Friday, September 30, 2011

a keeper

today was a great day. i'm utterly exhausted. just got home from work. should be at the byu football game- the first home game i've missed.... (besides when i was on the mish- those don't count).... i feel guilty but i'm too tired. i could prolly curl up in bed and sleep till morning. utterly exhausted- like i said :)
ps where does the word utterly stem from? utter? so as in..... milked dry? like what's going on with this english language?
oh speaking of english language- aka french language. didn't do so bad on my first french test- and beat some of those cocky RMs. i know its not good to compare but i basked in my victory.
"I learned French when serving in Switzerland...."
"well on my mission in Paris......"
" you know in Belgium, which is where i served my mission, French was....." blah blah blah blah
anyways- i am sooooo tired. woke up at the crack of dawn- that never happens but i need to do better at waking up earlier in general.
spent an amazing time with the wilders at the slc temple. my family away from family at my home away from home :) so great just sitting in there after the sesh with michael just talking, discussing, and sharing things we love and know! i love him :) i'll prolly write more about him becuase we're going to conference sunday. i do wish uber much that amanda was in town as well. but michael day was amazing nonetheless.
just wanted to announce that today was one of those days- a keeper! ones that you hope the angels don't forget to write in your book. because days like today matter :)
he's known me longer than almost anybody i've kept in my life. he knows me better than most, too! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

je t'aimais, je t'aime, et je t'aimerai

baby everything that i have is yours. you will never go cold or hungry. i'll be there when you're insecure. let you know that you're always lovely

everybody in love go put your hands up. if you're in love put your hands up. you know you need someone when your need so strong. when they're gone you don't know how to go on.... standing still till they come back. you accept that they've got things to do. if hurt is missin you baby, i've done too much of it lately. every minutes like an hour. every hours like a day. every day last forerever. but what else am i gonna do. i'd wait forever and a day for you. i'd wait up wait up for you.

every night is lonely without you

we've built this on a solid rock. it feels like it's heaven's touch. together at the top, baby.

this kind of faith is so unshakeable. it's unmistakeable. it's bigger than me. yeah. this kind of love is what i dreamed about. yeah it fills me up. baby, it leaves no doubt. 

i wish you were here with me tonight. i remember the days we spent together were not enough. you still feel like dreaming, except we always woke up. never thought not having you here would hurt so much. tonight i've fallen and i can't get up. i need your loving hands to come and pick me up. and every night i miss you i can just look up and know the stars are holding you holding you holding you tonight. 

I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground. I pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms

reflect on miscommunication and misundertsandings. and missing each other, too. say what you're thinking right now. tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone. the worst is over. you can have the best of me. we got older but we're still young. we never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up.

back to you. it always comes around. back to you. i tried to forget you, i tried to stay away, but it's too late. over you, i'm never over you... i walk with your shadow. i'm sleeping in my bed with your silhouette.

be the smoke to my high. and you're the one i wanna marry. you're the one for me. i'm the one for you. you take the both of us and we're the perfect two. 

hold on if you feel like letting go. hold on it gets better than you know. days- you say it takes too long. and your nights you can't sleep at all. hold on.

i thank God you came along. you are the one i've been for today. here comes the sun. its been raining more today... sat beside you and became myself. 

so this all stems from the other day when i tried to listen to my ipod on shuffle on my drive home from SLC...... and every song hit home. "ive changed the presets in my truck...." but those old songs still snuck up and made me miss you :)

so on the left is the image from my blog back in august....... and look at how short my chain is!!! woah!!! half way!
i tried to line it up properly so the curves and bends correspond :) the colors/weeks match up!

i count down in the weirdest increments:
3 fast sundays left.
2 more pedicures.
2 proactive shipments
11 weeks
2 holidays
3 aunt flow visits 
10 temple trips
shave my legs 20 times
4 letters from heidi
no more valentine days
10 emails from brazil
1 twilight movie premier
2 transfers
3 perscription refills
12 sundays
clean the bathroom 6 times
1 haircut
30 gym sessions
5 french tests
35 dates till it's actually a date with chase
1 general conference weekend

those are SMALL numbers!!! it used to be in the 100's. now it's not so :)

you see how i live my life? i'm insane! wow!!

biggest grattitude prayers to God lately for how soon it will all be here :)
i love chase anderson.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

persuasive writing

i am taking this class (persuasive writing) at the slc byu center this semester.
p.s. PLUG: slc byu center is way easier than byu provo campus. now i know!
so i really love this class. i'm always laughing at the irony and the funny issues we talk about.

this week i have to submit a "letter to the editor" to the byu paper-
what is it called again? not daily herald.. not cougareat... oh yah- daily universe!! anyways. here is what i have to submit (it has to be under 200 words) i hope it doesn't actually get in the paper. eeek hahaha.

