Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seventh day!

This week was the Seventh Day Adventist adventure. I actually quite liked it. They were a little extreme with constantly reminding the whole congregation that Saturday is the proper day for the Sabbath but besides that there was a great message and the Spirit was felt during the songs and musical number. I was a little amazed at how they had the same songs- primary and hymns- during their service.
There was this one teenager who could really sing and I just pictured her on American Idol one day saying how she first learned to sing in her little chapel church. Ha! That story is a common one on Idol! Also, a fun side note was that Taryn, Grant, and I were literally 3 of the 5 white people in the whole congregation. I liked it! Next week is the Jehovah Witnesses. We were supposed to go this morning but.... two lazy teenagers were too tired. Bummer! But Mormon church was good too :) And when I say Mormon church I mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of course!

There have been many funny quotes this weekend. So of course they crack me up so I hope you are amused as well....
Grant is baking cookies from scratch- which is just funny in itself but then he says "I think I lost some shells in this batch." and keeps stirring!

We're playing Ticket to Ride and I'm sabatoging my mom by blocking her on purpose and being annoying- she tells my dad he should hurt my train and I say "Dad has my back." My mom replies "And your front"........... there is a long silence. What does that even mean? sounds inappropriate. She says she means that I'm fully covered but nobody else really understood her rebuttle. We laugh about it a lot at random outbursts!

We're playing Taboo with family friends and that ALWAYS promises some good laughter.........
For a game to be twice as interesting- you must have Nate play! So Nate is giving clues.
Nate sucks in a lot of air and looks like he is holding a straw in front of him (problem number one is that no gestures are allowed- but i hate that rule anyways).....
So nobody guesses it and time runs out.
Nate: "It was dandelion"
Spencer: "Why were you sucking in then?" hahahahaha! Apparantely Nate inhales flowers. I'm sure that's against the Word of Wisdom somewhere..... then we had a whole discussion of whether the blowy flower is actually a dandelion or what sprouts from the seeds and grows into the flower is the dandelion. Does anybody know?

My dad is trying to give clues for Sistine Chapel and everyone is so close to guessing it and I'm the one buzzing him and reading over his shoulder and it's hilarious! It took WAY to long. Like 2 minutes of still giving clues dad just shouts "You all are a bunch of losers!" hahahahahahah That's not a very dad-ish thing to say! That's why it was so shocking and hilarious. He then says "I'm done" after that round because he just believes he's such a good clue giver and everyone else is the problem!

Well of course there were some more funny ones but I can't remember because I didn't write them down properly! This weekend has been a good one and much needed with such a crazy busy back at work! Work will be outta control for the next couple weeks but it helps the day go by in literally 8 seconds! The drive up to Utah will be here before you know it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

my best friends

yesterday taryn had to explain to someone how she became bff with a 22 year old. and it got me thinking.

my best friends.....
1. someone who isn't even human
2. someone who is living in brazil
3. someone who is medically a midget
4. soemone who is 16
5. someone who is a 49 year old jeopardy champion
6. someone who is a trophy wife
7. someone who is an exxon executive
8. someone who would rather die in utah than live anywhere else
9. someone who is fluent in romanian
10. someone who is a waitress
11. someone who is a grandmother and in better shape than me
12. someone who is finally happy in love
13. someone who would sell her kidney to take a pic with justin bieber
14. someone who is dating an arab in the american army
15. someone who had 5 colonoscopies by age 21
16. someone who has over 2 million legos
17. someone who gets home from their mission in less than 2 weeks
18. someone who is pregnant
19. someone who reads other people's journals secretly
20. someone who is in a tongan gang
21. someone who snuggles with me everyday
22. someone who is a baby daddy
23. someone who is in a university ballet company
24. someone who overslept their honeymoon flight
25. someone whose cousin was kidnapped
26. someone who taught me vegas was settled by mormon pioneers
27. someone who looks like anne hathway's twin
28. someone who i fell in love with in paris
29. someone who owns multiple bmw's
30. someone who is addicted to call of duty

