Saturday, September 3, 2011


So this weekend. There is a lot to say- a lot to say that doesn't belong on a blog. Actually the only people I've really talked to about my frantic state is Lauryn (which is undertsandable), Ciara (which is not), and Michael (yah, Karin. IDK how that happened!)
Anyways. But what I wanna blog about is Sheepdogs!
That's right- I went to a Sheepdog show! It was fantastic and a new experience. I didn't see any pigs, aka babe, rounding up the sheep or communicating with them but I was still impressed with the show. The dog just following their master's whistles and getting the sheep through gates, around poles, and into a pin. Wow!
There was a petting zoo, shopping market, dogs jumping off a dock to see how far they could jump into a pool- basically hicktown fabulous wonder! i loved it. I wasn't really myself and kinda in a funk- but it was still enjoyable. especially with my Anderson family :) xoxoxoxo love y'all!
I was hoping to see one of the dogs attack a sheep- but Dave said that dogs don't eat the sheep.... ever. Then why are they so whipped and scared of them? sheep- psh!
Ok well- time to call it an early night- yah i know it's the weekend- kiss it. Last night was a LONG night and tonight was a long day and my feet hurt. And i just wanna unwind my tightly wound crazy self. done and done!
ps did you know..... 15 weeks isn't so long. just sayin. helped me get through this week and this weekend!
Me and the sis baby pants sexy, Ciara
a little bit of the action- as you can see. riveting!! the audience did gasp, applaud, and hoot- like it was some football game!
ps congrats to BYU! sooooo happy to be back in football season !! ha Ole Miss!!!!


Karin and Ben said...

Haha! Michael texted me that you guys hung out. He told me about how you're home and yada-yada-yada . . . I was like - I KNOW! WE'RE FRIENDS! Haha :)

Lacey and Phil said...

Oh my gosh, Marissa, your blog is so funny! I have to run to keep up with your writing and the whole time I'm laughing, partly because it's just plain funny, and partly because I don't know what you're talking about!

Amanda said... time when I was in like 8th grade my dad was like "hey kids we are going to the sheep dog show today." i was not excited bc it was labor day and I was in 8th grade and wanted to be cool and hang out with my friends. I went against my will and it was actually pretty fun. and the dogs are so amazing. i am glad to see that you enjoyed it too!