September 24, 2011

When a missionary comes home early, no matter what the reason, BYU kicks them out. Their deferment is void. They must re-apply like a freshman. This is the thanks given to those who went out and served the Lord.
If it’s an honorable release for medical reasons, they sit out for at least six months. Then, they must give a doctor’s, psychiatrist’s, and mission president’s letter. Yes they are sick, but they’ve attended BYU before and excelled.
The missionary has sacrificed their education for the Lord, yet it looks like they’ll have to do it a little longer. BYU tells them that they’ve missed the application deadline for their desired semester. Obviously! They had planned to still be on the mission, so they didn’t think they would need to apply.
They did all they could do, are worthy of the honor code, and still face setback after setback. BYU doesn’t have a place saved for them until their deferment stated. BYU didn’t know to save a place for them just in case; that’s all understandable. However, BYU just told them they are already 700 students over the capacity for the semester. What is one more worthy RM?

Marissa  Schroedter

Word count: 197

hahahah oh randomness! i tried to make it seem two-sided and explain BYU's case but really it's biased. we all know that. i wonder where this passion and voice stemmed from? oh yeah my life!! 
also for this class i had to look up a current politcal speech and find five fallacies. i actually really enjoyed this speech! go romney :) i love it!

and lastly. we had to argue how or why Disney is like a religion? hahaha. this "essay" isn't as good because it's worth like five points and just a hw assignment. did it in like four seconds! but it's still funny.

            Religion is an anchor to man’s soul; it helps them make decision, develop their character, and have a source of strength to fall back on that is bigger than their personal power. With this definition, I believe Disney can definitely be a substitute for religion.
            Do I believe that Walt Disney is comparable to Jesus with his “visions, lifelong innocence, special affinity for children, and building of cathedrals”? No. But I do believe the belief system Disney evokes, the way Disney followers cling to this institution, and the universally accepted messages that people watch, study, and analyze makes Disney a religious institution.
            Kids are exposed to Disney at a young age, just like kids raised in religious families are exposed to their traditional sect. Because of Disney, they start to believe that women should be treated this way by their prince, that helping a friend is being a hero, and that going on an independent journey to find their identity is the way to adulthood. Children are very malleable and susceptible; they have grown up being taught this and have it re-instilled with visits to the great Disney castle. Yes, they can grow up and break their traditional beliefs. But just like religion introduced to young children shapes their morals and beliefs, so does Disney. Some call it brainwashing; others call it developing character.
            Disney is as well known, talked about, and institutionalized as any popular, mainstream religion. Walt Disney had a vision and helped others feel apart of his vision. It seems Disney will always be around and in a way be an eternal part of our lives and culture. Disney is a religion for many Americans and non-Americans.

p.s. i just spent all morning on my persuasive writing homework. that's why this post is over the top :) 

also this morning i went and re-read my old mission post. oh it was therauputic. i mentioned many times each weekly email home that  "this one moment with Evan (or Patrick or Georgia or Harold or etc.) makes the whole mission worth it." well i need to remember that. six months is great :) 

i shoulda started my blog on my study abroad- i had so many good weekly emails about that chapter in my life. maybe i'll combine and make a flashback post for the public with pics :) 

well lauryn's birthday awaits- as soon as my car is returned to me by kelly and her beloved webloes (sp?)- i'll be off to So Jo!!! happy birthday, lauryn! xoxoxoxo.

Friday, September 23, 2011

one year older and wiser, too.

so i feel like i've done this before. OH WAIT!!!! i have!!!! hence: click here

hahahahaah. dang i was looking at sept 2009.... i was new to blogging. hadn't made her a memoir yet.
well happy birthday again, my dear! i love you laur!!!!

Amazing like the song about Jimmer
Nibller of daddy t-rex

Lauryn when she was 11. She went by taylor

I don't know what I would do without her in my life. I hope I never have to find out! Thank you, Laur, for being you, being an amazing friend, and living worthy of the sealing between us :) I LOVE YOU!!!! now all my favorite birthday songs finally apply to you :) this birthday :) finally!!! 
 it's your birthday so you know you want to ride out!!! ps stoked for pf changs.

