Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh man what a good game! Woo!!!

just so you know WE won!!! WE=sexy!!!
sexy= grant, taryn, me.
old=mom, dad, and caleb.

so some funny lines from the night. after the game.....
My mom hands me my bra.
Me: "Caleb, do you know what this is?"
Caleb: "Yah a bra!"
Mom: "No it's a over the shoulder boulder holder!"
hahahahahahhahahaha apparently many ppl have heard this phrase. it's new to me, tar, and grant!! and i love it. hahahaha my mom always surprises me!!

ok so during the game
Me giving a clue: "When you're a vegetarian you don't eat ____"
Taryn: "Meat"
Me: "Ok so this is meat of a baby cow."
Time goes out....
Dad: "veal"
Grant: "What is that?"
Dad: "They serve it and it's extra tender because it's calf meat."
Mom: "They kill baby calves for their meat?"!
Caleb: "Yah you didn't know that?"

Grant: "Not four but ____"
Me: "Five"
Grant: "and it's a shape...."
Me: " Five circle! Five square!"
Taryn: "Pentagon"
Grant: "yeah pentagon!"

Grant: "a colon has a what in it?"
Me: "ulcerative colitis"
Grant: "What? NO!"
Grant: "semi-colon"
Me: " a period. a comma."
Grant: "yah comma"

Grant: "you eat with your ____"
Taryn: "teeth. lips.mouth"
Grant: "mouth. ok so mouth is the first part and the next one: i ____ my hands"
Marissa: "clap! clap! mouth clap!"
Taryn: "Yah!!! mouth clap! mouth clap!"
Grant: "Are you serious!!!??"
Taryn: "Mouth wash!!"

Mom: "Not football but _____"
Caleb: "rugby!"
Mom: "No! Not football, rugby, or soccer but ____"
Dad: "uhh......."
Mom: "Ok ok so at Denny's you eat a ____"
Dad: "Breakfast!"
Mom: "okay!! what kind??"
Dad: "A BIG breakfast!"
Time runs out.
Mom: "What? A big breakfast?? yah the answer is BIG BREAKFAST. NO! You always order a grand slam."

Dad: "Put it into your to check your how in on...."
Mom: "what??"
Dad: "Come on, Michele!!!"
Time runs out.
Dad: "It was thermometer!"
Mom: "And that's my fault I didn't get it?"

Mom: "Ok! How to train a dragon- the people in it are....."
Mom: "Ok....Not a queen but a _____"
Dad: "King!"
Mom: "Ok that's the last syllable. So in that movie...."
Dad: "King Triton!"
Mom: "The LAST syllable is king!"
5 minutes later of clue giving
Dad: "Viking!"

And then I look over and Taryn says "I think I sat on water....." and this is her looking for the stain.

WHAT???? my family is a nut job! and i love them sooooo much. hahahahah.


Kelly said...

hahaha over the boulder shoulder holder. never heard it but with nursing it takes on a whole new meaning!

Kelly said...

opes switched up the embarrassed....

Ashley Michelle said...

Your blog is super cute :) I literally loled at your mom's comment about the "over the shoulder boulder holder" HAHA..I think I would die if my mom ever said that!