Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seventh day!

This week was the Seventh Day Adventist adventure. I actually quite liked it. They were a little extreme with constantly reminding the whole congregation that Saturday is the proper day for the Sabbath but besides that there was a great message and the Spirit was felt during the songs and musical number. I was a little amazed at how they had the same songs- primary and hymns- during their service.
There was this one teenager who could really sing and I just pictured her on American Idol one day saying how she first learned to sing in her little chapel church. Ha! That story is a common one on Idol! Also, a fun side note was that Taryn, Grant, and I were literally 3 of the 5 white people in the whole congregation. I liked it! Next week is the Jehovah Witnesses. We were supposed to go this morning but.... two lazy teenagers were too tired. Bummer! But Mormon church was good too :) And when I say Mormon church I mean the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of course!

There have been many funny quotes this weekend. So of course they crack me up so I hope you are amused as well....
Grant is baking cookies from scratch- which is just funny in itself but then he says "I think I lost some shells in this batch." and keeps stirring!

We're playing Ticket to Ride and I'm sabatoging my mom by blocking her on purpose and being annoying- she tells my dad he should hurt my train and I say "Dad has my back." My mom replies "And your front"........... there is a long silence. What does that even mean? sounds inappropriate. She says she means that I'm fully covered but nobody else really understood her rebuttle. We laugh about it a lot at random outbursts!

We're playing Taboo with family friends and that ALWAYS promises some good laughter.........
For a game to be twice as interesting- you must have Nate play! So Nate is giving clues.
Nate sucks in a lot of air and looks like he is holding a straw in front of him (problem number one is that no gestures are allowed- but i hate that rule anyways).....
So nobody guesses it and time runs out.
Nate: "It was dandelion"
Spencer: "Why were you sucking in then?" hahahahaha! Apparantely Nate inhales flowers. I'm sure that's against the Word of Wisdom somewhere..... then we had a whole discussion of whether the blowy flower is actually a dandelion or what sprouts from the seeds and grows into the flower is the dandelion. Does anybody know?

My dad is trying to give clues for Sistine Chapel and everyone is so close to guessing it and I'm the one buzzing him and reading over his shoulder and it's hilarious! It took WAY to long. Like 2 minutes of still giving clues dad just shouts "You all are a bunch of losers!" hahahahahahah That's not a very dad-ish thing to say! That's why it was so shocking and hilarious. He then says "I'm done" after that round because he just believes he's such a good clue giver and everyone else is the problem!

Well of course there were some more funny ones but I can't remember because I didn't write them down properly! This weekend has been a good one and much needed with such a crazy busy back at work! Work will be outta control for the next couple weeks but it helps the day go by in literally 8 seconds! The drive up to Utah will be here before you know it.

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