Happy birthday to you!!!
You are a sexy beast that cannot be contained by the zoo! 
If i could oh smell like you. 
I'd be happier than America's Best Dance Crew!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY toooooo youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

email day

today is email day. wednesdays really are my favorite days.

i have no idea who reads this blog and with a post like today- i hope certain people don't. haha.

i've been feeling weird lately..... about chase coming home.

1. super excited. let's just clear that up.

2. scared out of my mind with the commitment that will be expected and that even i expect as well

3. things are really happening for me these days. i have more boys than ever and it confuses me.

some people say it's satan working hard on me before chase comes home
some people say i need to explore my options and see what happens
some people say how would you feel if chase did this or didn't do that?
some people say it's 3 months- don't even toy with nonsense
some people say i should wait
some people say i should date
some people say......
some people say......
but what do i say? what does the Lord say?
i say love is a choice and i don't leave it up to fate.
i say you cannot bank 100% on a missionary.
i say i love chase.
i say i know there is more than one person out there for me. i want to follow the Lord's will.
i say i've been praying about this for a long time and i know chase is for me.
the Lord says study it out in your mind.
He's already told me before that chase and i have green lights from Him.
the Lord doesn't micromanage you, but He does guide you.
What to do? What to do?

So i wrote this super vague email to chase. it prolly drove him CRAZY because i coulda been talking about anything: school, church, RM psycho problems, family, dating, byu football, weather, living arrangement, health, work, etc..... but i don't like to worry him with anything until it's clear in my own mind. 

some snippets:

Hey Chase, 
How are you doing? I hope you have had a good week, feel my prayers, and are happy. I love you very much
A lot of stuff is happening here and I'm having to make some big decisions.  I'm keeping it all a HUGE matter of prayer.... I'm scared right now and I know that's the opposite of faith so I'm doing all I can to listen for the Spirit.... You are an amazing missionary and doing what you should be- developing yourself and the saints in Brazil. I love you and your friendship, love, and example. I'm here for you..... Work hard. Take care of your body. Love your companion. Laugh tons....
This pic is faking smiles because Utah annihilated us.....this is part of our sports pass group... we snuck in ciara.....
I miss you..... thank you so much for your increase in love, support, and letters through snail mail- much needed and appreciated....
Love, Marissa

mainly i'm having choices about dating, work, and school to decipher between. I know as I keep moving, everything will reveal itself. The Spirit cannot steer a parked car :) Amen.
I know Chase and I will be good, better than good. I am so grateful he gets home in less than 13 weeks..... then real decisions, progress, and movement can be made!

and this is some of him back :)
p.s. JULIE- thank you, you sweet mother! being a go-between, heavenly connection for chase and i and the blessings of emails :)

Hey my darling sweet heart! .......we have electric rackets here that kill bugs and we went on a killing spree this morning, i killed so many bugs, you would be so proud of me haha! ...... sweetheart, be super open with me and tell me all the difficulties that you are having, i want to hear everything! i wrote a letter for you on our anniversary saturday! are you getting all your letters? ...... that is awesome that the U smashed byu haha me and my comp are U fans! every week is flying by faster and faster, its going to seem like tomorrow that i am going to back in your arms! ...... i am going to need alot of back tickles and tickling my hair, and back massages when i get back, are you down for the job? haha i love so much! what is giving you the most fear in your life right now? lean on me when you're not strong! i love you bunches! have an amazing week, you're beautiful!
elder anderson

i know some people might judge me for this post, but like nie nie says.... it's my blog so don't read it if you have a problem. and i think every girl who's ever had a missionary can relate. it's hard. it's not natural. it's conflicting- but that doesn't mean one way or the other is right. 
it doesn't mean if you wait, you are stagnant and childish. 
it doesn't mean if you dear john/don't wait, that you are weak and impatient. 
it just means that life is about decisions, sticking by your choices, and they should be enjoyed and full of happiness. i know chase makes me happy. i know life without him has been happy, too. i know i need time, time, and more time with him to make an eternal decision one way or the other. i say this all the time but i've even shocked myself at how loyal and strong i've been. and at how strong mine and chase's relationship is- even after all that has happened these two years and how much distance has grown.  
i love him very much and regardless of what happens (even though i'm on team wedding bells- aka temples don't have bells. so don't think i'm saying it won't be at a temple. it's just a figure of speech.) i am so grateful for chase in my life. he has changed me. helped me serve a mission. helped me believe in myself. helped me believe in men again. helped me be the happiest and best me. i have no regrets because of the decision i made and the prompting to prepare for a mission- january of 2010. it wasn't just because of him- OBVIOUSLY. it was sincerely because of Him. but people in your life and timing really is everything.

