Saturday, August 13, 2011

fruits and veges

p.s. TABOO update. please check side bar!

i love my home. it's a beautiful place. heaven on earth. there is one glitch though. one tiny problem- this little addiction my mom has.
today in stake conference- which i'll expand more on tomorrow (it was amazing.) but one of the talks was on addictions and i looked at my mom and wrote this "addiction: veges and fruit animals"
I was then inspired to share this addiction and annoyance with the world. You're welcome

the saddest part of these little collectibles.... my mom has them in a particular order and knows when i rearrange them and fixes them. oh this horrifying obsession. some people love them- like my mom and taryn and others but they just don't fit in our house. our house is very orderly and has a certain style- these are not fitting in the genre. hahahaha. 

do these resemble animals? no.
ok this one actually is legit. 
i am a little inspired to recreate all these animals- but the ironic thing is.... if i try to suport my mom's obsession and participate and use all the veges and fruits to recreate her masterpieces, i think she'd call it wasteful and be livid. hahahaha. love you, mom!

if you want cool points, you can name each animal and their designated fruit or vegetable they are representing. hahaha. have fun!

What a morning!

Ok so this morning has been interesting so far.
First of all, I have scratch marks, bite marks, and am drenched in sweat! It's not half as sexy as you think- you see something is wrong with Caleb's foot. So today I have had to pin him down and he hugged me/dug his nails into me like crazy as my mom dug into his foot. This is a little ironic since I work at a podiatrist's office and it's so inappropriate to self-operate but we Schroedters don't go to doctors.... unless we're employed there.
or bleeding pints. or have had a broken bone for a good three days. or been knocked out for more than an hour.
Anyways. Caleb is just SCREAMING (i'm sure the neighbors are concerned) "Don't hurt me, mommy." "Marissa, I love you." "Stop! Please stop!" "Marissa, save me!" Have you ever heard your little brother screaming for you to save him and call 911? I have. It's heart breaking!
But I think I'm in more pain with all his inflictions of biting and squeezing and scratching me! Zoo wee mamma!Then three hours later, i had to hold him again as my mom tried to fish out the problem again- we still are at a loss and no closer to helping Caleb's foot. classic.
We might have to go to the doctors.... in a couple weeks of course. This is the same family who when Grant at age 5 had a broken leg- bone completely snapped- for two nights until he was taken to the doctor. This is the family who had a daughter who didn't want to get there teeth pulled so the dad pulled the big back molars with pliars- they weren't loose at all. This is the family who had a daughter who had a chronic illness forever and didn't take her to the doctor for 16 plus years. This is the family who has their children sleep with bowls by their bed when they feel nauseaus. This is the family who had their daughter who passed out waiting for the school bus still get on that school bus... only to get called by the school nurse later. only took care of the problem because they were afraid of CPS i'm sure.
Also..... i do have to mention that many people in this family don't have pain tolerance at all so it's for good reason we don't rush to the doctor. Crying wolf gets you no where. Just cold heart annoyed family members. And to be fair- I believe it should be this way rather than rushing to the doctor everytime you have a red spot or a 99 Fahrenheit temperature or stub your toe or a small sniffle. My philosophy when it comes to doctors- it's not better safe than sorry! Buck up. Rub some dirt on it!

Other events of the morning. After getting done swimming, my mom, dad, and I are sitting on the carpet and the other kiddos are upstairs or something. We're brainstorming what game to play.
My mom: "How bout spin the bottle?"
Dad: "What?"
Me: "Sometimes the things you say! This is going on the blog!"
Mom: "Do you have to put everything on their? Sitting in a circle like this reminds me of that?"
Me: "My mom, dad, and me- yah great! What was Roosevelt really like?"

My dad loves to plan for my future- more than I do actually. He is quite concerned that I will wake up one day and be in thousands of dollars of debt and crying in this hole i have dug for myself- so he's always prepping me. Today he said "when you get married..... well actually..... if you get married- your phone plan with chase should blah blah blah"
IF?? IF?? oh dad! there's hope for you.... from my own father.

We're playing Ticket To Ride. I am kicking trash- I love to block people, too!
My dad and I often fight for my mom's attention but I wasn't feeling very spot-lightish today. Anyways. My dad is bugging my mom and making screwed faces like this.....

She says: "That's not attractive." as he's contorting his face for her attention and affection.
She looks over and I'm jut smiling because their marriage dynamics crack me up..... smiling like this
She directs her next comment at me: "Either is that."
Me: "Mom, I was just smiling. "
Mom: "You heard me."
Me: "Mom! Normal! Normal smile!"
Mom: "Yep. Unattractive!"
OH MY WORD!!! hahahaha too many blows this morning.

