Thursday, September 29, 2011

je t'aimais, je t'aime, et je t'aimerai

baby everything that i have is yours. you will never go cold or hungry. i'll be there when you're insecure. let you know that you're always lovely

everybody in love go put your hands up. if you're in love put your hands up. you know you need someone when your need so strong. when they're gone you don't know how to go on.... standing still till they come back. you accept that they've got things to do. if hurt is missin you baby, i've done too much of it lately. every minutes like an hour. every hours like a day. every day last forerever. but what else am i gonna do. i'd wait forever and a day for you. i'd wait up wait up for you.

every night is lonely without you

we've built this on a solid rock. it feels like it's heaven's touch. together at the top, baby.

this kind of faith is so unshakeable. it's unmistakeable. it's bigger than me. yeah. this kind of love is what i dreamed about. yeah it fills me up. baby, it leaves no doubt. 

i wish you were here with me tonight. i remember the days we spent together were not enough. you still feel like dreaming, except we always woke up. never thought not having you here would hurt so much. tonight i've fallen and i can't get up. i need your loving hands to come and pick me up. and every night i miss you i can just look up and know the stars are holding you holding you holding you tonight. 

I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground. I pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms

reflect on miscommunication and misundertsandings. and missing each other, too. say what you're thinking right now. tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone. the worst is over. you can have the best of me. we got older but we're still young. we never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up.

back to you. it always comes around. back to you. i tried to forget you, i tried to stay away, but it's too late. over you, i'm never over you... i walk with your shadow. i'm sleeping in my bed with your silhouette.

be the smoke to my high. and you're the one i wanna marry. you're the one for me. i'm the one for you. you take the both of us and we're the perfect two. 

hold on if you feel like letting go. hold on it gets better than you know. days- you say it takes too long. and your nights you can't sleep at all. hold on.

i thank God you came along. you are the one i've been for today. here comes the sun. its been raining more today... sat beside you and became myself. 

so this all stems from the other day when i tried to listen to my ipod on shuffle on my drive home from SLC...... and every song hit home. "ive changed the presets in my truck...." but those old songs still snuck up and made me miss you :)

so on the left is the image from my blog back in august....... and look at how short my chain is!!! woah!!! half way!
i tried to line it up properly so the curves and bends correspond :) the colors/weeks match up!

i count down in the weirdest increments:
3 fast sundays left.
2 more pedicures.
2 proactive shipments
11 weeks
2 holidays
3 aunt flow visits 
10 temple trips
shave my legs 20 times
4 letters from heidi
no more valentine days
10 emails from brazil
1 twilight movie premier
2 transfers
3 perscription refills
12 sundays
clean the bathroom 6 times
1 haircut
30 gym sessions
5 french tests
35 dates till it's actually a date with chase
1 general conference weekend

those are SMALL numbers!!! it used to be in the 100's. now it's not so :)

you see how i live my life? i'm insane! wow!!

biggest grattitude prayers to God lately for how soon it will all be here :)
i love chase anderson.

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Amanda said...

love this! and I love the way you count down!!