Monday, September 19, 2011

THE weekend

this is a weekend i look forward to all year. it defines a lot of who i am, how i decide if it was a good season, and why i am so depressed/fiesty for days on end. usually this mood/vibe wouldn't last more than a weekend but after a butt kicking/massacre/annhilation as was this weekend.... it could be extended. i don't want to go into much detail because i have had two nights to sleep on it and need to bring it up as little as possible so i can move on. but i will share the small moments of happiness that did occur THIS weekend. THE weekend of all weekends. oh byu- i still love you, even though you made me emotionally blue. 
so on friday, i went to dinner, video games, photo booths, and movie time with dallin, lauryn, geoff, and nicholas. hence.
oh how i love my cousin!! it's her birthday week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL BABE!!!

then  i slept at my anderson's house and had some great moments in the morning with ciara.
and spent all morning "helping" chase with his byu application essays. he's gonna be a cougar- dream come true :) but after this weekend i wouldn't even blame him for changing his mind. i will never betray and turn my back on byu, but his loyalty is already wavering/non-existent.

after applying to byu was settled for chasey baby, i went to kelly and lance's!!! and we got intense....with ticket to ride. i feel like me as third wheel is often the reason for many of my married friends fighting. and this occasion was no different. kelly was about to punch a puppy she was so mad. lance and i kept accidently blocking her. at one point, lance retracted his last move becuase kelly was so ferocious and threatening! hahahahahaha. i thought it was freeking hilarious!
we kept getting distracted the whole game with laughter, heytell'ing, and watching THIS clip. we love it!! backin' up backin' up backin' up!!!
p.s. for all you men out there (aka lance and dad) you must be color-blind! because you assume that this track is PURPLE.... absolutely not. and this proves it! kelly's PURPLE blackberry and my PINK iphone..... which color does it more resemble? PINK!!! that's right. it's settled. i will not hand you the card unless you call it by it's proper title- PINK!

before i left for the game- i got a picture with my little godbaby :) reagan!!! isn't she the cutest little brainwashed cougar baby ever!!!
kelly and lance are the best parents to raise her right! rise and shout! i'm teaching her the fight song. she almost has it down!

yeah i stole one of her bows for the game. like taking candy from a baby. we match :)

so this pic is to solely show off the AMAZING seats we had! and they're rotating- so what are the odds we get ROW FOUR for the utah-byu game. even though it gave me a painful seat for a beating- it was still where i want to be for the u of u game!!!!! i love you cougars- this friday will be better. it can't be worse :) cheer on cougars of BYU! rah rah rah rah rah go cougars!!!

some of my group pepes :) lj and her beau weren't in it! friday i'll get a pic with them!! i love byu because it brings my life of growing up all randomly- all together!!! love y'all!

and we were right next to George Q. and got to see the cannon being pulled. remind me of the good ole days, kell! and...... jimmer walked by and he was touchable! AND cosmo walked by and addison was trying to get his attention. succesful. i told addison to take his shirt off and ask cosmo for a "i fired george q. cannon" shirt and he did it! and he got one for free! work it! and addison gave it to me! suh-weet!!!!!!!

my beautiful c. anderson slept over in ptown after the game! i officially converted her to wanting to go to byu. she kept asking me throughout the night, "what's wrong?" and i kept shouting "are you seriously asking me that?"
she got a glimpse at how TOO seriously i take byu football. hahahaha.
my friend txt me after the game.... "at least the gospel is true"..... he has a point. but it didn't console me. hahaha oh byu!

had a crazy sunday morning. i won't go into detail but i'll tell you if you ask. hint: it consisted of me cleaning up something fowl and puking and then having to clean up the fowl thing and my puke. lose-lose situation. but it feels good to serve and be selfless. 

and then later sunday... i had a mission reunion. not gonna lie- it was hard. people asked me too many questions and brought up going home early for medical reasons.... but it was overall good and wonderful to see everyone and feel the love and comradeship. 
i didn't get any good pics of the whole RM group but i did get a pic with LJ :) [aka best trainer in the world] i love you, ali!! so good having our talk. you are the best! 

and then a good night of hit or miss with my anderson family! i'm getting them into games. i cannot be apart of a family that doesn't feeds off games! it's gonna be a great christmas break :) 12.5 weeks!!!

i stayed up WAY too late.... texting, heytelling, giggling, and chatting away with ciara. i feel most bad for her. she had to wake up at the crack of dawn- well no early morning seminary but high school is still too early for my liking. she has my sympathy. 

