Sunday, August 7, 2011


yes that's right ladies and gents- today was jdub sunday!! we woke up at the crack of dawn and drove 25 minutes to the JW. then..... the building was either under an invisibility cloak or had been torn down- because it was LITERALLY no where to be found. i circled the blue dot on the map app like five times but no building around!! we were livid- and we didn't wake up for nothing. so we went to the second location. another 22 minutes away- then we get there: ONLY SPANISH!!! what are you serious? but we talked to this wonderful fellowshipper and he answered some q's i had about jehovah witnesses and he told us of a building that is by our house that is english.
it's only a 10 minutes drive from my house and here we are in the car for over an hour finding the one google says is closest. dang internet! someone was playing a joke on us to just see us waste gas! i think that they're more secretive than most and wanted to be hidden or have ppl only really sincerely interested hunt them down! and we weren't welcome to some sesh time with them- hmmmm... this thing they call the assembly- their version of stake conference but it's exclusive or something...... but i just try to observe with an open mind and appreciate their worship!
so basically the jw are not really anything extremely outrageous in my opinion- i don't know why everyone gives them such a hard time. maybe it's because i'm mormon and we're pretty hardcore, too! i love believers in christ!!
ok well there is more to be said but my whole family is waiting on me and i really must go!
next week is jole osteen's congregation- where they literally meet in the Houston Rocket's old stadium!! The Lakewood congregation- it's infamous in Houston!!! It oughta be a riot- literally like a free concert. Efy on steroids!
Ok well Happy Sabbath :) even tho it's literally Saturday but Sunday is our day of worship! loves!!!

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