WHO AM I??? and who are my friends? that's the wierdest combination ever!!! hahahah that's my life. if you think you are one of those numbers- just ask :)

domino effect

note to self: spiritual experiences happen like a domino train!! as you share an experience, it may cause someone else to have a spiritual experience. as you vocalize your testimony, it causes a greater feeling of the Holy Spirit as your companioin. as you share God's truth, he trusts you to have more missionary experiences!!
And proof: tonight after I blogged, I went to institute. I'm sitting there with oodles of ppl- some I know, some I know their faces, and some I've never seen before. I showed up late so I don't know who is new and I missed introductions. Well I kept having this feeling to not BOLT out the door after institute (like I do every week) and talk to that guy across the room in the flannel shirt..... I wait around- but he looks like he is about to bolt and I didn't wanna chase him down the hall. So i stall. Then i get side tracked by saying hello to an old friend (shout out to heather- hey girl!) and then i forgot about talking to him and thought about the new cd in my car that I was excited to listen to- horrible I know!
I walked out to the car and who is parked right next to me- walking out to their car! Flannel shirt guy (I know his name and number but I won't blog shout it) and I just do my marissa thing and go up to him and say "Hi, I'm Marissa" and stick my hand out. He's apprehensive but then shakes my hand.
I tell him I don't know many people here cuz I never really lived in Katy and blah blah blah and try to ask what his name is, what ward he is in, etc. Turns out he is INVESTIGATING the church!!! WHAT??? Missionary opportunity I was praying for- BOOM! We asked some more generic basic introductory questions, exchanged numbers, and left it at that!
Anyways- I speeded home (no po-po's thank goodness! the heavens and angels wanted me to speed home!- ps that's not church doctrine so just know that i'm joking) and I called the missionaries and let them know I want to go to the next lesson with Flannel shirt guy. I forgot to mention to Flannel shirt guy that I am in no way exchanging numbers to date but that's just pompous of me to think that even crossed his mind. hahaha.I talked about how I loved being a full-time missionary (maybe he'll know that means this isn't a dating opportunity for me) and I love being apart of teaching and listening! He's getting baptized in a couple weeks. Anyways- I just wanted to say two more thing:
1. Well a repeat I guess- DOMINO EFFECT! bear your testimony- blog it, text it, vocalize it, share it- the Lord will trust you with more in your path.
2. When you get a prompting to talk to someone, offer your help, shoot them an email, call someone, - DO IT!!!!

Ok. Well I'm really into reading these days- i'm keeping amazon in business! So i must go read :) Have a beautiful day- or a beautiful couple of hours because you never know when I could blog out of nowhere sooner prolly rather most likely definitely than later!!!

the coin, sheep, and son!

