Thursday, July 28, 2011

domino effect

note to self: spiritual experiences happen like a domino train!! as you share an experience, it may cause someone else to have a spiritual experience. as you vocalize your testimony, it causes a greater feeling of the Holy Spirit as your companioin. as you share God's truth, he trusts you to have more missionary experiences!!
And proof: tonight after I blogged, I went to institute. I'm sitting there with oodles of ppl- some I know, some I know their faces, and some I've never seen before. I showed up late so I don't know who is new and I missed introductions. Well I kept having this feeling to not BOLT out the door after institute (like I do every week) and talk to that guy across the room in the flannel shirt..... I wait around- but he looks like he is about to bolt and I didn't wanna chase him down the hall. So i stall. Then i get side tracked by saying hello to an old friend (shout out to heather- hey girl!) and then i forgot about talking to him and thought about the new cd in my car that I was excited to listen to- horrible I know!
I walked out to the car and who is parked right next to me- walking out to their car! Flannel shirt guy (I know his name and number but I won't blog shout it) and I just do my marissa thing and go up to him and say "Hi, I'm Marissa" and stick my hand out. He's apprehensive but then shakes my hand.
I tell him I don't know many people here cuz I never really lived in Katy and blah blah blah and try to ask what his name is, what ward he is in, etc. Turns out he is INVESTIGATING the church!!! WHAT??? Missionary opportunity I was praying for- BOOM! We asked some more generic basic introductory questions, exchanged numbers, and left it at that!
Anyways- I speeded home (no po-po's thank goodness! the heavens and angels wanted me to speed home!- ps that's not church doctrine so just know that i'm joking) and I called the missionaries and let them know I want to go to the next lesson with Flannel shirt guy. I forgot to mention to Flannel shirt guy that I am in no way exchanging numbers to date but that's just pompous of me to think that even crossed his mind. hahaha.I talked about how I loved being a full-time missionary (maybe he'll know that means this isn't a dating opportunity for me) and I love being apart of teaching and listening! He's getting baptized in a couple weeks. Anyways- I just wanted to say two more thing:
1. Well a repeat I guess- DOMINO EFFECT! bear your testimony- blog it, text it, vocalize it, share it- the Lord will trust you with more in your path.
2. When you get a prompting to talk to someone, offer your help, shoot them an email, call someone, - DO IT!!!!

Ok. Well I'm really into reading these days- i'm keeping amazon in business! So i must go read :) Have a beautiful day- or a beautiful couple of hours because you never know when I could blog out of nowhere sooner prolly rather most likely definitely than later!!!


Kelly said...

you know, you dont have to buy every book you want to read...libraries....

Marissa said...

ha you sound like my mom. i don't like to be #48 on a waiting list.
ps you know you wanna borrow them!
i like that THAT is what you go outta this post.