i still got woken up fairly early. 7:30 am.... with a baby thrown at me as i'm still in REM sleep. then chad booked it outta there and i'm left with a crying baby to babysit. hahahaha. but i turned on cartoons (only could find them in spanish- she didn't mind) and i got all my homework done :) now some bday shopping for some of my chicas and a fun night with brad. haven't seen him in forever. literally. i hope i can recognize him. i'm sure it'll be great and minimal awkwardness. hahahah. what a great/horrifying weekend :)

ope just found these beauties on the andersons' desktop. cannot resist. 
since he is 14 yrs old here and has lost 60 lbs on his mission..... he prolly looks more like a baby child in this pic than my memory remembers him as.
yeah his pre-mi days. hopefully he comes back a better man ;)
dec 24, 2009.... gonna be an even better christmas eve this year
looking forward to these days again. as you can tell. 
his way of telling us in brazil he is outta toothpaste. CUTIE.
the best work! the best man :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

another successful wednesday

i think wednesdays have become my favorite day of the week. why? well last wednesday for one and now this one and the one i have planned for next week sounds pretty great, too.

spending the day with mary was amazing. we had zupas- always exceeds my expectations. so much catching up and love for mary. and the best part- the temple :) we went to oquirrh. which i can't get enough of and it was mary's first time there. next week we'll do a sesh at draper- where i've never been! it's going to be amazing. just like these pics and memories and seriously spiritual moments!

heaven on earth. home is where the heart is and my heart is always centered here.

posing it up. photo shoot at the temple. still debating the appropriateness.

and the beautiful mommy-to-be! little baby stud in there! love him already. isn't she gorgeous? love her long time!

another memory. another great memory!

also had a wonderful afternoon at the andersons and then i had class at the slc center. i love the andersons. some serious heart-to-hearts with the julie mamma babe! and i just love talking with chad and dave, too. bryton and ciara were MIA- odd! but it was still great. it was especially great when grandma hanks zooms over to me in her motorized wheel chair and hands me a letter :) an email for pday and a snail mail letter! i love getting mail from him! luckiest girl alive. chase is so wonderful- can you believe how close dec 21 is!!! i can! i have the best man in the world. the best missionary (tied with tay). the best boyfriend. the best best friend. the best spiritual giant! the best :) it's not a competition- it's a personal opinion which i tend to believe is more of a fact! i love him so much- and please pray for him because he's super sick- like permanently. brazil has coroded his body! i hope he can make it 13 more weeks and find some medical help here. until then- prayer roll and personal prayers. thanks ;)
well other things to look forward to this week.
                              mission reunion in park city.
                                                 babysitting reagan!
                                                            lauryn tennis time- which oughta be enteratining.                                                                              and some good old sleep in about 5.5 seconds :) good night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love to see.....

....millie, naps, heather, the temple, the andersons, aubrey, school, and more sleep

yesterday was a good day.
it was a full, growing day!

i think babysitting millie weekly will become a routine that i am looking forward to. i missed a lot of her first year and i'm glad to have this time to spend with her! she is seriously the most angelic, happy baby! i took her with me to a breakfast date with heather yesterday morning and she was a crack up and so good!! i can take her everywhere and anywhere- what a good baby! i also love to imagine how many of those provo-ians think that she is my little one- i want to correct all of them for judging and assuming but i just smile. here i am, looking about 16 years old with a baby on my hip- i blend right into the provo scene. i mean my closest friends who are youngens are having beautiful children- kelly, megan, mary! what a beautiful chapter for them!
so back to millie.
and then mills took a three hour nap! which allowed me to take a much needed nap and get some homework done- ideal babysitting- aka napping!!
look at that precoius child just smiling at her auntie!!
breakfast with heather was much needed! love her.

After a beautiful morning with mills, heather, and sleep appointment, I had an even better afternoon at the temple. I hadn't been back for a session at Oquirrh since my endowment. I needed to go to the temple and now I realize truly why. Sometimes when you can't go for a couple weeks or even a couple months, you can tend to forget how gratifying and beautiful the house of the Lord is. It was so amazing and that will also become a weekly routine. They are so close and everywhere here in Utah- another perk! I love the perspective, service, love, clarity, joy, peace, smiles, and strength the temple offers.

I am also re-reading this amazing book, that changed my life a couple years ago! And I read something that hit me strong this time: Christ chose to become like us because he loves us. We can now show Christ we love Him by living and becoming like Him.

Spiritual strength, knowledge, and power is amazing!

