Thursday, September 15, 2011

another successful wednesday

i think wednesdays have become my favorite day of the week. why? well last wednesday for one and now this one and the one i have planned for next week sounds pretty great, too.

spending the day with mary was amazing. we had zupas- always exceeds my expectations. so much catching up and love for mary. and the best part- the temple :) we went to oquirrh. which i can't get enough of and it was mary's first time there. next week we'll do a sesh at draper- where i've never been! it's going to be amazing. just like these pics and memories and seriously spiritual moments!

heaven on earth. home is where the heart is and my heart is always centered here.

posing it up. photo shoot at the temple. still debating the appropriateness.

and the beautiful mommy-to-be! little baby stud in there! love him already. isn't she gorgeous? love her long time!

another memory. another great memory!

also had a wonderful afternoon at the andersons and then i had class at the slc center. i love the andersons. some serious heart-to-hearts with the julie mamma babe! and i just love talking with chad and dave, too. bryton and ciara were MIA- odd! but it was still great. it was especially great when grandma hanks zooms over to me in her motorized wheel chair and hands me a letter :) an email for pday and a snail mail letter! i love getting mail from him! luckiest girl alive. chase is so wonderful- can you believe how close dec 21 is!!! i can! i have the best man in the world. the best missionary (tied with tay). the best boyfriend. the best best friend. the best spiritual giant! the best :) it's not a competition- it's a personal opinion which i tend to believe is more of a fact! i love him so much- and please pray for him because he's super sick- like permanently. brazil has coroded his body! i hope he can make it 13 more weeks and find some medical help here. until then- prayer roll and personal prayers. thanks ;)
well other things to look forward to this week.
                              mission reunion in park city.
                                                 babysitting reagan!
                                                            lauryn tennis time- which oughta be enteratining.                                                                              and some good old sleep in about 5.5 seconds :) good night!

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