Saturday, September 24, 2011

persuasive writing

i am taking this class (persuasive writing) at the slc byu center this semester.
p.s. PLUG: slc byu center is way easier than byu provo campus. now i know!
so i really love this class. i'm always laughing at the irony and the funny issues we talk about.

this week i have to submit a "letter to the editor" to the byu paper-
what is it called again? not daily herald.. not cougareat... oh yah- daily universe!! anyways. here is what i have to submit (it has to be under 200 words) i hope it doesn't actually get in the paper. eeek hahaha.

September 24, 2011

When a missionary comes home early, no matter what the reason, BYU kicks them out. Their deferment is void. They must re-apply like a freshman. This is the thanks given to those who went out and served the Lord.
If it’s an honorable release for medical reasons, they sit out for at least six months. Then, they must give a doctor’s, psychiatrist’s, and mission president’s letter. Yes they are sick, but they’ve attended BYU before and excelled.
The missionary has sacrificed their education for the Lord, yet it looks like they’ll have to do it a little longer. BYU tells them that they’ve missed the application deadline for their desired semester. Obviously! They had planned to still be on the mission, so they didn’t think they would need to apply.
They did all they could do, are worthy of the honor code, and still face setback after setback. BYU doesn’t have a place saved for them until their deferment stated. BYU didn’t know to save a place for them just in case; that’s all understandable. However, BYU just told them they are already 700 students over the capacity for the semester. What is one more worthy RM?

Marissa  Schroedter

Word count: 197

hahahah oh randomness! i tried to make it seem two-sided and explain BYU's case but really it's biased. we all know that. i wonder where this passion and voice stemmed from? oh yeah my life!! 
also for this class i had to look up a current politcal speech and find five fallacies. i actually really enjoyed this speech! go romney :) i love it!

and lastly. we had to argue how or why Disney is like a religion? hahaha. this "essay" isn't as good because it's worth like five points and just a hw assignment. did it in like four seconds! but it's still funny.

            Religion is an anchor to man’s soul; it helps them make decision, develop their character, and have a source of strength to fall back on that is bigger than their personal power. With this definition, I believe Disney can definitely be a substitute for religion.
            Do I believe that Walt Disney is comparable to Jesus with his “visions, lifelong innocence, special affinity for children, and building of cathedrals”? No. But I do believe the belief system Disney evokes, the way Disney followers cling to this institution, and the universally accepted messages that people watch, study, and analyze makes Disney a religious institution.
            Kids are exposed to Disney at a young age, just like kids raised in religious families are exposed to their traditional sect. Because of Disney, they start to believe that women should be treated this way by their prince, that helping a friend is being a hero, and that going on an independent journey to find their identity is the way to adulthood. Children are very malleable and susceptible; they have grown up being taught this and have it re-instilled with visits to the great Disney castle. Yes, they can grow up and break their traditional beliefs. But just like religion introduced to young children shapes their morals and beliefs, so does Disney. Some call it brainwashing; others call it developing character.
            Disney is as well known, talked about, and institutionalized as any popular, mainstream religion. Walt Disney had a vision and helped others feel apart of his vision. It seems Disney will always be around and in a way be an eternal part of our lives and culture. Disney is a religion for many Americans and non-Americans.

p.s. i just spent all morning on my persuasive writing homework. that's why this post is over the top :) 

also this morning i went and re-read my old mission post. oh it was therauputic. i mentioned many times each weekly email home that  "this one moment with Evan (or Patrick or Georgia or Harold or etc.) makes the whole mission worth it." well i need to remember that. six months is great :) 

i shoulda started my blog on my study abroad- i had so many good weekly emails about that chapter in my life. maybe i'll combine and make a flashback post for the public with pics :) 

well lauryn's birthday awaits- as soon as my car is returned to me by kelly and her beloved webloes (sp?)- i'll be off to So Jo!!! happy birthday, lauryn! xoxoxoxo.

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