After the temple, I went to my beloved Andersons! Ciara whipped out this bad boy- she had doodled in class. hahaha oh the Utah school system!
What a little sweetie poo Ciara is! And now it's hanging in my room. 

This lovely artwork also makes me think of Aubrey!! and the many adorable videos I have of her on my phone! This one is extra cute!! "Rissa, are you? see you? RISSA!!!" oh i hope i get to visit her for Thanksgiving.

I then went to class up at the SLC center (so much easier than BYU campus-just side note), chit chatted with Lauryn my whole drive home, watched some Teen Mom, and then went grocery shopping at pitch midnight with Paul- yah squaw peak Paul. hahaahahhahahaha. and now i'm having a productive morning of checking things off my to-do list!

ALSO!!!! backtrack!!! AUBREY!!!! Today is a very important day because it is Aubrey's SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, baby girl cutie cookie!!!!
And it's Taylor's one year mark! WOW!!!
Also. some fun facts- 3 more fast sundays!!!!!
And last night as I was falling asleep listening to my tapes (this is what I do from time to time. judge me later) I heard the funniest line, "when we're married, you can read me bedtime stories...." yah OKAY! i'll just make you a sandwhich while i'm at it! hahahaha. men! he was referring to that christmas book the andersons and myself sent him where we voiced over the words and read him the story for a "read-along" book. hahahah.
Life is beautiful!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

provo perks

there are some perks to living in provo. i need to be more positive- there are many perks. one great one- the brunson family. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! i have for a while. remember this.....

"just the two of us" -will smith
then they (aka y chromosomes) came along.
then things got serious for two of them. who knows what happened to that other couple.
two is better than one.
then they were newlyweds. 
for 5.4 seconds!! 
and now this is my favorite brunson. i thought i loved kelly and lance. but reagan is a whole other field!
she loves me too! it's mutual!!! baby baby baby!
i love being in provo with the clan! kelly brunson!! i'm glad she'll be here for me through it all- she's not allowed to move till i leave this state. 
ps it's just been discussed that brent will sing at my wedding just like he sang at kell's! holla! check out his website. it's lance's dad who impersonates george strait! he is legit!!
yeah we're mature. an rm and a mom! 
i love it! spending sunday afternoon having lance cook for us.... like always. and chillin with the fam. ps kelly was in charge of the garlic bread. it's burnt! great!! ok enough! gotta go live life and not just blog about it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


So this weekend. There is a lot to say- a lot to say that doesn't belong on a blog. Actually the only people I've really talked to about my frantic state is Lauryn (which is undertsandable), Ciara (which is not), and Michael (yah, Karin. IDK how that happened!)
Anyways. But what I wanna blog about is Sheepdogs!
That's right- I went to a Sheepdog show! It was fantastic and a new experience. I didn't see any pigs, aka babe, rounding up the sheep or communicating with them but I was still impressed with the show. The dog just following their master's whistles and getting the sheep through gates, around poles, and into a pin. Wow!
There was a petting zoo, shopping market, dogs jumping off a dock to see how far they could jump into a pool- basically hicktown fabulous wonder! i loved it. I wasn't really myself and kinda in a funk- but it was still enjoyable. especially with my Anderson family :) xoxoxoxo love y'all!
I was hoping to see one of the dogs attack a sheep- but Dave said that dogs don't eat the sheep.... ever. Then why are they so whipped and scared of them? sheep- psh!
Ok well- time to call it an early night- yah i know it's the weekend- kiss it. Last night was a LONG night and tonight was a long day and my feet hurt. And i just wanna unwind my tightly wound crazy self. done and done!
ps did you know..... 15 weeks isn't so long. just sayin. helped me get through this week and this weekend!
Me and the sis baby pants sexy, Ciara
a little bit of the action- as you can see. riveting!! the audience did gasp, applaud, and hoot- like it was some football game!
ps congrats to BYU! sooooo happy to be back in football season !! ha Ole Miss!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