What a morning!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Sometimes you just need to recognize THAT person! That person in your life who has been a rock. a life-saver. an angel. There are many of those in my life..... kelly, mom, julie, garrett, lauryn, shelby, dad, grant, caleb, kina, mary, chase, etc...... but today I would like to recgonize Taryn! aka T (not to be mistaken with Tii) aka misty aka sexy pants aka beautiful hair aka toosh!!! I love her so much.
It has been brought to my attention a lot these past couple days because I realize our summer is over and soon we will not be able to see each other everyday like we've ben doing!!
You see, Taryn has been a part of our family for a while. Before she even met Taylor. Yes Taylor baptized her and she is in love with that boy- the only boy on the planet i trust 100% fyi- so good thing I like her. But even without him in the equation, Taryn is still in the equation. The Schroedter equation.
She is one of the strongest people I know. She is one of the most understanding! Loving! Funny! Smart. You name it- she's got it- except for bad things like stupidity or STDs or something like that! She is just a being of goodness!
For example, she listens and shares! She has so many great stories and remembers mine. Even though right now I'm suffering from HUGE blisters smack dab on the bottom of my heels- first of all, who gets blisters there? second of all, why do i have them? because a couple nights ago Taryn and i walked around outside for a couple hours barefoot and just talking- i used to be a tomboy who never wears shoes.... guess my feet have gotten delicate. but i actually like these painful blisters because they remind me of that great walk and talk! Also... yesterday Taryn fist bumped me forty times in institute just to go along with my ridiculous fetish to fist bump everytime Sister Allen said something that we related to. hahahaha. Sometimes when we're at sonic and we see high schoolers getting high (yah what a cool place to be stoners!) and i say " do you know them" and she goes "Oh my gosh! Those are SOPHOMORES!" mocking them at how young and stupid they are...... hahahaha that's ironic.....She helps me vacuum out my car and clean nasty crap out of the cup holders. She spits out my window and it drips down the side of my car when the wind is blowing in her hair. She has a gym pass but like me has taken the summer off and gotten pretty good at what we call "who can be lazier." Also, Taryn pretty much every night this summer has slept on my pull-out-trundel by my bed and it's so hilarious just giggling into the night with her. Taryn has gotten very good at games since she became a part of our family- we are pretty good competition. Taryn is a BYU fan- big plus. Taryn is preparing for her patriarchal blessing and takes the time to really help me with my testimony and strengthen her own! She loves grabbing my phone and taking pics of herself (hence the pics below). She's going to blush when she reads this- we act like we're dating because our true loves are busier with more important things! She always has good music to share. She got my hooked to iphones. She is my shopping partner, movie watcher, and grant-lover! We can be three amigos- even though I think we drive him crazy! She is driving me up to Utah because she loves me that much. She visited me on Temple Square for her birthday! She's so giving! She gives me her jewelry. She always gives me hugs when my mom refuses. She gets up to fill my water bottle with ice. She is addicted to dumb shows like me and entertains me by pretending to be in a book club with me. She is late everywhere but that just gives me time to take a quick nap. She is a sexy beast and that attracts hot guys to talk to us. She has the best thumbs. Her legs are never as smooth as mine which boost my self esteem. She pretends like her and Chase are best friends even though she's never met the guy. She sports Brazil stuff just for me. She makes music videos with me. She is a clumsy fool just like me. She has good style. She has a huge heart- i think her baby surgery helped. She drives like a crazy person but we've never wrecked. She looks older than me so that means when we are having game nights and sitting on our rocking chairs on the porch when I'm 60- she'll look 80 and i'll look 40! She doesn't know how to read music but can still sing- and loves to belt it out in the car with me. She wants 10 children so the odds of her being fatter than me are high! She is a convert- which always attracts ppl! She is Taryn Brooke Farrel Schroedter- in my phone anyways! She is just as weird as me.... ok that's impossible- but almost! And she does accept my weirdness. Basically I could go on- but I'm nauseating myself so I'm sure you all have had enough of this! Also I have been sick today- been feeling nauseous today in general so i can't tell if it's this blog or not. ah well! my dad just got back from being on business trip all week so it's game night time. Anyways- basically.......I love Taryn soooooo much and this blog is just a small thank you to her!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


