about concerts- drunk people everywhere! Especially country concerts- you can't listen to a country station without them mentioning about how much they love drinking beer. That's really the only con to country music- irresponsible encouragement to get hammered. Eh the word of wisdom wasn't always manditory so it's not too big of a sin? right? hahah jk jk! I'm not a rationalizer kind of sinner. Anyways- Taryn snapped some GOOD pics and videos of some of the drunk shenanigans. 
In between the bands- we also tried to hide under our lawn chairs to protect ourselves from cancer. it actually helped quite a bit! good thinking, tar!!
P.S. we had down time here and there and Taryn introduced me to a hilarious website! 
One time during a band break, Taryn had a brilliant moment and found  SUNGLASSES when she was buying us water- HENCE!!! 
and she got snowcones....... and not before i could even take a bite..... this happened :( oh i am seriously out of control! i almost cried because i was so hott and roasted and dying for that ice...... short bus for sure. ope right on taylor's blanket. i ate up and salvaged what I could.

but i didn't drop our funnel cake a couple hours later- the only food we bought- it was all such a scam of high-priced food!! the funnel cake was worth it and soooo delicious!! 
It was such a fun day and will always be a great memory with Taryn. Our bond is strong and regardless of romance or whatever is going on in our lives- she is like a sister to me!!!!!! She's already telling me she's a size 4 for her bridesmaid dress. Take it easy!! 
well I am a big Gloriana fan!! They were the reason I wanted to go and I love them!!!!

This is us with Gloriana- as you can see our hair was looking great by 345 pm! Success!
The other bands were great, too!!
I love the song "I wanna be like Johnny and June...." even though I don't support adultery.
"Good morning beautiful" is a song of my past and I still love it!! "I got a brand new girlfriend" is good!!!! 
and I wasn't really aware of Little Big Town that much but NOW I AM!! Boy, can they harmonize! I'm a fan now :) love them!! I need to memorize their lyrics and tunes immediately if not sooner.
The only real downer of the day besides the heat was that Little Big Town didn't even play the only song we really love and know..... Kiss Goodbye. When they walked off the stage, we were thinking it was a joke and that they were going to come back....... nope. Well we just jammed to it on the way home on the ipod. But this is our "ticked where is Kiss Goodbye song" face??
I'm not all that into Leann Rimes but she is famous so I just stayed to snap a pic of her! 
All in all it was a great day! I did get sun! Maybe a little too much sun!  
please notice the tan lines! shorts, bracelet, ring! i'm proud!
Oh the sun. You glorious sun!! 
Love you Country Music! Love you Tar!!! Some much needed amazing time with Taryn! You got me running, baby, WILD AT HEART <3


TARYN! said...

i don't recall ever telling you my dress size.. good guess though. bingo! i love you!

The Tiny Team said...

Cute sunglasses!!