Saturday, July 9, 2011

San Antonio!!

so the boys were at EFY in San Antonio this week so we went up Friday to Seaworld, picked them up early this morning and headed home!
I LOVE......


we weren't there more than five seconds and my dad started dancing and moonwalking backwards. my mom was trying to settle him down! work it dad!!!

doing the taylor wave in the lazy river!!

we were guarding our bags while mom, dad, and cay hit up some slides. dad cat called us when we were a story below and i shout- what a creepy old man! people stared! hahahaha. and then we saw a man with a byu hat and we yelled GO COUGARS! classic!

waiting for a show! we both are just looking our best!!

met up with jason mraz at seaworld!! and the skiier sensations!

and this is false! because this is a sample of ride taryn REFUSED to go on! but i went on it and it was awesome!!!! 

awwww shamu and shamu jr!!!!

they're kissing!!!

just flipping out at seaworld!

awww a cute lil fam of killer whales!!

our friend!!! mr. snuggle penguin!

giving some sugar to shamu! worshipping idols is not okay!

and we had oodles of fun the whole day! getting sun! seeing animals- even if they were stuck in tanks and cages!!! they were awesome! and olive garden and taboo and hotel fun!!! 

then the next morning!!!!

p.s. apparantely the alamo is in san antonio! who knew??? hahahah honestly i forgot- but it's not as embarassing as when taryn thought brazil was the size of houston. hahahahahahahaha x hahahahah x forever hahahahahah!!!!!

imagine this carload of kids plus 2 adults all crammed in a mini van. i slept on the floor half the time!!!

p.p.s.s i saw a billboard on the way home that said "texas can secede! go to" hahahahahahahahhaha i love texas!!!!!
yes those are xxl sweatpants. we look good at 7 am! sexy beasts!!!!
sexy texans!!!

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