yes that's right ladies and gents- today was jdub sunday!! we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove 25 minutes to the JW. then..... the building was either under an invisibility cloak or had been torn down- because it was LITERALLY no where to be found. i circled the blue dot on the map app like five times but no building around!! we were livid- and we didn't wake up for nothing. so we went to the second location. another 22 minutes away- then we get there: ONLY SPANISH!!! what are you serious? but we talked to this wonderful fellowshipper and he answered some q's i had about jehovah witnesses and he told us of a building that is by our house that is english.
it's only a 10 minutes drive from my house and here we are in the car for over an hour finding the one google says is closest. dang internet! someone was playing a joke on us to just see us waste gas! i think that they're more secretive than most and wanted to be hidden or have ppl only really sincerely interested hunt them down! and we weren't welcome to some sesh time with them- hmmmm... this thing they call the assembly- their version of stake conference but it's exclusive or something...... but i just try to observe with an open mind and appreciate their worship!
so basically the jw are not really anything extremely outrageous in my opinion- i don't know why everyone gives them such a hard time. maybe it's because i'm mormon and we're pretty hardcore, too! i love believers in christ!!
ok well there is more to be said but my whole family is waiting on me and i really must go!
next week is jole osteen's congregation- where they literally meet in the Houston Rocket's old stadium!! The Lakewood congregation- it's infamous in Houston!!! It oughta be a riot- literally like a free concert. Efy on steroids!
Ok well Happy Sabbath :) even tho it's literally Saturday but Sunday is our day of worship! loves!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I should just rename this blog

I should just rename this blog "Taboo" because that's all I seem to write about anyways and it's kinda clever- or make an app on the side or gadget or wtv it's called in blog lingo of just funny taboo moments..... in fact- maybe i will do that. ok i'm gonna do that. please look at my new gadget from now on! hahahahah

early birthday

so apparantely this past thursday was a celebration of my early birthday. i was complaining for a couple weeks now how no one in my family (as in my parents and siblings) got me a card or a single thing for my bday- i know i know i'm such a brat- and so i'm just being a toosh and whining and whining. no one really acknowledges me and my mom says she'll put money in my account or we can go shopping or something. and i'm all "it's the thought that goes into birthdays that i care about!" and just boo hoo and wow i need some serious help! so anyways. i come home from work on thursday and my mom tells me to go upstairs and see what grant is doing. i reply- what? why? and i keep doing my lovely unwinding activities- like fill up my water bottle, bug my mom, rant about something dumb that happened at work, play some piano- finally after like 20 minutes- i go upstairs. i go into my room and it's completely decked out. streamers  everywhere. over 50 baloons. a banner. posters. a pinata. and presents on my bed! i just stand there like a fool and then let out this manly scream and said "who did this" and that's when taryn, grant, and scott pop out from under my TWIN bed (where there is normally a trundle- and that's impressive because it's a twin!) and i scream and pee a little. then i hug them and am just so giddy. then i go over to my bed to look at the presents and BOOM a hand from under the bed grabs my ankle- now i really peed myself and scream like crazy! spencer popped out, too! those four must have literally been spooning to fit under there! hahahaha. cozy! (taryn videod my reaction and had her iphone on for the 20 minutes it took me to actually mosey upstairs. hahah- i look sexy in my scrubs! i know! i might try to get the video on here but it's like 10 minutes of them four just snickering under the bed and having bodily functional problems and it is actually quite funny!)
and so this is not for my 22 bday they say :) it's for my early 23 bday. they did this out of principle- they could not reward my whining and obnoxious snobbery so instead they threw me an early 23rd bday! thanks y'all :) you little cuties!!! hahahaha. and now when my mom gets back from the airport we're going shopping for cowboy boots (can't live in texas without 'em) and a watch! ok well happy birthday to me and if i haven't wished you happy bday lately- happy birthday- i don't really look at fbook birthdays anymore and without that i literally only know 10 people's birthdays. hahaha. oh and the bday calendar mamma julie made me so that helps with the family birthdays on both sides.
yah these are two movies that were top on my want list! don't act like you're surprised! in this picture i am not feeling "mul-on-chu-lee" -megamind quote!
yah those four can fit under a twin bed! impressed!!! thanks y'all :) i love you!
and of course grant had to include chase in wishing me happy bday- since he too did nothing..... hahaha. i think it looks just like him! handshakes of course!
and this doesn't do the cake justice but it's THREE layers and all made with love from spence :)
i couldn't blow all the candles out! good thing i have about 330 days to practice for the real thing! start working out now!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

solo for 140

that's right! 140 days! but who's counting? i officially am now!
20 weeks. that's not so long!
chase and i like to count in fast sundays and that's only. 5 fast sundays!!! almost 4!!!
this is what i worked on tonight. productive!
and every time i rip off a day- i will right an adjective i love about chase and sprinkle his room with them for his homecoming! he's focused on him doing the mission thing- i'm not :) hahaha.

it's super depressing to me when i see this on ppl's blog links
Alex and Janet
Hillary and Milford
Greg and Stacey
Frank and Mandy
Bunny and George
Yolanda and Tyler
Stewart and Jasmine
William and Chelsea

you see what i mean........ hahahaha
it's not that big of a deal- just a funny observation.

ok well 140 :) in 1 hour and 44 minutes.... 139!