Tuesday, June 7, 2011

live worms

Caleb walks in from fishing with my dad.
Grant: How'd it go?
Caleb: Don't even ask what's in here. (pointing to his cup with a lid on it)
Me: If it' a tarantula, I'm gonna freak out.
Caleb: It's not. It's worms. Live worms.
Grant: How are they gonna breathe, there's no holes in the lid?
Caleb: In the fridge (as he goes to put the cup in the fridge.)
Grant: That still won't help them breathe.

And also tonight.... Grant, Scott, and I are about to play a joke on our parents- we are going to play Clue but not put anything in the confidential envelope and see how long my parents will play before they realize process of elimantion doesn't work because all the cards are dispersed. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahah.


Mom said...

You're so funny!!!

Kelly said...

remember when you were creeped out because scott was in your house?