Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love to see.....

....millie, naps, heather, the temple, the andersons, aubrey, school, and more sleep

yesterday was a good day.
it was a full, growing day!

i think babysitting millie weekly will become a routine that i am looking forward to. i missed a lot of her first year and i'm glad to have this time to spend with her! she is seriously the most angelic, happy baby! i took her with me to a breakfast date with heather yesterday morning and she was a crack up and so good!! i can take her everywhere and anywhere- what a good baby! i also love to imagine how many of those provo-ians think that she is my little one- i want to correct all of them for judging and assuming but i just smile. here i am, looking about 16 years old with a baby on my hip- i blend right into the provo scene. i mean my closest friends who are youngens are having beautiful children- kelly, megan, mary! what a beautiful chapter for them!
so back to millie.
and then mills took a three hour nap! which allowed me to take a much needed nap and get some homework done- ideal babysitting- aka napping!!
look at that precoius child just smiling at her auntie!!
breakfast with heather was much needed! love her.

After a beautiful morning with mills, heather, and sleep appointment, I had an even better afternoon at the temple. I hadn't been back for a session at Oquirrh since my endowment. I needed to go to the temple and now I realize truly why. Sometimes when you can't go for a couple weeks or even a couple months, you can tend to forget how gratifying and beautiful the house of the Lord is. It was so amazing and that will also become a weekly routine. They are so close and everywhere here in Utah- another perk! I love the perspective, service, love, clarity, joy, peace, smiles, and strength the temple offers.

I am also re-reading this amazing book, that changed my life a couple years ago! And I read something that hit me strong this time: Christ chose to become like us because he loves us. We can now show Christ we love Him by living and becoming like Him.

Spiritual strength, knowledge, and power is amazing!

After the temple, I went to my beloved Andersons! Ciara whipped out this bad boy- she had doodled in class. hahaha oh the Utah school system!
What a little sweetie poo Ciara is! And now it's hanging in my room. 

This lovely artwork also makes me think of Aubrey!! and the many adorable videos I have of her on my phone! This one is extra cute!! "Rissa, are you? see you? RISSA!!!" oh i hope i get to visit her for Thanksgiving.

I then went to class up at the SLC center (so much easier than BYU campus-just side note), chit chatted with Lauryn my whole drive home, watched some Teen Mom, and then went grocery shopping at pitch midnight with Paul- yah squaw peak Paul. hahaahahhahahaha. and now i'm having a productive morning of checking things off my to-do list!

ALSO!!!! backtrack!!! AUBREY!!!! Today is a very important day because it is Aubrey's SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday, baby girl cutie cookie!!!!
And it's Taylor's one year mark! WOW!!!
Also. some fun facts- 3 more fast sundays!!!!!
And last night as I was falling asleep listening to my tapes (this is what I do from time to time. judge me later) I heard the funniest line, "when we're married, you can read me bedtime stories...." yah OKAY! i'll just make you a sandwhich while i'm at it! hahahaha. men! he was referring to that christmas book the andersons and myself sent him where we voiced over the words and read him the story for a "read-along" book. hahahah.
Life is beautiful!


heather said...

Love how busy you are.. Thanks for fitting me into your schedule! I had fun:)

taryn said...

shush. shush. shushhhhhhh it!!!!! squaw peak paul!?!?!??!?! what the crap!!! and you didn't call me!! looks like we are back on NOT SPEAKING TERMS. IM TICKEEEEED. hence my excessive letters on words. regardless i'm so steamy right now.