Friday, July 22, 2011

Barbie Nintendo

I wrote this blogpost a while ago but it didn't post? weird! i spent the weekend up at strawberry lake in utah at my cousin's cabin. and when i say my cousin i mean my aunt and uncle :) her cabin- good times!!! so here is the post i wrote about a small adventure there.
this is before we went fishing and lost a pole by a giant rainbow fish with the strentgh of jaws. this is before we went fourwheeling and kicked up dirt in bystanders faces! and this event is really what reminds me of good times at the cabin- up in the mountains! very outdoorsy......

Tonight.... What am I doing? Blogging on my phone up at laur's cabin and we found the greatest treasure!!

Barbie Nintendo!! Please tell me it was a wonderful part of your childhood too? What a fantastic find!

Goal of the weekend: beat the game. We've never done it before! Haha!

Did we beat the game? No. We coudln't even get past the snow level and it was frustrating! Next time :) Maybe in a couple weeks. hahaha.

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