Thursday, July 21, 2011

Utah visit

This vacation in Utah has been bitter sweet! I've loved seeing all my loved ones and family and even visiting temple square.... but my melt downs and heartbreaks are bombarding me. I'll have to get used to it since I'll be living in this beautiful state in less than a month. 

So let's just show some picy pics and I have a great surprise at the end of this post!!!

my precious niece!! millie kyla!!
 some family reunion time. with my lil big bro Grant :)
outside our cabin up in the mountains 
reunited at last with laury baby

lovely cousins!!
and then we went on an alligator invested lake
riding solo! always!!
taking some nap time on the wooden bed!
our game!!! taboo!!!
we won! of course! we= laur and myself! d gets into it!
oh jumping some more!!
oh just some precious family time!! i love grant ross and millie kyla!!
bluffdale!!! cici and kay!!
Music and the Spoken Word. Oh T-square! Lucky RM.  
ran into 200 of my besties but forgot to take pics with all of them! here are some! Rohner! Shaw! i love you!!

some baby reagan time!! i love the brunsons!!
she baked for my big 2-2!!! what a sweetie! please notice JP in the background!! 
 just some baby time!!! my little god daughter!
you're my best friend and i love you -wheezer
 my bday lunch with my anderson girls!! and laur as our waitress. love julie and grammy grams!
 oh my ciara ci!!
 she towers over me so she likes to hunch!
 best waitress ever.
 oh just the showered with love bday girl!!
 going to blue lemon!!
 please notice the two creepers in the back.
 lights camera action!
 newlyweds bicker
 cute little big couple!
 my old stomping ground
 lauryn just papparazi as i'm reunited with some of my sisters!!
 family photo! happy july 20th :)
 owling and goofying. WOW? good effort.
 more papparazi. sneaking into the apartments to surprise heidi!!
 heidi!!!!!!! sister hansen!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favorite moments of the whole vaca- seeing this bundle of sunshine!! love her too soo much!

and there are still some fun things planned for the rest of the week and texas will be here before you know it. you know what else will be here before you know it??? my BIG surprise :) i got the best birthday present yesterday- an email from my missionary saying december 21st is the day :) that's exactly 5 months from today! HALLLLLLELLLLUJAHHH!!!! what a beautiful gift!


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