so this is all overwhelming- being back in utah and all the rekindling and starting new and hopping back into it- a lot of verbs going on!
but one great thing about being back here was HOW i got here. hilarious!!!! as you can imagine. 2 young crazy girls roadtripping it 26 hours by themselves is going to be fantastic! so let me just narrate some with pictures so you don't fall asleep.
obviously 2 weeks 24 hours together is going to be impossible to blog about it all but i'll give you the highlights :) taryn just left me yesterday and it's weird to be alone- a private room is nice :) esp since once you're married you share forever.... well unless there is marital problems but that's not the kinda private room someone wants. ok let's get back to our roadtrip story!
who knew how close romania was!!!! we had to take a pic :) 
what is this a picture of you ask? OH SOMETHING THAT OCCURED THREE TIMES!!! you see, i was driving, and it was taryn's job to get the snacks, adjust the music, text reply back for me, apply chapstick to my lips, etc...... something that went along with this responsibility was often digging through my purse- and this is what she does?? dumps it over and over again! once she even said, "it's not that bad, only like............ ok everything fell out." and another time the bag is already upside down and i tell her to just leave it, she thinks she can salvage it. WRONG when she reaches to go turn it rightside over...... even MORE stuff falls out. it may not seem that funny but when you've been driving for a billion hours and you are loopy- everything is hilarious. almost wrecked from tears of laughter blinding me.
 and then..... a couple hours later. she does the same thing. with a box of wheat thins. i actually just vacuumed out my car today (2 weeks later) and i found many of wheat thins under the seat. oh love that girl. ps after they were all over the carpet, the ones she did catch she put them back in the bag. i ate that bag today between class. they were delicious. i'm still kickin' it so i guess my car carpet is pretty sanitary.

there were many times our life felt threatened during this road trip:
*plastic bag flew at the window and covered my vision for a dangerous amount of time
*a bird flew into the windshield. idk if i killed it, it looked like it was still gliding along- aka prolly floating to it's death. it "wasn't flying. it was falling with style" what movie?
*there was a creeper van with 2 fifteen year olds that wanted our bods and we couldn't get away from them fast enough. they were with us for a good stretch of the journey! luckily they turned off before Albuquerque... good thing they didn't stay at our hotel- oh that's a whole other story of danger.
*there is a little dust/windstorm that looked like it could take out a whole trailer park- it actually was quite frightening
*we got a baby tornado on camera in our rearview mirror at one point- YIKES

we stopped at every state line :) we still made good time.
it felt good to finally get outta texas!!!! texas is sooooo large- majority of the roadtrip!
i make taryn's dreams come true by helping her accomplish her "walk to remember" goal of being two places at once :) you're welcome!
this is a lovely picture of me sleeping. we stayed overnight in Alburqueque and at one point we go out to the ice machine and this dirty racial man with a white tee to his knees pops outta nowhere and scares the poo outta me and taryn as asks us "wanna buy a 30 pack?" 
who buys beer in a 30 pack? 30 packs of weed? what is going on here? i wanted to say "fool, i'm 22. i'll buy my own if i want!" but we were too frightened to acknowledge him at all so we completely ignored him like scared church mice...... we went the long way back to our room to make sure he wasn't following us! yikes! and then the next morning we left at 4:45 am and we saw a prostitution exchange. SKETCH!! what goes on in navajo land? ps this pic...... so i put on the tv and i say good night to taryn. she asks me for the remote so she can turn the volume down 30 seconds later..... i'm already out. you don't mess with me when i decide i'm going to knock out asleep! REM sleep can come over me at any time i choose. a blessing i'd say :) hahahaha.
taryn had so many funny one liners!
as we're entering utah, taryn says "it's okay if we break down from here on out because all that will pass us is a bunch of nice Mormons!" she snaps this pic "Oh a mini van! How unpredictable! Classic!"
this picture is significant you see. i'm about to make some big commitments soon..... and one of those MIGHT entail that i have to (get to- whatever your word choice) live in Utah for a very very long time. So i'm kissing the Colorado ground! Before I enter my fate into the beautiful state of Utah.
At one point.... we're trying to travel up to Price to Provo and I see a sign that says "Salt Lake" exit now. So in my mind I think that Salt Lake is one way and Provo another exit [like i15 is in the valley] (but we were still in southern southern southern Utah!) and so i see the sign, wave at it, and say "See ya Salt Lake" and keep going on. About 10 minutes later I tell Taryn to check our coordinates to see when my exit is coming up...... oh yah. it's the one i said "see ya" to. embarassing. missed the exit i acknowledged. 20 minute detour of the desert was nice :)

As Taryn was driving the windy roads of the MOAB canyons..... she was driving me nuts. and i'm a BAD backseat driver. i'm telling her if she wants to pass to gun it, if she doesn't- stay outta the way, etc. etc. and finally she just yells "SHUT UP!!!!" (now in my family we don't say shut up so i thought oh snap she's gonna kill me) and i was silent for like 2 minutes (which is a long time for me) it was a hilarious moment!!! sorry T!