so a little bit of perspective from me- it's not worth much but it's my monologue so it might cause judgment to enter your mind but we're only human so i understand if you judge- hopefully it's a good verdict! ok so moving on.
i believe the hardest part about coming home from a mission- especially a mission cut short (which is a whole other wheelbarrel of issues!)- is that you go from having amazing spiritual experiences every second while you're awake!
and you're awake from 6:30 (or earlier) till 10:30... so let's calculate that... 64,800 spiritual experiences a day!!! Go from that amazing number to trying to AT LEAST squeeze one out a day! it's ridiculous! it's like having withdrawals from prednisone all over again!
how do you ween yourself off a mission? you don't.... because you need to be 100% productive up to the last second. you can't just decide "okay, i have six months left- i will cut the spirituality down a little bit each day till the end" WHAT? no way jose (let's not get side tracked with the question of where did this "jose" phrase come from?? this really is northern mexico!! ok anyways) so.... no way jose! you need to be 100% working hard and spirit-led..... as you leave your companion and you're at the airport by yourself - while you're still on the plane- as you sit on the couch in front of your stake president- you still need to be in this 64,800 mode!!  till well forever is the goal..... but it's impossible when you have family, work, school, and life opened up to you in a split second!
you don't swim for 1.5 years (i mean this figuratively- even though you don't swim for 1.5 years literally too!!) and then you're hit with a tidal wave. genius!!!
so this was just a little bit of one of my baby issues for the public. but what i do wanna blog about today is the fact that spirituality can be with you and you can be spirit-led on or off the mission! i'll get there.... eventually. one day at a time. one hour at a time. 
one great spiritual enlightening i had this week was when taryn, dad, and i were sitting around the table..... if you know my life on a personal level- you'll know where this conversation stemmed from. or who or what situation or where it came from!
we're sitting there and i just straight up ask my dad if he would like to help me understand the parable of Christ, our loving perfect Savior, leaving the 99 sheep for the 1. I understand that EACH soul is precious and EACH life is worth it for Christ to do all he does for us and be our Redeemer. But (which sounds HORRIBLE to have a but)...BUT.... what exactly are we supposed to learn from this and how can we apply it to our lives to become Christ-like?I am just a little confused..... Do you leave 99 willing, happy, following souls for that 1 soul who wants nothing to do with you, mocks you, and spits on you? Do you upset 99 people for that 1 person who ruins everyone else's circumstances. There are many things that were said to this conversation but here is what i learned... and it was humbling!!
i can't believe some of these things were new to me- out of 108,864,000 spiritual experiences (which is a mission of 6 months) this beautiful message was never absorbed by me.
First of all, Christ left the 99 in a group! They supported each other and 99 sheep don't just disperse from each other the second the shepherd is gone. Generally, they stay in their pack for a few hours without the shepherd and they can sustain themselves for a few moments- the shepherd can't leave forever but he isn't herding them every micro-step of the way. Well that's interesting. Never thought of that..... this taught me many things. And one of them being that i need to not be so dang introverted- I need to let other people know what's going on with me- i know that might seem hilarious to some ppl to think of me as introverted but i choose to be at certain moments- at the worst times sometimes- the times when i should be leaning on other people, i'm all curled up by my lonesome.... anyways.
Then my intelligent amazing father went on to teach me more.
He reminded me that it's not just the sheep analogy in that part of the Bible. There are three stories and they are in a row the way they are.....on purpose! i now know this- before i thought they were just clustered together because they related. but not in any specific order! i'm a fool!
The first one- the coin. That woman turned the house upside down looking for that coin. It was lost! Not because it was the coin's fault! It was just lost and it wasn't taken very good care of. Poor coin! And it was of great value! As my dad was deepening my understanding of this I realized it's like so many people out in the world- that are in circumstances and lost places. Not because they knew they were screwing up or knew they were doing something totally harmful- they just became lost! Thank God (literally-in my prayers daily!) for missionaries. For all Christians and God-loving and good-hearted Samaritans who reach out to those less aware of God or of good morals! They are lost and we need to turn up the intensity to search for them!
The second one- the sheep. That dumb little sheep. Just had his head down and focused on the grass and then a little while later- he is stinkin' lost! Ah crud! He didn't do it on purpose- or he didn't realize he was choosing the grass over the heard!
He didn't look at the grass, look back the shepherd, look at the grass, look back at the herd, look at the grass, look back at the shepherd and then finally decide- ah the heck with it- i'm choosing this grass! He's a foolish sheep for goodness sake not some mastermind betrayer! How grateful we should all be to have a mindful, loving shepherd to go out of his way to help us find our way!
The third one- the prodigal son. What did the father do? Go out to the city and search for his son? No, he waited. But once he saw the son repenting- he ran out to him! RAN!!! Now I also like to think that the Father prolly kept tabs on his son the whole time- He has connections :) He's a wealthy father after all!!! So in my heart, He was aware of His son and more there than we think... but the son..... that prideful child....the Father needed the all-too-well-knowing son who turned his back on his dad on purpose- to change and come back! He's always waiting!! Now the prodigal son parable has many layers to it but that's the one layer I'm touching on today!
Isn't it interesting?? I can't believe I never put those three parables quite in that order and realized that the objects that are sought after are so key!!!
1. The coin
2. The sheep
3. The son
Souls on different levels of understanding and lost-ness! To an extent, we're all lost on some level!
I'm so grateful for my dad and my heavenly dad! They both teach me so much! Even though my dad spoke the words (which he learned from someone just as wise as him in his past), the way I was really taught was through the Spirit. My dad spoke the words, and the Spirit carried the words straight to my box of "Yah this is truth" in my brain, heart, soul, etc!!!
Even though life is a zoo and I literally feel like I'm stuck in a pile of elephant dung- it's not so bad! It'll wash off.
I hope you got through this post- because even though I blog a lot- post like these seem more important than the rest!
I know God is legit and He is mindful and loving.
As my lovely friend the pentecostal sang "Our God is an awesome God!!!" It's true! He has given us so much! The atonement! Eternal life! The Bible! The Book of Mormon! The prophets! The family unit! The temples! The sacrament! The Holy Spirit! The unconditional love and chances and His patient waiting!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Barbie Nintendo

I wrote this blogpost a while ago but it didn't post? weird! i spent the weekend up at strawberry lake in utah at my cousin's cabin. and when i say my cousin i mean my aunt and uncle :) her cabin- good times!!! so here is the post i wrote about a small adventure there.
this is before we went fishing and lost a pole by a giant rainbow fish with the strentgh of jaws. this is before we went fourwheeling and kicked up dirt in bystanders faces! and this event is really what reminds me of good times at the cabin- up in the mountains! very outdoorsy......

