Friday, July 1, 2011

biking with dress shoes

oh just some randomness for my friends. i love blogging. it's addicting but i believe it's a more healthy addiction than facebook. justification :) fantastic.
i actually have had a catostrophic week! i have had many backsets and hard blows. some bad news. some disappointments but i'm trying to hurdle over it.
so it looks like BYU is not very understanding and hurtful by not letting me enroll in school until January. But i have an amazing support system, job opportunities, and family. I'll still go up to Utah and take some night classes and get life settled and try to move on. It's going to be so hard to live in Bluffdale so close to Temple Square and taking night classes at the Salt Lake Center but I'll survive and I'll be so strong! I have a lot to be grateful for.... for example- this little one is in Utah!!!!
Look at my little neice, Millie! What a beauty! Dark hair and blue eyes- she's gonna be a heartbreaker and I'll teach her all I know :)

glamming it up in my scrubs. yah this is how i look at the office. kinda irresistible...... and awkward when i lay across the counter like this to greet the patients.

So ..... we were babysitting our neighbors' fish while they are out of state. um..... epic fail. RIP Betty (yah that's really what they named their fish.) Well, we'll either buy a new fish or avoid our neighbors forever..... they get back in August- we have some time. 
The best part was I come downstairs and am about to head out the door for work and I see this note from my mom (who left early for the temple with my dad)- she was giving us chores to do (when would I have the time to do chores before 7 am? yah right- she's delusional) but anyways. on the note it said: Betty is dead. hahahahahaha. And she left it in the bowl?! Really? She was in such a rush she couldn't dispose of it. Well of course I left in the bowl too and left for work. Caleb was scarred.

this is how my dad walked in today..... he is trying to lose 50 lbs before my wedding and he is already down 30 because he bikes 15 miles to work and 15 miles home. today my mom dropped him off with his bike after they went to the temple. so he was in his sunday best and then realized he forgot his tennis shoes.... oh man.
what a goober!!! and oh my word- on tuesday i was driving home from work and there was this obnoxious biker taking up a whole lane and slowing down traffic and it was just break lights up ahead as ppl had to go around him. as i am having road rage.... i pull up.... it's my dad. well this is just pitiful. 

and i pimped out my car :) taryn has the flags, too! we support our family! dude i can't wait to drive up to utah with her in 8 weeks. gonna be the best road trip ever!

and lastly- idk if i can put this on my blog but i've waited a respectable amount of time to not make this about me but...... kelly had her baby!!!!!! and she dubbed me the godmother!!! so if something ever happens to her and lance- looks like auntie marissa and uncle chase will be raising that cutie patootie but i'm not wishing you to croak kell!!! oh my oh my....a beautiful baby girl. Reagan! I won't post a pic of her up here because kelly might be upset- but look at her blog from my side bar (it's named kelly). PRECIOUS!! I can't wait to hold her in a couple weeks.
p.s. it's really hard for me to blog sometimes (ok well not really but sometimes can be depressing) when all my blogs are about ridiculousness and still living at my parents or what not and my friends and family have blogs about babies and marriages. i'm so behind. freak nasty. i know i'll always be a kid at heart but i wanna grow up too! i guess to have the RM label- that's pretty grown up. well at least i have that and always will. best 6 months ever. best decision ever. it's worth it even though it hurts like craziness with these after affects.

alright well this blog is all over the place! better go practice my piano and then carpool my bros all over the place!

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