p.s. roadtrips are rough on your bowels. well not really me because i'm special but just ask T :)

p.p.s. so the desert is BIG! do you know how many hitchhikers we saw when there weren't towns for two hours either way! What the? like at least 20. it was sooooo crazy!!!! good thing we never broke down. little suzuki did so good! what a good girl!
along the whole drive from alburquerque to provo we kept passing and getting passed by this same trailer of horses! of course i kept quoting OVER AND OVER AGAIN "we're sharing the road with show horses!" name that comedian?

some funny moments in Provo: taryn is dancing all crazy in the car. 
She says, "I bet they're all like look at that white girl!"
Me: "This is Provo. No one is thinking 'white' girl - everyone is white. That's all there is. Just prolly thinking look at that girl!"
Taryn: "Good point!"
That's how most of our converstaions go :)
Also- the second or third night we are in Provo, I decide to take Taryn up to squaw peak- woah woah woah it's not what you think!!! I just know she loves the lights and the pretty view from the mountains. So we go..... and we run into the most random old friend, paul- if you know him you do, if you don't you don't. but it was sooooooooooooo hilarious. we laugh about it often and i love how ppl guess who i saw up there when i asked them! We're just sitting there talking and looking out at the lights. Then i hear this STRONG british accent and talk of Singapore and SLC mission...... WHAT THE?? hahahah this is us taking a picture, giggling about our discovery! Provo- wow i'm back in such a small world. Idk how i feel about this- a little overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed easily these days- can't compartmentalize as well. Don't like to be alone for too long- i used to love it. Maybe I'll never really adjust- maybe that's why ppl get married so quick after the mission- to have a 24/7 companion again. A mission has really changed me. 

Another story: Taryn and I go get a pedicure. We are leaving Chase's house in Bdale and i ask her where her shoes are.... taryn: "oh i just like to be close to the earth" she smartalicks as she is assuming her shoes are in the car. we get int he car. drive to go to dinner with some friends. she turns to me "where are my shoes?" hahahahahhahahahahah oh how the tables have turned. she left the at the nail place but at the time being, we had to run into tj maxx and get her some shoes. 
another funny part is the previous day shopping at the outlets in park city we saw some chic barefoot buying shoes in a store and we mocked her. hahahahaha life lesson!! don't judge- becuase one day it will be you! lesson learned! hahahahah
Also Taryn came to class with me on Tuesday. She sat in my RM level French class for five seconds, got scared they would ask her to introduce herself in French and booked it outta there. Well she didn't have her phone. Went to get a drink. Class got out. I couldn't find her. LONG STORY SHORT- she ended up finding the car parked blocks away from the south of campus and we found each other an hour later. literally a miracle! JKB to a couple blocks south of campus. idk how she did it!!! i looked in every building i thought she coudla wandered into. i finally gave up and headed back to the car just hoping she would find her way somewhere safe.... and there she is standing by the car and comes sprinting towards me all freaking out cuz she was lost for so long. hahahahahahhaha. miracle!
we had the brilliant idea to visit the Salt Flatts....... little did we know it was 3 hours away. we drove 1.5 hours and then decided to give up. but of course we got out in the middle of nowhere and took a picture of our mini-roadtrip that led nowhere. hhahahahaha.
of course a trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without an alpine slide run in Park City :)
we were so blessed to have Stephanie Clark Nielson be speaking the very week Taryn was in town. She had a girls night out tent party, too! So great!!! Inspiring!
we hiked the Y and were SUPER proud (the good kind) of ourselves. everytime i do it, i wonder why?? fourth time! i'm sure i'll do it again even though i swore when i was up there i would never do it again. i'm such a baby. 
good thing i went to the gym for the first time in a year. get my butt back in gear!!
we spent the weekend up at Laur's cabin and it was great fun and it always brings clarity! love you two girls!
i'm glad tar got to meet some of the most important ppl in my life- laur and kell for sure! chase soon :)
i love this pic! what a cool carwash! 
exxon has fancy soap :) and i love the wire heart chase made me hanging so beautifully! brazil is fancy, too- high tech stuff like wire!!! 
but this carwash scared the POO outta millie. i was babysitting her for the day and i thought she would be captivated by the carwash- more like she thought we were getting attacked by aliens. poor baby!! i love that baby. she is the cutest thing since i was a baby......... oh wait NOT a good comparison.  i was a frightening baby as kelly reminded me.... in front of elliot. thanks! pls see old posts to understand.

hahahah but honestly millie is soooo precious!! ok well this blog post is going on forever!
longest post ever! can't believe i'm still talking!

basically i love taryn. i loved our roadtrip. and i love our pocketfull of memories!!!