Saturday, August 13, 2011

fruits and veges

p.s. TABOO update. please check side bar!

i love my home. it's a beautiful place. heaven on earth. there is one glitch though. one tiny problem- this little addiction my mom has.
today in stake conference- which i'll expand more on tomorrow (it was amazing.) but one of the talks was on addictions and i looked at my mom and wrote this "addiction: veges and fruit animals"
I was then inspired to share this addiction and annoyance with the world. You're welcome

the saddest part of these little collectibles.... my mom has them in a particular order and knows when i rearrange them and fixes them. oh this horrifying obsession. some people love them- like my mom and taryn and others but they just don't fit in our house. our house is very orderly and has a certain style- these are not fitting in the genre. hahahaha. 

do these resemble animals? no.
ok this one actually is legit. 
i am a little inspired to recreate all these animals- but the ironic thing is.... if i try to suport my mom's obsession and participate and use all the veges and fruits to recreate her masterpieces, i think she'd call it wasteful and be livid. hahahaha. love you, mom!

if you want cool points, you can name each animal and their designated fruit or vegetable they are representing. hahaha. have fun!

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