Tonight.... What am I doing? Blogging on my phone up at laur's cabin and we found the greatest treasure!!

Barbie Nintendo!! Please tell me it was a wonderful part of your childhood too? What a fantastic find!

Goal of the weekend: beat the game. We've never done it before! Haha!

Did we beat the game? No. We coudln't even get past the snow level and it was frustrating! Next time :) Maybe in a couple weeks. hahaha.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Utah visit

This vacation in Utah has been bitter sweet! I've loved seeing all my loved ones and family and even visiting temple square.... but my melt downs and heartbreaks are bombarding me. I'll have to get used to it since I'll be living in this beautiful state in less than a month. 

So let's just show some picy pics and I have a great surprise at the end of this post!!!

my precious niece!! millie kyla!!
 some family reunion time. with my lil big bro Grant :)
outside our cabin up in the mountains 
reunited at last with laury baby

lovely cousins!!
and then we went on an alligator invested lake
riding solo! always!!
taking some nap time on the wooden bed!
our game!!! taboo!!!
we won! of course! we= laur and myself! d gets into it!
oh jumping some more!!
oh just some precious family time!! i love grant ross and millie kyla!!
bluffdale!!! cici and kay!!
Music and the Spoken Word. Oh T-square! Lucky RM.  
ran into 200 of my besties but forgot to take pics with all of them! here are some! Rohner! Shaw! i love you!!

some baby reagan time!! i love the brunsons!!
she baked for my big 2-2!!! what a sweetie! please notice JP in the background!! 
 just some baby time!!! my little god daughter!
you're my best friend and i love you -wheezer
 my bday lunch with my anderson girls!! and laur as our waitress. love julie and grammy grams!
 oh my ciara ci!!
 she towers over me so she likes to hunch!
 best waitress ever.
 oh just the showered with love bday girl!!
 going to blue lemon!!
 please notice the two creepers in the back.
 lights camera action!
 newlyweds bicker
 cute little big couple!
 my old stomping ground
 lauryn just papparazi as i'm reunited with some of my sisters!!
 family photo! happy july 20th :)
 owling and goofying. WOW? good effort.
 more papparazi. sneaking into the apartments to surprise heidi!!
 heidi!!!!!!! sister hansen!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favorite moments of the whole vaca- seeing this bundle of sunshine!! love her too soo much!

and there are still some fun things planned for the rest of the week and texas will be here before you know it. you know what else will be here before you know it??? my BIG surprise :) i got the best birthday present yesterday- an email from my missionary saying december 21st is the day :) that's exactly 5 months from today! HALLLLLLELLLLUJAHHH!!!! what a beautiful gift!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh man what a good game! Woo!!!

just so you know WE won!!! WE=sexy!!!
sexy= grant, taryn, me.
old=mom, dad, and caleb.

so some funny lines from the night. after the game.....
My mom hands me my bra.
Me: "Caleb, do you know what this is?"
Caleb: "Yah a bra!"
Mom: "No it's a over the shoulder boulder holder!"
hahahahahahhahahaha apparently many ppl have heard this phrase. it's new to me, tar, and grant!! and i love it. hahahaha my mom always surprises me!!

ok so during the game
Me giving a clue: "When you're a vegetarian you don't eat ____"
Taryn: "Meat"
Me: "Ok so this is meat of a baby cow."
Time goes out....
Dad: "veal"
Grant: "What is that?"
Dad: "They serve it and it's extra tender because it's calf meat."
Mom: "They kill baby calves for their meat?"!
Caleb: "Yah you didn't know that?"

Grant: "Not four but ____"
Me: "Five"
Grant: "and it's a shape...."
Me: " Five circle! Five square!"
Taryn: "Pentagon"
Grant: "yeah pentagon!"

Grant: "a colon has a what in it?"
Me: "ulcerative colitis"
Grant: "What? NO!"
Grant: "semi-colon"
Me: " a period. a comma."
Grant: "yah comma"

Grant: "you eat with your ____"
Taryn: "teeth. lips.mouth"
Grant: "mouth. ok so mouth is the first part and the next one: i ____ my hands"
Marissa: "clap! clap! mouth clap!"
Taryn: "Yah!!! mouth clap! mouth clap!"
Grant: "Are you serious!!!??"
Taryn: "Mouth wash!!"

