Thursday, July 28, 2011

my best friends

yesterday taryn had to explain to someone how she became bff with a 22 year old. and it got me thinking.

my best friends.....
1. someone who isn't even human
2. someone who is living in brazil
3. someone who is medically a midget
4. soemone who is 16
5. someone who is a 49 year old jeopardy champion
6. someone who is a trophy wife
7. someone who is an exxon executive
8. someone who would rather die in utah than live anywhere else
9. someone who is fluent in romanian
10. someone who is a waitress
11. someone who is a grandmother and in better shape than me
12. someone who is finally happy in love
13. someone who would sell her kidney to take a pic with justin bieber
14. someone who is dating an arab in the american army
15. someone who had 5 colonoscopies by age 21
16. someone who has over 2 million legos
17. someone who gets home from their mission in less than 2 weeks
18. someone who is pregnant
19. someone who reads other people's journals secretly
20. someone who is in a tongan gang
21. someone who snuggles with me everyday
22. someone who is a baby daddy
23. someone who is in a university ballet company
24. someone who overslept their honeymoon flight
25. someone whose cousin was kidnapped
26. someone who taught me vegas was settled by mormon pioneers
27. someone who looks like anne hathway's twin
28. someone who i fell in love with in paris
29. someone who owns multiple bmw's
30. someone who is addicted to call of duty

WHO AM I??? and who are my friends? that's the wierdest combination ever!!! hahahah that's my life. if you think you are one of those numbers- just ask :)


Megan Morgan said...

hahahahh whoooooo are these friends?????????

jk ;)

This was SERIOUSLY entertaining to read though.

And all these people are SO lucky to have YOU as a friend, you crazy, crazy girl :) LOVE YOU!

Kelly said...

number anyone really that shallow?

Mom said...

By the way, I am only 48!!!!