Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another observation!

This Sunday was Baptist church!
It was quite enjoyable. This one had a drumset and band and free souvenirs (t-shirts!), too! Mormons are outdated- we like it that way! But the service was pretty good. Talked a lot about controlling our natural carnal desires and truly converting to the gospel of Christ. Once again- I agree. My favorite part about the service was when the pastor did a mock example of what a contentious home can sound like! And when the bibles in the pew were modern American translations....... For example Proverbs 26:19 goes from "Am not I in sport?" to "Was I not joking?"
Maybe we need to study both bibles and pray about them. Also, I read the first couple pages to see who exactly translated KJV English version to different English words.... they were English professors- not even religious ppl so it wouldn't be biased to beliefs. hmmm.... wonderful.
on our way to baptist church!!! we were a little overdressed!

LDS church was great, too!!!! 
We came home and were about to have our usual chicken over rice..... but then there were some other priorities. 

This took up table #1

This took up table #2

Wow..... so here we sit for dinner. classic.

When we get back from Utah- we already have a plan for the first weekend we're back!!!! Saturday 10:45 is Seventh Day Adventist church and the next day, Sunday 9:30 is Jehovah Witness church. I spoke with a Jehovah Witness leader today on the phone and he told us we're welcome and he'll see us in a couple weeks! Ha get ready, buddy!!!!
Until then- Utah here we come for a couple weeks! Stoked!!!!!!

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