Mom: "Not football but _____"
Caleb: "rugby!"
Mom: "No! Not football, rugby, or soccer but ____"
Dad: "uhh......."
Mom: "Ok ok so at Denny's you eat a ____"
Dad: "Breakfast!"
Mom: "okay!! what kind??"
Dad: "A BIG breakfast!"
Time runs out.
Mom: "What? A big breakfast?? yah the answer is BIG BREAKFAST. NO! You always order a grand slam."

Dad: "Put it into your to check your how in on...."
Mom: "what??"
Dad: "Come on, Michele!!!"
Time runs out.
Dad: "It was thermometer!"
Mom: "And that's my fault I didn't get it?"

Mom: "Ok! How to train a dragon- the people in it are....."
Mom: "Ok....Not a queen but a _____"
Dad: "King!"
Mom: "Ok that's the last syllable. So in that movie...."
Dad: "King Triton!"
Mom: "The LAST syllable is king!"
5 minutes later of clue giving
Dad: "Viking!"

And then I look over and Taryn says "I think I sat on water....." and this is her looking for the stain.

WHAT???? my family is a nut job! and i love them sooooo much. hahahahah.

Another observation!

This Sunday was Baptist church!
It was quite enjoyable. This one had a drumset and band and free souvenirs (t-shirts!), too! Mormons are outdated- we like it that way! But the service was pretty good. Talked a lot about controlling our natural carnal desires and truly converting to the gospel of Christ. Once again- I agree. My favorite part about the service was when the pastor did a mock example of what a contentious home can sound like! And when the bibles in the pew were modern American translations....... For example Proverbs 26:19 goes from "Am not I in sport?" to "Was I not joking?"
Maybe we need to study both bibles and pray about them. Also, I read the first couple pages to see who exactly translated KJV English version to different English words.... they were English professors- not even religious ppl so it wouldn't be biased to beliefs. hmmm.... wonderful.
on our way to baptist church!!! we were a little overdressed!

LDS church was great, too!!!! 
We came home and were about to have our usual chicken over rice..... but then there were some other priorities. 

This took up table #1

This took up table #2

Wow..... so here we sit for dinner. classic.

When we get back from Utah- we already have a plan for the first weekend we're back!!!! Saturday 10:45 is Seventh Day Adventist church and the next day, Sunday 9:30 is Jehovah Witness church. I spoke with a Jehovah Witness leader today on the phone and he told us we're welcome and he'll see us in a couple weeks! Ha get ready, buddy!!!!
Until then- Utah here we come for a couple weeks! Stoked!!!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long enough to last forever!!

San Antonio!!

so the boys were at EFY in San Antonio this week so we went up Friday to Seaworld, picked them up early this morning and headed home!
I LOVE......


we weren't there more than five seconds and my dad started dancing and moonwalking backwards. my mom was trying to settle him down! work it dad!!!

doing the taylor wave in the lazy river!!

we were guarding our bags while mom, dad, and cay hit up some slides. dad cat called us when we were a story below and i shout- what a creepy old man! people stared! hahahaha. and then we saw a man with a byu hat and we yelled GO COUGARS! classic!

waiting for a show! we both are just looking our best!!

met up with jason mraz at seaworld!! and the skiier sensations!

and this is false! because this is a sample of ride taryn REFUSED to go on! but i went on it and it was awesome!!!! 

awwww shamu and shamu jr!!!!

they're kissing!!!

just flipping out at seaworld!

awww a cute lil fam of killer whales!!

our friend!!! mr. snuggle penguin!

giving some sugar to shamu! worshipping idols is not okay!

and we had oodles of fun the whole day! getting sun! seeing animals- even if they were stuck in tanks and cages!!! they were awesome! and olive garden and taboo and hotel fun!!! 

then the next morning!!!!

p.s. apparantely the alamo is in san antonio! who knew??? hahahah honestly i forgot- but it's not as embarassing as when taryn thought brazil was the size of houston. hahahahahahahaha x hahahahah x forever hahahahahah!!!!!

imagine this carload of kids plus 2 adults all crammed in a mini van. i slept on the floor half the time!!!

p.p.s.s i saw a billboard on the way home that said "texas can secede! go to" hahahahahahahahhaha i love texas!!!!!
yes those are xxl sweatpants. we look good at 7 am! sexy beasts!!!!
sexy texans!!!