Wednesday, August 3, 2011

solo for 140

that's right! 140 days! but who's counting? i officially am now!
20 weeks. that's not so long!
chase and i like to count in fast sundays and that's only. 5 fast sundays!!! almost 4!!!
this is what i worked on tonight. productive!
and every time i rip off a day- i will right an adjective i love about chase and sprinkle his room with them for his homecoming! he's focused on him doing the mission thing- i'm not :) hahaha.

it's super depressing to me when i see this on ppl's blog links
Alex and Janet
Hillary and Milford
Greg and Stacey
Frank and Mandy
Bunny and George
Yolanda and Tyler
Stewart and Jasmine
William and Chelsea

you see what i mean........ hahahaha
it's not that big of a deal- just a funny observation.

ok well 140 :) in 1 hour and 44 minutes.... 139!

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